Dealing with Devils

The runners are contacted through their usual channels for a job offer.  The meet is at Gravity Bar North in Everett for 8PM, if the runners are interested.

The Gravity Bar overlooks the Sound and features some of Everett’s best seafood (so naturally, it didn’t come from the Sound).  The table is reserved under Johnson and they will be ushered directly to a table with a blond-haired executive who is in a tailored suit and nursing a glass of wine.  He tells the runners that they can order any food or drink they like when they arrive and once everyone has arrived and has ordered he gets down to business.

“What I need from you this evening is simple.  Foreign aquatic fauna have been spotted in Puget Sound; a type of equatorial squid.  Being this far north is definitely aberrant behaviour and can offset the local ecosystem by the introduction of foreign species.  Since these squid have no local predators, we need them wiped out so they don’t overrun these waters.  I’m offering 15,000¥ each for this extermination job.”

Mr. Johnson is George Ivanov, a Russian immigrant and Evo employee.  He is keeping this one close to the vest, due his company’s involvement.  These squid are only a short distance out from Evo’s island facility on Ashcroft Island, a man-made island that is technically in the Salish-Sidhe Council, but is registered as part of Outremer.  This is not a coincidence.

If the runners agree, Mr. Johnson gives them GPS coordinates of where the squids were last located, as well as a commcode they can reach him at when finished.

“We estimate under ten of these squid have migrated into the waters here.  Given the cooler temperatures this far North, they are operating in shallower water than usual and the prey they feed on are much smaller, meaning they are eating a lot of fish.  They must be exterminated as soon as possible.”

Mr. Johnson will not answer many questions about the creatures (I’m not a biologist…they’re squid) and can be negotiated up in price, but will not offer them an advance.

The wrinkles are:  The water is filled with mutated Humboldt Squid created by Evo to protect their holdings on Ashcroft Island.  There are more than 10 of them and are well adapted for their new environment.  They are fiercely territorial and fearless.  It was these traits that Evo wanted to harnass, but now the local pollution has caused new traits in the creatures and former methods of control have stopped working.  Use the stats below:

Humboldt Squid

B      A     R      S C    I    L  W EDG ESS  Init    IP
2(4)  3  2(4)  3 1  3(2) 4  3    0       3     5(6)    1

Frequency: Uncommon

Movement: 15/25 (swimming)

Skills: Escape Artist 3, Perception 3, Swimming 3, Unarmed

Combat 3

Powers: Gills, Substance Extrusion (Ink)

Note: +2 Reach

Mutations:  +2 Body, +2 Reaction, -1 Intuition, Dynamic Camouflage, Tough as Nails, +100% size (4 meters long), Uncontrolled Metastasis

The runners can get access to a sea sled and/or a mini-sub to get them underwater and can rent scuba equipment for getting in underwater.  The squid are very aggressive and will attack if even slightly provoked.  The water is murky and has a lot of surface bacteria, so assensing the water will be very difficult when trying to ascertain exact numbers.

Humboldts have barbs on their tentacles to hook their food and pulled them into their beaks, so they can be difficult to dislodge.  If a runner is cut underwater, the squid go into a feeding frenzy and will attack en masse.  They can even sacrifice themselves to cripple the sub, if the GM wants to prolong the fight.  Humboldt tend to drag their prey down into deeper water before devouring them, using pressure and depth to their advantage.  Assensing tends to work better at greater depths, as the amount of lifeforms decreases.

The Sound suffers from a background count due to the pollution and if magic use is rampant in the group, have a toxic water spirit aid the squid.

If the runners salvage one of the dead squid, they will notice things about them.  The immense size of them is obvious, but the amount of cancerous tissue in them is considerable.  Each of them also has an RFID embedded in them, which label them as Evo projects.  This chip is dormant, since Evo disabled them when it became clear they could no longer control the population and would need to hire outside people to destroy them.  Only by chopping up the squid could the RFID be found and even then, it might take some time searching them to find the small chip in the large mollusk.  If they find this chip, they can extort more money from Mr. Johnson if they learn of his Evo connections.

>>Wait, they’re hiring people for the wholesale slaughter of animals?  Not sure I want the likes of TerraFirst coming after me, on top of the corps that already don’t like me.
>> Cruz

>> It’s all about balance.  These creatures don’t belong here and have no natural predators.  If they aren’t killed off, more damage will be done in the long run.
>> Mr. Greene

>> More damage than has already been done to Puget Sound?
>> Skeptik

>> In a word:  yes.
>> Mr. Greene

>>My question is this:  if they don’t belong here, how’d they get here?  With all the ocean out there, they move into the polluted waters of Seattle?  They didn’t migrate here, that’s for sure.  Someone brought them here.
>> Murdoch

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