The runners are contacted through their usual channels and asked to meet with Mr. Johnson at 8PM at DeClerry’s in Tacoma.  If asked about the job, the fixer states that the job is decent pay on a short timeframe, but otherwise, he has little details.

Declerry’s doesn’t have any high-level acts or celebrities frequenting it.  It is a working-class bar that seems to have more than a couple mob types within its walls.  The food smells decent (if a bit greasy) and they have several different beers on tap.  The runners find Mr. Johnson at a private table in the back of the club.  He is Caucasian in a crisp tailored suit, though not as tres chic as they have come to expect from recruiters.  As per usual, the Johnson allows the runners to indulge themselves with their choice of food and drink from the bar before getting down to business.

“My employer recently had some technology stolen from him and appear in a press release from GMC as a new feature in their Banshee designs.  While we are searching for the person who sold our designs to GMC, we require you to get inside the GMC compound in South Downtown, replace the specifications of the VZL-77 unit with a dummy unit that we will provide you.  There is to be next-to-zero collateral damage done to the compound.  We don’t want GMC investigating too deeply into what has transpired.  For these services, we are willing to pay you 10000¥ apiece.”

This price assumes the runners will do as instructed.  If the raid on GMC appears on the news, their pay will get cut considerably.  The Johnson works for Federated-Boeing and the unit that was stolen were the designs for a Vertical thrust unit with Zero Lateral motion (hence VZL).  It was to make vertical propulsion on T-birds more responsive.

Mr. Johnson can be negotiated up a maximum of 2000¥ apiece and a small percentage up front.  Once the runners take the job, the team’s hacker will be given the dummy file, a series of instructions and a commcode the J can be reached at once the job is done.  The instructions include transferring the access logs and all connected information over to the bogus design, so the on-site hackers won’t be able to distinguish the forgery from the real one until they’ve produced several units and lose a lot of money.

Being a branch of Ares, GMC is well guarded for a facility its size.  There are drone and human patrols around the perimeter and all shipments into the facility are on unmanned transports.  Unfortunately for the runners, the data they are after is in two places.  There are two buildings in the compound; administration and the factory floor.  The master copy is being kept in administration, while a slave copy has been loaded into the factory robotics in order to carry out the construction of a working prototype of the unit.  Both copies will need to be destroyed to succeed (only the master needs to be corrupted).

The grounds are patrolled by a grid of drones, people and one or two on duty spirits.  The outer wall is stone, covered with ARO’s of GM products.  Pressure plates line the top of the wall, since their neighbors didn’t want unsightly barbed wire.  The grounds consist of a couple of trees and mowed grass, offering a distinct lack of cover once over the wall.

The Compound

The compound is simple.  There are two buildings and a large parking lot.  Between the two buildings is a recreation area, which consists of a picnic area, tennis courts, a basketball key, a smoking area and ample seating for those seemingly rare warm, sunny days.  Flagstone walkways line the routes to the rear entries to the buildings, while asphalt paths lead the way to the parking lot.

A good amount of the security forces are off site.  The Hackers, spiders and mages are off site a nearby installation.  Mages will dispatch spirits and project until Knight Errant arrives with on location reinforcements when trouble is detected.  Each building has a group of security personnel.  While typically fairly light, the manufacture of their stolen goods has caused them to ramp up a little bit.


The largest office on the left side of the floorplan (the South side of the building) is where security has set up shop.  The large File Storage Area in the center of the building is a large data vault, with servers that periodically connect to the GMC mainframe to grab the latest production schedules, design specs, etc.  It’s in here that the hacker will be spending his time searching for the appropriate data.

The file they need is encrypted and sealed in a separate node.  The room is a veritable faraday cage and is inaccessible from outside its walls, but inside is a network of sensors that will detect the user’s company ID and commcode.  If both are not found on the same person, the system will assume that the person does not belong and alert security.  The room can be locked down and gassed using the fire suppression system in that case.  To complicate matters, only the senior executives and a security passkey (with any security commcode) are allowed in this room, so the runners can’t grab just anyone’s ID.

Searching the administrative systems might also tell the runners the person who is selling FB’s designs to GMC;  Darien Blackwell, a low-level manager at the facility the engine was designed at.  If the runners provide this intel to Mr. Johnson, it can earn them a bonus of up to 10,000¥.

The Factory

The factory is a busy hub of activity.  The loading dock loads and unloads the automated trucks that bring material and deliver final products.  The southwestern storage area has been modified to serve as security for the factory.  The floor, while most robotic, is overseen by a staff of workers who monitor the progress of the items being built and a few workers who handle the details that micromanaging a machine would be too costly to handle.  The master computer is on the center of the Eastern wall.  This is where the robots get their orders and where the plans for the prototype are being kept.  The hacker will need to corrupt this program so no further items can be run out.  If the runners choose to sabotage the one built engine, they will need to locate it in the southern tip of the warehouse floor and damage it.

Once they have completed the task, Mr. Johnson will meet with them at the same place as the meet.  If the runners have done their job correctly and have kept out of the public eye, they will be paid accordingly.  If they have screwed up, their pay will be decreased depending on the severity of their mistakes, to a minimum of half the price (so long as they have returned with the original designs and, if nothing else, denied GMC the ability to make more).

>> So what’s so great about this new technology?
>> Burn

>> It’s as close to perfect hovering tech as we’ve seen, to the best of my knowledge.  If I could outbid Fed-Boeing, I’d take a copy…
>> Stilgar

>> Boeing is a little pissed that GM beat them to this, which is why they want to make a clean break without any trace of what’s gone on.  They want to be seen as the legitimate developer, while handing their faulty designs to GMC.
>> Pylot

>> Nice scam.  But it’s only as good as the runners they employ.  If you take this job and botch it, expect some serious fallout from Boeing.
>> Skeptik

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