Review: Fistful of Credsticks

It’s one of my busiest times of year between moving, work and Conventions and so with no time to plan out adventures for my local crew, I decided to give another book adventure a try.  This time out, I decided to give the first of the Horizon series a go;  Fistful of Credsticks.

My exposure to Dusk was overall pretty positive, so I had faith that this book would be of a similar caliber.  Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.  The storyline wasn’t predictable, the main opposition were of a decent caliber and unlike Dusk, there was no GMPC that was required to ferry along the story.

While not required, the experience is certainly enriched by having some knowledge out of ‘Corporate Enclaves’, as the bulk of the adventure happens in Los Angeles.  The idea of being in the spotlight during a job is likely foreign to the runners and running around with the P2.0 program running (almost like posting your job details and those you meet on Facebook or Twitter) was enough to make my team balk in a few instances when stealth was the order of the day.

The storyline was good and the players never lost sight of the prize.  Only on a couple occasions did they deviate from the marked path, but bringing them back into the scope of the book was easy, without railroading.  I don’t think there would be any way for the players to predict the end of the adventure without a blind guess or metagaming, which made for a very enjoyable twist ending for my players

Overall, a well written adventure, taking the team out of their comfort zone for a twisty storyline and something for all runner types to participate in.  As more adventures in the Horizon series become available, I would certainly investigate them and follow this one up.  The feedback from the players was very positive, which I find is very nice, when the GM has to run something quick and is at the mercy of someone else’s handiwork.


~ by 1nsomniac on September 13, 2011.

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