Paid in Blood

The runners are contacted by their fixer for a meet at Dante’s Inferno at 9PM.  They are to meet with a prospective Mr. Johnson on the 5th level.  The job has been described as a protection detail.  Show up ready to run.

The club is its usual busy self, with heavy dance beats echoing out into the surrounding street.  Name dropping Mr. Johnson at the door gets them past the door without waiting in line or paying a cover.  The scantily clad masses are a gyrating horde on the main level, but taking an elevator down to level 5 shows a smaller, quieter and more professional space.  The seats are nicer, there’s room to move and the tables each have their own waitress to prevent waiting.

When the runners arrive at their table a man in a custom tailored silk suit is sitting at the table nursing a glass of expensive Elven wine.  When the runners arrive he offers them the menu and to order what they’d like before they get down to business.  Despite movie star makeup and his pristine attire, the man’s age and fatigue is still visible behind the veneer of his front.

“Glad you could come.  I represent several parties who require more than simple bodyguards for the task at hand.  We have an eye witness who is willing to testify that Aztechnology is dabbling in forbidden magics.  While many on the Corporate Court are excited at the possibility of this information coming to light, naturally, this places the witness at great risk.  We need you to keep him safe for 24 hours, starting at the end of this meeting.  How you do that is up to you, so long as you bring him to this address at 9PM tomorrow night, alive.  We’re willing to pay each of 5000¥ for this service.  Seeing as he is worth nothing to us dead, we can only give you a small percentage up front.”

For what it’s worth, the man’s on the level.  The witness is named John Acevedo.  They really need him to testify and while he is able to negotiate on the overall price, they aren’t willing to make a huge investment initially, as they’re out their cash if the witness dies.

The address the runners are given is the Downtown Metroplex Courthouse.  While closed at those hours, the Corporate Court is using the space to conduct their investigations after city business concludes.  Once the runners sign on, he gives the team an RFID code.  “This code is for the armored vehicle that is transporting the witness presently.  They’re keeping him mobile until you arrive.  Best of luck.”

Using the signal provided, the runners are quickly able to locate the truck in a high security neighbourhood.  However, it doesn’t stop Aztech from making their first attack.  As the runners round the corner nearest the truck, an explosion rocks the armored vehicle and causes it to pitch onto its side.  There is a team of eight mercenaries involved in the hit on the truck:  an Aztec mage, a hacker, two snipers, a rigger, a demo expert and two weapon specialists.

There are two escort vehicles that accompanied the truck and they will aid the runners in the defense, though the first indications of the snipers will be those NPCs being picked off.  This mage is not a blood mage, just a traditional Aztec mage.  Still they should harry the runners with spirits and mind-control until they track him down and kill him.  The rigger’s airborne drones with lob canisters of tear gas into cover to try and flush the runners out into the open.

Whether the runners stand and fight, or quickly rescue the mark and make a fighting withdrawal is up to them, but they will want to relocate and conceal the mark as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, Aztech has a sample of his DNA and can use it to ritually track him anywhere.

If the runners try to remain mobile, they will run into another mobile strike force, but if they try to bunker into a building, the attack with come from two sides.  A blood spirit will manifest in their safehouse next to the target.  Jaguar Guards will burst in and try to take the runners out quickly and silently, but if they appear to be losing, they activate a series of incendiary charges, to burn the runners alive in the building.

Assuming the runners escape the fire, they may have different ideas as to how to proceed.  They may try another safehouse, or they may dig into Aztech and find out who’s orchestrating these attacks.  If they decide to counter-attack, they find a man, Jose Redondo with Aztech security running a remote command center in Tacoma.  They can end the chances of further attacks by destroying the command center.

When they head for the courthouse, Aztech makes one last attempt to stop them, using a small fleet of vehicles, drones and spirits in the busy streets of Seattle.

If the runners get the witness to the courthouse alive at 9PM, they will get paid in full and be dismissed.  It isn’t until the next day they hear about a massacre at the courthouse when the witness they delivered turned out to be the unwitting host of a potent blood spirit and killed most of the inhabitants before Knight Errant got the thing under control.

>> Protecting one man from a massive corporation with infinitely deep pockets?  Yeah right.  Good luck to the fool who undertakes this job.
>> Basher

>> Any chance to hurt the Azzies is a risk worth taking.
>> Revenge

>> Maybe for someone with a death wish like you.  Or have you forgot the lesson you learned all those years ago?
>> Pyramid Watcher

>> Someone has to get the truth out.  If scars are the cost I pay for spreading that message, so be it.
>> Revenge

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