Cannonball Shadowrun Part 9 – Fairbanks, Alaska, Athabascan Council

Travelling from one extreme to the other, the team travels far to the North, to Fairbanks.  The remote location and frigid temperatures are a major shock to the system after the smoggy and humid depths of Caracas.

The city is small, the smallest city travelled to in this tournament by far.  The remaining teams take over a small hotel that at best could be called “cozy”.  As snow falls and obscures visibility drastically, the team is called into the meeting room that sits just off the main lobby of the hotel.  Assorted hot drinks are arrayed on a side banquet bench, as McDermitt sits with booted feet up on the central table.

“Welcome to the Northern reaches of the Athabascan Council.  As you are well aware, the weather can be an obstacle on its own in our line of work.  It is one more thing you will have to overcome in order to complete your task on this leg of the tournament.”

Sitting upright, McDermitt sets down his coffee.  “You are to infiltrate a refinery for Athabascan Oil.  However, you aren’t to damage the infrastructure of the pipeline, nor are you to inflict any casualties to the staff.  You may hinder the plant’s production.  You will fail if any of the locals are hurt or if the environment is impacted in any way.  There are strict environmental laws in this country and your reputation will suffer if you make that big a mark.  Other teams are still viable targets.  Your task is to extract a technician by the name of George Iluak.  He has refined the hydrocracking process at his refinery to conform to Athabascan regulations and there are several corporations who are interested in acquiring his knowledge, so that they might be allowed to drill in environmentally sensitive areas.  The team that delivers Iluak here alive wins the event.  You will be competing against two other teams for this same objective.”

The oil refinery is pretty much the only job in town and the facility is the largest building in the entire city, so finding it is relatively simple.  The locals aren’t willing to aid the runners in ascertaining any information on Iluak.  Anything that threatens the “Noatak” (river that provides food for the people) is a threat to them all and if the runners are too forthcoming with information, they will find security bolstered at the plant.

George spends a lot of his time at the plant to provide for his family.  If the runners plan to grab him at his home they will find his wife and three young kids there, as well as one of the runner teams staking out the place or possibly holding the family hostage (GM choice).  The resultant gunfight between the teams (or if the team calls the cops on the other runners) will make the residence less than ideal for an abduction and George will be told that he should remain in one of the guest bunks at the refinery while the police conduct their investigation.  Security at the refinery will also be increased.

The refinery is southeast of Fairbanks in the unlikely place of North Pole, Alaska.  The roads have degenerated over the years, making the locals have to rely on snowmobiles and ATVs (depending on the season) to get to the refinery for work.  The refinery is one of the few places left in North Pole still well maintained.  The residences have greatly degenerated, save for those that refinery workers use as dormitories north of the refinery.  The refinery grounds are expansive, being half a kilometer across and three kilometers long.  Finding George in this place might take some time, since he could be most anywhere on the grounds.

For vehicle stats use those of the Evo Falcon Off-Road Bike (pg 108, Arsenal)

Handling 0, Accel 10/30, Speed 80, Pilot 1, Body 7, Armor 7, Sensor 1

Features:  Tracked Vehicle, Multi-Fuel Engine (Solar/Electric and Gasoline), Improved Economy

Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery Layout

1 – Oil Silos.  Crude oil is stored here for use in the refining process.  This is pumped into the refining towers for processing.

2 – Residuum Silos.  The after products on the low end of the process are funneled to these holding tanks.  Tar and asphalt are kept here in a state that be easily reconstituted when it is shipped off to areas where they are required.

3 – Hydrocracker and Catalytic Cracker.  These pipes and machines separate the thick and viscous soup from the lower portion of the Atmospheric distiller and rebond it into higher grades of fuel.  The portions that are successful are rerouted to the holding area, while the residuum is dump into the silo bins.

4 – Hydrotreater and Merox Treater.  High end fuels produced by refining crude oil are pumped into here to refine the assorted fuel types.  Gasoline, Jet fuel and Kerosene all come from this process and are pumped over to holding.  Motor oil and other industrial fuels are pumped to the Northern tanks, beyond the crude tanks.

5 – Atmospheric Distiller.  These tall pillars are full of crude oil under high pressure and heat.  The oil breaks down into various fuel components and are siphoned off to other parts of the refinery.

6 – Vacuum Distiller.  What slips past the atmospheric distiller is pushed into the vacuum distiller for further refining.  Any further fuel that is extracted is sent to the hydrotreater, and those that emerge as residuum are poured into the crackers.

7 – Fuel Pumps.  The Refinery uses vehicles to move goods around the grounds, as well as ferry the employees around the large facility.  Some of the fuel supplies created here is used to power their own fleet, as well as refuel the tankers that will export the goods to other parts of the world.  These tanks house a small portion of the manufactured fuel.

8 – Administration.  The buildings house the workers when they aren’t on the grounds.  Given the arctic climate, most of the workers are here, monitoring the stations remotely.  There are exercise rooms, a cafeteria and ample computer equipment for monitoring the output of fuel in all stations.  The eastern building is admin, northwest building is amenities and the southwestern building is the monitoring stations.

9 – Power Generator.  Power distribution in the Athabascan Council is sporadic, so the refinery has solar collectors and a fuel oil plant present here to keep the refinery running at top speed.

10 – Holding Area.  All finished high end fuels are stored in these silos and are regularly emptied into tankers.  Most of the fuel created here is sold to the UCAS, Salish and Sioux Nations, but some is sold as far away as Quebec.  There is almost always trucks parked here, even in the worst weather.

11 – Out Buildings.  When an oil worker runs into trouble, is snowed in or is unable to leave the refinery, these smaller buildings at the furthest south of the refinery are their home away from home.  There are a series of heated bunk rooms, laundry facilities and a small staffed cafeteria to handle meals.  Everything they might need during a short stay can be found in this area.

While one team is watching George’s home, the other will be in the refinery.  Have the other team running a cat and mouse game as the two teams hunt for Iluak.  George can be anywhere on the grounds the GM wants.  If it’s the middle of a snowstorm, maybe he’s in the admin buildings.  If the runners already checked his residence, he might be in the Southern out buildings.  Or he may be making rounds in the refinery itself.  Don’t make it easy to track the man down.  There are a large number of employees here…

>> So, first you send people to the frozen North and then we’re not allowed to shoot anything?  Not helping my disposition at all…
>> Burn

>> You could always pack Gel rounds like the professionals do, Burn.
>> Wraith

>> Ah, suck it, ya smoothie.
>> Burn

>> Whenever you ladies are done arguing, it’s worth noting that this facility is massive and well guarded.  Stealth is the word of the day here.  If you’re shooting things, you’ve already screwed up.
>> Havik

>> Heard that there might be snowstorm blowing through the region when this job’s going down.  If you’re heading out there, travel prepared.
>> Banshee

~ by 1nsomniac on June 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cannonball Shadowrun Part 9 – Fairbanks, Alaska, Athabascan Council”

  1. >> Not my kind of weather, but one of our team said it would be a great occasion to see Mother Nature with her full strenght. Nature, nature, what does she know ? I’d be surprised to see animals living at all here. Even a dragon would freeze by this temperature.
    Hey, maybe that job isn’t that bad after all…
    >> Sweeper

    • >> If you really want to see Mother Nature at full strength, go visit Harding Icefield in a blizzard. Astral illusions blended with snow is quite the sight. As for dragons freezing their scales off… don’t count on it. I’m quite sure I’ve seen one of those scaly bastards up there a few times. A young one, I think, but still not someone I’d want to tangle with.
      >> Banshee

  2. Was an excellent mission. Well Played Jason!

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