Halting Terror

The team is contacted by their fixer in relation to a job that is time sensitive and they need to be ready to work immediately after the meet.  The meet is set to be at The Barn Burner in Auburn at 8PM.

The Barn Burner has the reputation of having the best Southwestern food outside the Sioux Nation and its reputation is well deserved.  The smells of spices fills the air in a delicious bouquet.  Most of the family dinner rush has passed by the time the runners have arrived.  Asking to meet with Mr. Johnson has them escorted to a corner table where a man sits smoking a cigarette, despite the no smoking signs, tapping ashes into an empty glass.

“Glad you guys showed up.  My name is Gil Hanson and I’m a P.I.  I’m working this case right now and I think I may have stumbled into something big…and dangerous.  A widow contracted my services last week after her husband was gunned down in his driveway.  She wants to know who did it and why.  She also asked me to kill whoever was responsible, but that’s not the way I work.  This is looking like a mob hit and investigating those is a good way to get a target on my back.  But, I don’t back out of a case once I’ve taken it on, so I need you guys to supplement the investigation and protect me from any backlash that comes of it.  Sound doable?”

When the inevitable issue of payment arises, Gil leans heavily on the table.  “I have my don’t-get-shot fund that I’m emptying on this one.  I can pay you 5000¥ apiece for your services.”

If the team negotiates, he will say something about asking the client for more cash, especially if the team kills the target as she originally requested.

Once the team takes the job, the detective reaches into his pocket.  “I went by the house earlier to settle up the contract, but I looked over the crime scene and found these in the walls of the house.”

He sets hollow point assault rifle ammo on the table, the tips mushroomed from their impact with the brick.

“This wasn’t some neighbourly grudge; that much is certain.  It was more excitement in his part of Bellevue than they’ve probably had in years and the media’s all over the place, so I aim to focus my investigation in other areas while the widow grieves to the world.  He had an office in the core.  I aim to head over there and rummage through his stuff…see what he might have walked into.  I’m open to suggestions as to what else you can think of as an avenue of investigation…”

While Gil believes that the death is the result of a mob hit, it is actually the Alamos 20K hard at work.  The man who was gunned down, Daniel Aleffson, is a corporate architect.  He was scouting out building to flatten to make way for the next big building on the skyline when he stumbled across a secret operation in the basement of an old skyscraper.  To keep him quiet, in case he saw anything, they killed him.

Doing legwork on Daniel and his work can yield some information, though a lot of it is misleading.

Daniel Aleffson

Threshold 3 (2 for Corporate or Engineer contacts)

0 – No idea who that is.  Is he a guitar player?

1 – He’s an architect.  Helps design large skyscrapers and does pretty well as far as I know.  He helped design buildings for a few AAA corps, I think.

2 – Works as a freelancer for the most part.  He has a private firm called Skyline Engineering.

3 – I don’t think he has any vices, save for being a workaholic.  He makes a ton of money and owns a nice house in Bellevue.

4 – Married his high school sweetheart, though rumor has it that she married him for the money.

Skyline Engineering

Threshold 2

0 – Who?

1 – A private architectural firm in Seattle.

2 – Owned and run wholly by Daniel Aleffson and a handful of junior engineers.  All construction is done by subcontractors that Daniel trusts.

3 – Their main competition are Red Wheel Engineering, a subsidiary of Wuxing Inc.

4 – Rumours have it that the Triads have been trying to find some kind of leverage on Aleffson to bring his company in line with Wuxing’s, but all efforts thus far haven’t had any success.

Investigating the Triad connection will yield only dead ends, as they have no idea as to the man’s death (though they won’t be upset by it).

The office for Skyline Engineering is on the 47th floor of a highrise.  When they show up the office is closed but it’s obvious that someone has been going through things.  The receptionist’s desk has been gutted.  While the junior architects’ offices have been left alone, the secretary’s desk outside the main office has been ransacked as well.  Stepping into Daniel’s office, the immense space is vastly open, with tables of scale models of parts of Seattle’s skyline dot the space.  A private entrance into the kitchen area is set into the wall and the entire back wall is glass windows, overlooking other buildings that blot out the horizon.  At Daniel’s desk, a man dressed in back and wearing a ski mask is going through Daniel’s things, but upon seeing the runners, he will make a run for the emergency exit.  He is armed with a pistol and will return fire if shot at.

If subdued and the runners try to interrogate him, he’ll only say one phrase: “No answers” at which point the cortex bomb in his head will detonate (unless jammed), damaging any runners close enough to the blast.

Knowing that people are snooping around Daniel’s office, the Alamos will move to silence them.  In one of the buildings across the street, a sniper and gunner lay in wait.  The sniper will set off a charge to blow out a window so they have a clean shot and shoot out the window nearest Daniel’s desk.  The gunner will then step around the corner and fire an incendiary rocket into the office, with the intent to incinerate the desk, computer and anyone close to them.

