Hoi chummers!  How’s it going?

First off, I will apologize for my long silence.  The holiday season isn’t exactly conducive to gaming and there hasn’t been a lot of activity in that regard lately.  But there will be some new material posted pretty soon, so fear not.

Now, in relation to my post’s title, I’ve been undertaking a few experiments of late and it has been yielding some interesting results.  The first one has yet to happen, but I eagerly await the results.  In March, I’m attending a one-day convention locally and running a series of linked events.  Normally, this isn’t anything unusual, but this campaign is three games spread over three very different systems and settings.  7th Sea, followed by Shadowrun, followed by CthulhuTech, all with a common thread intertwined.  I’ve been writing the material and I’m very curious to see how that pans out in the end.  Once the convention is done, I’ll probably posted all three pieces here in case anyone else decides to attempt my insanity.

The other experiment has really surprised me.  I’ve talked in the past about Shadowrun and RPGs in general in the office.  My coworkers have asked me questions about it from time to time, but nothing that I would deem as genuine interest.  But just before Christmas, one of my newest coworkers asked about the game in detail.  Since she’s one of those few in my age bracket that has never even played a video game, I kept the description short and simple.  She expressed interest in trying it some time.
So, I told her if we got any other interest, I’d consider running a game at the office during lunch breaks, figuring that the wealth of rules and the stigma attached to our genre of game would keep the majority at arms reach.  At this point I have six players and growing.  We’ve all sat down, made characters and I’ve been building back stories for each of them, save for a few who wanted to take a stab at it themselves.  In a couple weeks we’ll play our first game.

I would never have fathomed such a widespread adoption of the game.  Even of those people who aren’t playing, some wish they had more free time to join in, or they hope to observe to ultimately decide what they might like to make in the future.  The company I work for is relatively small, but there are only a couple of people who expressed no interest in the game.  I’m sure it helps that I work in a “nerdy” occupation, but I am eagerly awaiting our first game session to see how many of them will hang around when the dice hit the table and they need to remember rules.

But we’ll see how many converts I can get.

Post again soon with some new material…


~ by 1nsomniac on January 18, 2012.

One Response to “Experiments!”

  1. I hope you will keep us posted on both developments. The linked convention stories sounds like a fun project, and the huge response for a lunchtime game sounds like it could be a great source of many posts~

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