The runners are contacted through their usual channels for a datatheft.  If they’re interested in hearing the proposal, the can meet at the old Club Penumbra in the downtown core at 8PM to hear old Mr. Johnson.

At Club Penumbra, the most recent decor changes still augment the twilight theme of the old club.  Nowhere near the hotspot it once was, getting into the club is easy enough, with barely a glance from the doorman.  The dance floor isn’t jam-packed like newer clubs, but the DJ at the club still draws a respectable crowd.

In a private room in the back is a Japanese businessman in a crisp navy blue suit with black shirt and tie.  The man bowed as they entered and motioned to a table covered in assorted Japanese dishes.  His English is immaculate with no trace of an accent.  “Please, join me for some food and we’ll discuss business.”

Once people have gathered up some food, Mr. Johnson began.  “My employer would like to acquire your team’s services to gather up some vital information.  Pathfinder Multimedia, a subsidiary of Horizon, has obtained some rather damning footage that we would like to see erased from their database.  The footage was shot in Chiba two days ago by some hack-job reporter.  While the footage could be buried by our PR department, we would much prefer burying without it being seen at all.”

“As an added bonus, Pathfinder seems to be in possession of a file regarding the Consensus.  We are willing to pay your team 2000¥ each for the acquisition of the footage and we will double it if you can obtain the information on the Consensus.”

The file on the Consensus is the real target, but Mr. Johnson is gambling that the runner’s greed will see them expand their mission parameters to double their payout, while providing the blind for the operation.  He is open to some negotiations, but since any payment will be doubled, it should increase in small intervals.

Once the team accepts the job, they are provided with a series of file names of the footage they need to steal.  The target Pathfinder building is a simple two story complex with a small plot of satellite dishes and antennae in an adjoining field.  The compound is surrounded by walls, covered in AROs for all Pathfinder’s shows and news anchors.  These will show any attempts to climb them by distortions in the holograms.  The compound is heavily patrolled by drones and minimal human presence on the outside.

Map Legend – First Floor

1 – Entrance and Reception – The reception area has a single, clean, modern desk with a smiling woman behind it in the center of the space.  All around are shows created by Pathfinder playing over a series of AROs.  The woman will happily answer questions about the company, even if threatened (she does her best not to flinch).

2 – Offices – Executives and TV Personalities all have their offices here and each is heavily personalized for who owns it.  Despite all the personal touches, the rooms seem devoid of any real personality (lots of family photos and the like, but the style of decoration is actually very similar).

3 – Dimmers and Camera Store – All the extra parts and equipment for filming are stored here, close to the Studios.

4 – Wardrobe – Everything from period costume to suits for the news anchors are stored in here in endless rows of hangers.

5 – Makeup – This is where the makeup artists take years off the faces of their TV personalities and get rid of any annoying shine areas.  The cupboards are all well stocked with all sorts of makeup in haphazard pile.

6 – Laundry – Costumes need to be cleaned between takes.  This is what Pathfinder uses for their laundry needs.

7 – Kitchen – Celebrities have to eat too.  This is where food is prepared and consumed by the staff.

8 – Change Rooms – Once they’ve chosen what they need from Wardrobe, this is where actors go to change.  They are kept clean and maintained by the janitorial staff.

9 – Washrooms

10 – Stairs

11 – Green Room – Where guests, interviewees and actors all go to wait for their time in front of the camera.

12 – Security – This is the base of operations for security.  Vastly automated, the personnel here have an attached armoury in case they need to break out the stopping power (though their first choice are the nanite guns they carry (see below)

Second Floor

1 – Vending Machines – Floor Execs on the go, there are an assortment of vending options here, from meals to snacks, from pop to coffee.

2 – Offices – Executives and TV Personalities all have their offices here and each is heavily personalized for who owns it.  Despite all the personal touches, the rooms seem devoid of any real personality (lots of family photos and the like, but the style of decoration is actually very similar).

3 – Office Supplies – A room that holds all the surplus pencils, pens, paper and other misc supplies.

4 – Editing – Anything filmed in Studio 1 is fed into here where skilled editors can make sense of all the various scenes, trim the bad takes and turn a handful of scenes into movie magic.

5 – Screening – After the editing is complete, senior management can preview the work to see if they are happy with the potential final product.

6 – Props – Props too large to be safely stored in wardrobe come here.  In here are replica weapons, simplistic drones and animatronic monsters.

