Pinocchio Part 1 – Body

The runners are contacted by their fixer in regards to a job that came in as urgent.  The Johnson is new to the fixer, but is offering decent money for a time crunched theft job.  If they interested in hearing out the employer, they can meet him at the Azteca International South Restaurant in Renton at 8PM.

The Azteca is an Aztec/Mexican themed restaurant with a decent selection of seafood.  The place is quieting down after the dinner time rush when they are entering to meet with Mr. Johnson.  They are led to a table in the back of the restaurant where a man sits waiting with a smile that seems rehearsed and possibly permanent.  His suit probably costs more than they make in several months.

“Thank you for coming.  Please, feel free to order something from the menu before we get started.”

Once the runners have ordered, he starts into his spiel.  “Once again, thanks for coming on such short notice.  My client recently acquired some intelligence on a rival company that he wishes to act upon.  Mitsuhama is shipping equipment to Sacramento tonight and what my client is after is on board the two trucks.  We need you to stop the shipment and take what we need from it.  I will provide you with a copy of their manifest upon your acceptance of the job.  Does this sound like something you would be interested in?”

If the runners state their interest, the man continues, his smile unfaltering.  “Excellent.  We are prepared to offer your group 6000¥ apiece, a third up front for the inconvenience of the short timeline.”

Mr. Johnson will allow for some negotiation on the price, but won’t raise the amount of the advance.  His smile will be perfect the whole time, showing no actual emotion, regardless of how negotiations go.

Once they have settled on price, Mr. Johnson sends them the manifest from Mitsuhama’s system, highlighting all lines labeled Akiyama.  “The highlighted items are the ones we are after.  These packages must be delivered intact and sealed to the address I’m sending you now…”

Mitsuhama Manifest

Mitsuhama Manifest

The runners receive a delivery point and a commcode to reach Mr. Johnson at upon delivery.

“The combined space of the various crates is roughly equivalent to a dwarf, though only the Core unit is large enough to require assistance with.  I will leave you to your dinner and planning.  The trucks leave for California tonight around midnight.  Good hunting.”

Transports #252 and #253 have a pre-programmed route to Sacramento.  They will navigate main city arteries until they reach I-5 and head directly South, through Tir Tairngire and into CalFree to Sacramento.  It will be up to the runners whether they want to hit the trucks before or after they hit the interstate.

The problems the runners will run into are these:  The trucks were once Nordkapp Zugmachines, but have been heavily modified to be remotely piloted, and are armed with popup turrets, designed to cripple hostile vehicles.  They are wirelessly disabled and loaded with Maneuver, Clearsight and Targeting Autosofts to aid in the destruction of any targets labeled as hostile.  A large vehicle will be hard to stop without damaging the merchandise.  The side turrets are Vigilant Autocannons (pg 124 Arsenal) and the roof turret is a SA Nemesis LMG (pg 29, Arsenal).

The second complication is that Transport #253 broke down and isn’t with the first truck.  Thanks to engine troubles, it is still at Mitsuhama HQ, getting repaired.  It will be delayed by three hours.  So, if the runners hit the first truck and steal the merchandise, they will need to either hit Mitsuhama itself to get at the truck or deal with an extra security detail when it heads out afterwards.

For an added wrinkle, the package they’re after may be loaded into a Roadmaster that accompanies the truck.  When the runners start their attack on the truck, the Roadmaster will quickly flee and when they finally overpower the truck, they will realize that their package isn’t on board and they will have to track down the one that got away.


Mr. Johnson
Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – I have no idea…
1 – His name is Marcus Hale.  He’s a mid-level HR exec with Horizon.
2 – He’s one of Horizon’s cheery axe-men.  His job is to lay off the people who no longer fit Horizon’s vision, while maintaining a positive disposition.
3 – Mark is not an authorized black-ops recruiter, so whatever this job is for, it’s not likely sanctioned by Horizon.
5 – He has a thing for young prostitutes.  That information hasn’t reached his employer yet and it would detrimentally affect his P2.0 standing and his position within the corporation, if that information were made public.

The Delivery Location in Renton
The address is a fenced in warehouse with high levels of drone and automated defense security.  A small group of armed guards patrol the grounds.  There are no outer markings as to what company actually runs the facility.
Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – What am I, your realtor?
1 – That property was recently acquired by Singularity, a Matrix company.
2 – Singularity is a subsidiary of Horizon.  They specialize in skillsofts, knowsofts and training programs.
3 – Singularity is supposed to be a safe haven for technomancers and AIs.  They were one of the first companies to open their doors to digital savants, even while everyone else was still panicking.
5 – Rumour has it, the technomancers in their employ have put together the software for prison rehabilitations.  Very strong psychotropic suggestions, unlike anything else on the market.

Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – I have no idea…
1 – Aki Mikawa.  She’s a manager in Mitsuhama’s robotics division.  No one gets one of her manufactured monstrosities without her approval.
2 – She is one reason that Mitsuhama has cut so much overhead from their budget last year.  She doesn’t churn out machines because they can, but only when she deems an upgrade is necessary.
3 – For her to approve the sale and move of an Akiyama unit, someone must have really pissed off Mitsuhama in Sacramento…

Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – Who?
1 – Takahashi Kuniya is the regional manager in the Sacramento offices of Mitsuhama.  He has a good standing with the local residents, as he’s the first new manager put in power after the Saito Occupation.
2 – He was promoted after unearthing some financial misappropriations by the former administration.
3 – Rumour has it, he located some evidence of outside interference as well and he was planning on taking steps to correct those misdeeds.

Threshold:  Technical/Rigger -2, Matrix – 3
0 – Wasn’t he a J-Pop singer back in the 50’s?
1 – Akiyama is a Mitsuhama manufactured cyborg body.
2 – MCT doesn’t make many of these things…they are a specialized infiltration and assassination chassis.
3 – They’re an expensive unit to purchase and they’re utility is limited as a drone, due to the lack of a real onboard pilot.  Your money is better put elsewhere if you’re looking for a drone.

Thanks go out to Alyssa Ashley Tsang for the design of the Mitsuhama manifest.

>> So this is just about hijacking a couple of trucks?  Sounds like easy money to me.
>> Basher

>> You’re forgetting one little detail…this is Mitsuhama we’re dealing with.  These things will be armed to the teeth and closely monitored.  Far from a cakewalk I assure you.
>> Stilgar

>> Never met a nut that couldn’t be cracked with enough explosives.  The expensive ones just look nicer when they split apart.
>> Burn

>> Philistine.
>> Wilder

>> Hey, don’t criticize me because I actually get results, wench.
>> Burn

>> Why isn’t anyone asking the real question:  why someone is stealing an expensive military drone in what’s likely to be a flashy operation?  Obviously, whoever wants this thing isn’t overly concerned about someone trying to track them down… feels like stepping into a real power struggle if you ask me.
>> Fade

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2 Responses to “Pinocchio Part 1 – Body”

  1. >> Well, I’m not going to complain about being too flashy. Usualy they want us to be all shadow-y and stuff. Now we’re talking ! It’s just… that smile. It really creeps me.
    >> Sweeper

    • >> Yeah, I don’t know what it is about Horizon’s people, but they’re just so…happy. It’s really kinda unsettling.
      >> Skeptik

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