Quieting the Storm

This was my first attempt at GMing a CthulhuTech adventure.  I ran a semi-advanced campaign, where the players were building a character with a certain number of skills given to them for free, making them a basic mech pilot.  Then they got to build around that template to give them a specialization outside of the craft.  The goal was to make an elite group of soldiers who could engage in mech-level combat as well as do inner-city investigation (non-Tager).  It was fairly well received, but the adventure definitely shows that it was my first attempt.  Given the shortage of CthulhuTech material online, I’m hoping this might help generate some ideas for a needy GM.


Act I – Into the Fray

The team is pulled together to deal with the Rapine Storm in Central India.  The capital of India has been razed and the Disciples of the Unnamable continue to put pressure on NEG forces in India.  Intelligence has noted that the enemy is using Halwara Air Force Base as a barracks for their mecha and soldiers.

The unit is to descend into the base via airdrop, and inflict as much damage on the facility and stationed troops as possible before moving on to their main objective.

Forces on the ground will already be firing on the aircraft they’re aboard and will continue firing as they descend to the ground.  Chaff dispensers and suppressive fire would be definite assets on the approach.  Most of the ground forces are foot soldiers, but they do have a few tanks to deal with the inbound NEG mechs.

M-4A1 Vreta Battle Tank

Control Response 4, Sensors 5, Frame 7, Actions 1, Warning System 5
Night Vision, Radar/IFF, Targeting +1, Ejector System, Sealed System
Ground Speed: 90 mph (222/54 ypt)
Accel Code:  C (2/2)
A-Pod Lifters
Integrity:  10
Armor:  2/2
Main Cannon (Plasma Cannon, range 500/1500/3500 to 7000 yards, Large), 2*Laser Cannon (Large)

M-68 Defender AA System

Control Response 4, Sensors 5, Frame 7, Actions 1, Warning System 5
Night Vision, Radar/IFF, Targeting +2, Ejector System, Sealed System
Ground Speed: 0 mph (fixed emplacements)
Integrity:  10
Armor:  2/2
Pair of Linked RMG-10M Rail Guns

Act II – An Agent of Chaos

After clearing out Halwara, the unit is dispatched WNW to the old city of Jagraon, roughly 10 km away from Halwara.  In this burned old city of 80 thousand, hides a cultist captain who orders around the barely restrained fury of the Rapine Storm.  He manipulates the dreams of influential captains of the NEG to either drive them insane or over to Hastur’s cause (in some cases, both).  After some key losses, the NEG has sanctioned his elimination.  While there they are to try and discover the whereabouts and condition of the latest captain to go missing from the NEG front lines, Ahmed Pakresh.

The city was once a city of religious significance to the various Indian religions, but every shrine has been desecrated or burned.  The residents are either desperate or insane from the war that ravaged their city and the sorcerer who haunts the dreams of those nearby.

The locals speak of Rakshas; demons of men that wander the streets to destroy the remnants of their society.  They come in the form of insane cultists, who have devoted themselves to the sorcerer to spare themselves from the nightmares.  Ghouls (called Pisachas by the locals) that walk the streets, feasting on the dead and nearly dead and feral dogs that will attack anything that enters their territory.


Scrubs (2d10+5 for attack tests, 1d10 for defense, no armor) – Armed with clubs and rough blades

Feral Dogs

Scrubs (2d10+5 for attack tests, 1d10 for defense, no armor) – Armed with teeth


See CthulhuTech Core Book for stats

Navigating the streets, the unit must locate one of many religious temples that inhabit the city.  Underneath one of the largest temples in the old city are a network of old tunnels that wind through the hills of the area.  Once underground, they lose all outside transmissions.

The crew must disembark their mechs and sweep the tunnels.  Cultists will charge them in typical Rapine fashion (screaming and foaming at the mouth) until they find the sorcerer.  Captain Pakresh is here as well, though he has been turned and mutated.  Bulky muscular tissue has enveloped his right arm, such that it partially absorbs the heavy gun he carries and his offhand has morphed into a thick muscled claw.  Captain Pakresh can be found in the under hallways of the temple, while the sorcerer is further underground in a concealed chamber.

Once they find the concealed chamber they find a hallway with chained dead soldiers.  A Challenging Observation test will reveal that several of the corpses don’t have secured manacles.  These are Shade Corpus and will attack when the soldiers are not expecting it.  The sorcerer is warded with corporal protection and guarded by cultists, a several Bahki.


Scrubs (2d10+5 for attack tests, 1d10 for defense, no armor) – Armed with clubs and rough blades


Elite Scrub (2d10+5 for all tests, 1/1 Armor, 10 Vitality) – Armed with a Handgun (CS-40), a Woeful Orb and Degeneration

Mutant Captain

Agi 7, Int 3, Per 5, Pre 3, Str 8, Ten 4
Act 1, Move 13/32/8, Org 8, Ref 5, Vit 13
Dodge (Novice), Marksman (Expert), Fighting (Adept)
Damage Bonus = +1
Armor = 1/1
Fear Factor = 8
Armed with RG-11 Assault Rail Gun

Stats for Shade Corpus and Bahki are from the CthulhuTech core book.

Once everyone inside is dead, they can return to their mechs.

Act III – A Not-Quite-Clean Getaway

As they surface in Jagraon, before their ride can retrieve them, a fragment of the Rapine army arrives a little too late to save their local commanding officer, but in time to try and prevent the unit’s escape.  Several cultists, a couple mechs as well as some otherworldly beasts (Lindorm and a Shantak) sweep in to keep the do-gooders from escaping.  The Shantak will try to keep the unit on the ground and drop any transports that try to retrieve them.  Use the NEG Claymore and Rapier, as well as the Nazzadi Tornado for the opposing mechs.  The mechs should harry the unit until the Lindorm burst up from underneath, trying to consume the mechs whole.

~ by 1nsomniac on November 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Quieting the Storm”

  1. Very clear and logical stages with a nice military feel balanced with suitably effective/crazy motives for the enemy.

    How did it actually flow in play?

    • Actually, it went fairly well. The journey through Jagraon was good and creepy, as any razed city should be and the fight under the temple went well. One of the characters was an Engel pilot so he felt his mech’s agitation from the surface and as they surfaced, hell was unleashed. Having the biggest mech in the team grabbed by the Shantak and thrown through a building set the mood quite nicely.

      It was action packed when in the mechs and suspenseful when outside of them. There were quite a few places where I had to really improvise the little details I had left out of my notes, but it was a good first crack at the system, I felt.

  2. I think the setting offers a lot of possibilities, and that is an ideal use of a Shantak, haha.

    Has the system worked as you expected it to?

    • Pretty well. My first experiment with the system may have been a little too Tech and not enough Cthulhu. Still the blend of a future-mecha-sci-fi setting and Cthulhu leaves an intriguing combination to play with. I like the Tagers too, though I feel a Tager campaign might get stale quickly (“Oh look… more Dhohanoids to kill”).

      I’ve done a couple more campaigns since this one (one dealing with the Migou and one with Dagon). I’ll post them eventually once I get my notes in order, and I do find I’m a bigger fan of the cult-based games so most of any forthcoming material will likely stick more with that theme.

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