Highway Havoc

The runners are contacted through their usual fixer about a job with a very tight timeline.  They are given one hour to get to the meet and they need to show up ready to run.  They meet a Mafia sottocapo at the Italiano, the stereotypical Mafia-run Italian restaurant.  Mr. Johnson’s in the middle of dinner when they arrive.

“I need you to take care of something for me in a fast a timeframe as possible.  I was in negotiations for some nice new hardware from an old contact of mine.  Out of the blue, he sold my merchandise to the Chinks and the package is already on it’s way to California,” he says with disgust.  “I will deal with my contact and explain to him about the bad business practice of not allowing me a chance to make a counter-offer.  But, I need you to get back my cargo.  Since my cargo is already on the road, you will need to act fast.  Find out from those Chinese freaks where my gear is and get it back before they can offload it.  I think 5000¥ for each of you seems fair, right?”

The runners will likely want to renegotiate that figure given the extremely tight timeframe, but the sottocapo, Antony Gianelli will resist giving them anything.  He’s a cheapskate and will try and get anything for as cheap as possible.  When people try to extort or exploit him, he has them killed.

After any negotiations, the runners will need to get down to business.  They need to figure out which Triad is moving the goods and find out how they’re being moved out of Seattle.  With Gianelli being vastly unwilling to offer up much information, the runners will likely need to turn to the rumour mill to establish that what Gianelli’s after are guns and that the Octagons are the Triad that outbid him.

The runners can get information on the smuggling job by either beating it out of the Octagons, or negotiating with a rival Triad.  Eventually, they will learn that they recruited out to Secured Investments, a smuggling outfit that specialize in Pacific coastal runs.  There are six members on the team:  a hacker, a mage and several wheelmen who are good shots.

Once away from Seattle, SI will burn the sedan they used in getting the guns out of the city and switch over to an Ares Citymaster.  Once in the Tir, they split into two groups.  Part of the shipment is dropped off on a boat and shipped over sea, while the rest is left on the Citymaster for highway travel.  A driver and the hacker are on the boat.  The Citymaster has been remotely disabled, to prevent it from being hacked.  Two of the team are in a sedan that trails the Citymaster by several car lengths, so if things look bad, they can open fire from behind.  The passenger is an accomplished sniper and will try to pick off any who board the transport.

The mage as a Great Form Earth Spirit on call and will unleash it on the highway in order to throw off pursuit if things aren’t going well.

If the runners manage to stop the convoy, police will arrive quickly after all the carnage on the highway.  On top of that they still have the boat to stop, who are carrying key weapon components (the barrels and clips).  Without both shipments, the weapons are useless.

Once they have all the parts and avoid the authorities, they can deliver the merchandise to the Johnson.

>> Job description is a little vague.  Any idea what the Mob wants it for?
>> Skeptik

>> Word on the street is armaments.  Guns and ammo, primarily, though rumours say there may be more to it than just that.
>> Sapphire

>> Anything specific?
>> Charlie

>> Just don’t let the package get too badly shot and you’ll be fine.
>> Sapphire

~ by 1nsomniac on February 23, 2011.

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