Nearly There…

I’ve almost completed uploading all my old Shadowrun material.  A few more pieces of the Cannonball Shadowrun, and a couple more runs and I will be up to date.  Jewel of the Atlantic will also be converted and posted, but the notes on that one were huge and will take a bit.  It has certainly helped that I only run Shadowrun about once per month any more (I haven’t reduced the amount of gaming…just playing more systems).

So, once I get the last so many items uploaded, things will be slow and steady for a while.  I had a setback with my current piece of Shadowrun fiction, over at (Consequences).  The flash drive I had my documents-in-progress on, gave up the ghost and I lost most of the mostly-completed story to the digital void (where’s a technomancer when you need one?).

So, once I build up the notion to re-write everything I’ve lost, that story should resume.

There is a chance I may be attending CanGames out in Ottawa in May as a GM for Shadowrun and CthluhuTech.  If I get more details ironed out, I’ll post them, but I’m still in the planning phase.  It’d be nice to make it out to more conventions this year, but time will tell.  Still, if I go and you’re in the Ottawa area, give me a shout.


~ by 1nsomniac on March 3, 2011.

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