FanExpo 2011 – Looking Back

FanExpo was last weekend and it was an absolute blast.  It was my first time attending the convention with my wife and having her along for the ride made it much less of guilty pleasure.  Bought some cool stuff (picked up a sword from a local blacksmith, and bolstered my Cygnar ranks), met some cool people and ran some games.  Not being jammed into the same tiny space as last year was a Godsend and there was actually room to maneuver this year.

On top of the cool stuff and tons of well done cosplayers, I ran several gaming events at the Convention.  Sara and Justin did a great job of keeping things organized and every GM had space to setup.  I heard nothing but good things from the assorted players I spoke to, so I think the gaming expo was a great success.  I started up with a Shadowrun I developed a while ago, called The Frontier of Nature.  The reception was fantastic and it set the tone for the entire Con.  I also ran some new material, called Duplicity which will be uploaded later on (using it at a future Con and don’t want anyone getting spoilers…).

The one real surprise I had was the reception I got for the CthulhuTech game I ran.  None of my players, save one had even heard much about it, but by the end of the game, they were raving over the game.  I find it strange that such a fantastic game has slid under the radar of so many people and judging by the reaction it got at FanExpo, there is definitely a player base out there for the game.

So, seeing as my frequency of posts for Shadowrun is slowing, now that I’ve caught up on my backlog, I will also upload my CthulhuTech material as well.  I only play CthulhuTech once in a blue moon, as it hasn’t caught on in my group much either, but since the reception at Conventions has been pretty positive, making this material available to potential GMs for this great game may help open some doors for it.

So look for the first of the CthulhuTech games to be uploaded some time soon.

~ by 1nsomniac on August 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “FanExpo 2011 – Looking Back”

  1. I’m not sure what to say of this. I mean, I’m one of the few persons to ever leave comments here, and that would be great if there were more.
    But I don’t like CthulhuTech 🙂 .

    • Yeah, I realize that some may not share my enthusiasm for CthulhuTech, which is fine. And updates won’t exactly happen too often. But, my Shadowrun stuff started out much the same way and I figure that given the lack of CthulhuTech material out there, it could be useful info.

      I’ll have a bunch more Shadowrun stuff to upload soon, after I wrap up my conventions and now that we’re getting back into the school year, my gaming schedule should return to some degree of normalcy.

  2. I think it’s great. I have just gotten into CthulhuTech in the last few months (it’s a side-project on the back burner in the back room, so to speak… along with a few other compelling, but player-lacking items.)

    I hope the tide of SR doesn’t stop, but I am looking forward to your take on running CthulhuTech.

    • No, I don’t plan on stopping the flow of Shadowrun. I have another eight Shadowrun adventures to post, but none of them have actually been run yet. Since I know at least some of my players check this site out, I avoid posting stuff prior to playing.

      So, I have plenty more Shadowrun stuff to come. Only have three or four CthulhuTech stories to date. I’m hoping to play CT with greater frequency, but it’s proving a tough sell.

  3. I’ve found Cthluhutech to be unsatisfactory as either a cyberpunk game or a CoC expression. Have you checked out Cthluhu Rising?
    Beyond that, if I could estaablish an ongoing SR campaign I;d probably sneak in some CoC elements, probably not bothering to directly clue in the players.
    Just subtle stuff, like including the Tcho-Tcho as just another Afghan tribe, or whatever.

    • I’ve haven’t played Cthulhu Rising, but I’ve been told it’s excellent. For whatever reason, Cthulhu is a hard sell with my crew. The ability to kill the Eldritch horrors with huge anime-style guns appeals to at least a few. It may dilute the Lovecraftian experience a little, but it has made it palatable for some of my group.

      I’m hoping to get a chance to try Cthulhu Rising at one of the local conventions here.

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