The runners have a narrow time margin to extract information from the machine before it’s attacked.  If they have someone watching for such an eventuality, they can stop the attack on the office to buy more time.  Otherwise, they will need to prioritize what they extract from the computer.

In the computer is a list of Daniel’s designs, a list of clients and a day planner.   The day planner shows that a couple days before he visited three sites to establish their eligibility for demolition and replacement as well as notes on the sites.  The clients in his list are all high level execs for powerful corporations and it looks like he was on the brink of going international.  His building designs could be worth some serious cred to Daniel’s competition (starting offer per design is 100,000¥).

The sites that Daniel visited are all abandoned high rises, none more than 20 stories tall.  The smallest building was a five story building on the outer fringes of the core.  Great location for a new condominium complex, but if the runners investigate it, they will learn that Daniel rejected it due to the fact that ghouls now call it home.  The ghouls here are not feral and will speak freely with the runners about Daniel.  Their liaison calls himself Gabriel and tells them that they parted company amicably after Daniel realized that his client would reject the location due to any form of ghoul presence.

The second site was a ten story office tower with an underground parking garage.  The site looks clean, but a Perception (3) test reveals recent activity in the parking garage and the lower three floors.  Sticky points mar the walls where cameras had been erected and anyone with knowledge in chemicals or demolitions recognize a crushed powder on the floor as ammonium nitrate.  An in depth search will find empty duct tape rolls, stripped wire insulation and bullet casings; all signs of an IED shop.

The third site was an eighteen story tower.  The footprint of the building was impressive, but due to utilities and proximity to subway lines, it could not utilize much of an underground space.  Gang tags mark the interior walls (the Ancients, Troll Killers and Desolation Angels have all left their marks) and signs of conflict pepper the interior.

The runners will likely not see the ghouls as the perpetrators of the assassination.  A Matrix search of the area, will reveal some of the people coming and going from Site 2 and crime bulletins will label those people as terrorists with the Alamos 20K.

Tracking their movements after abandoning the location leads them to the sewers below a park in Auburn, where a metahuman rally is being planned.  They’re in the midst of rigging several large fertilizer bombs under the park when the runners show up.  Between the latent gasses and the concentration of explosives in the space, firearms are a risky prospect.

Interrogating any surviving terrorists will reveal that they had the architect killed for eavesdropping on their operations.  Killing the terrorists will help net the group more money from the widow, if needed.

Notes from Daniel Aleffson’s Day Planner:

Site #1:

An old five story residential building.  Exterior looks fatigued and in need of updating.  Single floor underground for utilities and storage.  Utilities have been cut off by the city and their operational status is unknown.  Space is being used by a large squatter community.  Location is ideal for a new condominium complex, but displacing current residents could influence the neighbourhood adversely.

Site #2:

Ten story office complex.  Exterior has weathered well.  All external windows intact, though maintenance is required if restoration is the goal.  Building possesses three underground levels for parking and storage.  Public works lists utilities having been cut off, but signs of electrical usage are present.  Squatter presence detected.  Technologically sophisticated residents have erected some form of command post, perhaps?  Police involvement may be required.  Location and site is ideal for the client’s needs.

Site #3:

Eighteen story commercial structure.  Only one level underground for utilities and storage.  No further excavation possible, due to utility and subway lines close by, which limits building height.  Location is ideal and possesses a large footprint.  Lobby level shows signs of gang presence and violence, which is a deterrent for the client.  Strong potential for future development.

>> So are we supposed to care about this poor corporate slob who got gunned down?  Imean his widow’s money is as good as anyone’s, but still…
>> Blitz

>> Blitz, you’re a heartless prick.  Just because you gun down anything that moves and he works with the megas doesn’t mean all corp citizens are bad people.  Ever think about trying to help your fellow man?
>> Glasgow

>> Cry me a river.  I won’t lose any sleep over it.  There’s no gain in helping your fellow man.  If he’s on the other side of the fence from me, he’s nothing more than a potential obstacle.
>> Blitz

>> Wow, aren’t you a humanitarian… I can always count on you to remind me why I’ve lost faith in the metahuman race.
>> Zenith

~ by 1nsomniac on March 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Halting Terror”

  1. >> That’s refreshing to see someone who actualy gives his name. It’s almost as he cared about what we think. Less legwork too. Of course it may be only to backstab us all the better later.
    >> Sweeper

  2. >> Ah, you just do what I do. Whenever I’ve done work for these independent do-gooders, I leave a little something on their system. If my name ever appears on their list, I get notified and can make all the needed preparations. They tend to be less prone to checking their system for things that don’t belong…
    >> Reboot

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