7 – Footage Archive – This is where footage is stored when not being used.  This is where the runners will find the media footage they were hired to steal.

8 – View Station – Filled with a dozen hardwired stations, any footage that a user finds in the archive can be viewed here to ensure it was the one they were after.

9 – Washrooms

10 – Stairs

There is also a basement, which is a security checkpoint and beyond a cold room for the servers.  This server room is where they’ll find the file on The Consensus.

Studio 1 is used as a local sound stage for any movies and TV series filming in the area, while Studio 2 is used for local newscasts and talk shows.  Both feature holographic sets, solid state props, numerous cameras with crew and an upper level which grants access to lighting and environmental controls.

The inside of the building has a civilian presence at all hours.  There are some magical safeguards (wards, spirits, etc) and smaller drones that guard the hallways.  Horizon puts their psychological programming skills to work for them.  The guards don’t carry lethal weapons, but dart pistols loaded with an experimental nanite.  The Nanite latches into the target’s cerebrum and begins a psychotropic reprogramming that turns the would-be thief into a loyal member of Horizon’s security force.  After any threats have been suppressed, they will dutifully tell Horizon who hired them and what they were after.

The problem they face is that while they are securing the primary objective, another team (hired by another Johnson) is stealing the Consensus file.  When the runners go looking for the Consensus file, they find the mainframe computer rigged to explode when the door opens.  Hunting through the security system will see an Agent quietly controlling the cameras used to cover the other team’s escape.  They will have to chase down the other team to get the Consensus data.

If the runners get to the files they’re after, the Consensus file is heavily encrypted and is marked with a data seal, which records whether the file is still pristine.  Opening it reveals that the file is a decoy and houses a nasty degenerative data virus that will infect the computer opening it up and all nodes in its PAN.  If the runners don’t open the file and deliver it in pristine condition, they will get the latter half of their payment (virus or not).  The media footage is unprotected and it shows amateur film of a Japanese businessman killing a tattooed young man in an alleyway.


Mr. Johnson

Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – Can’t help ya, pal.
1 – The guy’s name is Steven Yang.  He’s a local black bag guy for Renraku.
2 – Yang specializes in PR missions…tries his best to make his company look good.
3 – The guy has a clean record in the shadows.  Good guy to work for, even moreso because he doesn’t strictly adhere to his company’s ideals on metahumans.
4 – He was recently passed over for promotion.  Rumour has it, he’s out to try and get something big to secure his advancement.

The Consensus

Threshold:  Corporate – 1, Matrix – 2
0 – That means agreement, right?
1 – The Consensus is part of Horizon’s administration.
2 – They handle all decisions on business ventures and special projects for the company.
3 – Membership fluctuates and has an undetermined number of members.  Nobody knows who is a member of the organization.
4 – If someone were to get a membership list of The Consensus, it’s worth a ton to any AAA corp out there presently.

Pathfinder Multimedia

Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 2
0 – Who?
1 – Pathfinder is a rapidly growing media giant owned my Horizon.
2 – Pathfinder’s got some pretty big companies under their umbrella, like Cunard and Disney.
3 – They are always one step ahead of many of their competition.  They bought out at least three other studios recently.
4 – Despite taking down the competition, no one seems to be upset about being conquered.  Not sure what the deal is there…

>> Suppressing media footage?  Pffft.  That’s what PR is for.
>> Burn

>> Perhaps, but larger scandals are more expensive to bury.  There comes a time when a PR campaign to bury something is more expensive than hiring runners.  Though rumour has it that the media footage isn’t the prime reason for the job.
>> Sensei

>> Hey, just heard from a corp pal of mine… apparently Horizon is experimenting with weaponizing their mental reconditioning software.  Not sure how they’d do it, but be careful at any rate.  I’d hate to have to shoot you next time we meet.
>> Wraith

~ by 1nsomniac on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Duplicity”

  1. >> Mental reconditioning ? That’s just some propaganda off Renraku’s PR. It’s been proven Horizon never dealt in that kind of stuff. I mean, unless it’s astraly-assisted, it’s impossible to change someone’s mind, right ? And our shaman said it’s not possible to mass-product the tools needed.
    >> Sweeper

    • >> Magically yeah. However some of the companies Horizon has snatched up specialized in nanotechnology and some of that tech gets employed in prisons for psychologically disturbed inmates. Rehab rates are on the rise coming out of those prisons, so something is definitely up.
      >> Fallen Star

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