Defenders of the Cross

The runners are contacted by their fixer for a meet at 7PM.  The meet is at the Bellevue Art Museum.  Judge will meet with a team representative at the museum to discuss business.  The rest of the team can participate via commlink.

When the team’s representative goes into the museum, their commlink is pinged and they are directed to the second floor.  Judge is looking at a Rockwell painting on the wall, in his ever-present pressed suit.  He acknowledges the runner and motions for him to follow.  Lone Star still holds the contract for the museum’s protection and cover the place in a thick blanket of uniforms.  Judge activates his AR to view information on the various art pieces as he speaks subvocally.

“Thanks for coming.  I know the location is a little unorthodox, but bear with me.  Your employer wanted to maintain his anonymity, so he asked me to orchestrate the job.  He wants you to steal an archaeological piece that’s currently touring the globe; something of historical and possibly religious significance.  Apparently he’s a bit of an aficionado of relics and wants it for his private collection.  Lucky for you, it’s in Seattle for the next two days, while a few artifacts come home to stay, while others are being loaded.”

Judge transfers a file to the runner’s commlink, showing an image of a transport ship.  “This is the Journeyman, a freighter sitting in Tacoma harbor.  In her holds are all sorts of goods destined for the other side of the Pacific.  In one of her holds are various artifacts.  What you’re after is in her hull and it’ll be up to you and your crew to find it and retrieve it.  The Johnson is willing to pay 20000¥ to the team for the successful heist.  Interested?”

The Johnson has left room for negotiation, so the runners will need to plead their case to Judge to get a change in payment.  As they haggle, Judge moves through the exhibit, making idle chatter and pointing to various pieces of art to serve as a blind to casual observers.

Once the team gets a fee they are satisfied with, the runners will likely want to know what the artifact looks like.  Judge will indicate a certain painting and use the AR to zoom in a certain portion of the painting.  “The artifact is a Crusader’s broadsword like the one in this painting.  The difference with the one in question is that it is somehow magically active, even from an age of low ambient mana.  That’s what makes it unique and a marvel for modern magicians.”

Judge looks at the runner and offers his hand in handshake to solidify the deal.  “You’ve got between 48 and 72 hours before the Journeyman leaves our shore.  Good luck.”

After the meet with Judge, the runners will need to survey the Tacoma dockyards, where the bulk carrier is berthed.  The dockyards are heavy with security and the freighter itself has a compliment of Knight Errant officers on board to ensure the artifact’s safety.  The runners will need to infiltrate the docks and board the ship.

Once on board the runners will notice that something is amiss.  They will come across dead guards and an investigation into the cause of death will reveal that they aren’t actually dead, but catatonic and that their blood has been drunk by something vampiric.

An order of the Church, called the Sylvestrian Order is working to retrieve the sword.  The archaeological dig that found the sword actually breached an ancient church vault, to seal away heretic items.  They have been working to recover all the items removed and seal them away again.  The Order has hired three vampires (A Banshee, a Vampire and a Dzoo Noo Qua) to get the blade back.  The Banshee uses its mist form to infiltrate the ship and he extracts the location from some guards.  The Vampire and Dzoo Noo Qua will stop anyone else from leaving with the weapon and protect the Banshee’s escape.

On top of dealing with security, they will encounter the banshee in the hold that has the sword.  It will turn to mist and flee before the runners can kill it.  Once the runners have the sword and get off the ship, the Dzoo Noo Qua will be standing on the pier, shrouded in a long monk’s robe.

“Children of the Lord, heed my words.  Deliver what you carry unto me and His blessing will be upon you. “

Should the runners try to go around or attack him, he says “Then let his judgment be upon you.”  He throws off the robe to reveal heavy body armor and two SMGs and two swords.  He will attempt to kill them all, while the vampire snipes from a distant rooftop.  The banshee, if not badly hurt, may materialize behind the runners and attack from the rear.

If the runners defeat the vampires, they are free to deliver the artifact to Judge and get paid.  It will not likely be the last they hear from the Sylvestrians…

Freighter Layout

Freighter Layout

>> Why would I want to help some rich bugger expand his collection?  Granted the pay is decent, but still…
>> Zero

>> How this different than what we usually do?  Some antique sword is no different than when we steal some data on a new prototype.  Aside from being inherently useful should a fight break out.
>> Blitz

>> Do not touch the tool of heathens.  That path is fraught with peril for your soul.
>> Abel

>> Someone let the zealots out.  Forget to take your meds today, Abel?
>> Blitz

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6 Responses to “Defenders of the Cross”

  1. I’ve been digging through your back files here in your blog, looking for potential runs to adopt for my own newly-started Shadowrun campaign, and I really like this run a lot! For something that’s pretty simple and straightforward on the surface, it’s got a lot of character and personality to it, and I love the potential hooks for follow-ups and sequels. Nice work!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. It’s always my hope when I post this stuff that it will resonate with someone. If you decide to use it, I’d be interested to hear where you take it.



      • Oh, I’ll be happy to let you know how it goes! I probably won’t get to run it until January, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

        My campaign is set in Neo-Tokyo, currently late 2071, but converting the location and timing shouldn’t pose much of an issue at all, I expect. One of the PCs is from Europe, still has strong connections there, and is currently being hunted by agents from the AGS, so having a group from the Church in Europe come into the picture might make the time nice and paranoid. 🙂

      • Sounds good! I’ve run a couple of jobs in Japan over the years, but almost all of my games are based in Seattle. I look forward to seeing how these evolve in other cities.

  2. So I finally wound up running this!

    The players seemed to really like it. They lit up with curiosity when I mentioned ‘magical sword from the Fifth World,’ and I think they enjoyed having a break, running something for a private client instead of something megacorp or organized crime-related.

    As an added wrinkle, none of the three Infected were actually killed as part of the run, so they’re all still out there. I can think of run ways to take the story from there. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    P.S. – The technomancer wound up hacking into the dock authority’s control system and took control of one of the cranes, which he used to pick up a shipping container that he then used to smash into the Dzoo-Noo-Qua, knocking him off into the harbor. It was epic. 🙂

    • That sounds awesome. I’m really glad to hear that it turned out well for your group. Another GM I know recently ran this and it ended up nearly wiping out the entire party… it all depends on the group and the GM I suppose.

      I hope that if you decide to use more of my material in the future you’ll continue to tell me how they went. I’m always interested to hear how my material fares with new players. 🙂


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