Spreading the Good Word

I don’t get to go looking for material that often (too busy trying to write my own), but when I hit a case of writers block, sometimes the work of others helps me fill in the void.

While Shadowrun is my main system, I do dabble in other game systems as well.  I also run 7th Sea and more recently, CthulhuTech.  So, I was looking for some good Cthulhu hooks and I came across another wordpress site called Casting Shadows.  The site is a well organized depository of tabletop roleplaying information and opinions.  While I was drawn there for some Eldritch adventure hooks, I did notice that they had a Shadowrun hook posted as well.

I’ve linked to the Shadowrun hook here for your convenience, but I highly recommend that you check out the whole site.  There is a wealth of information presented here and all the story hooks provided are written loosely enough to be adapted to any GM’s game, which I definitely appreciate.

There are so few well done RPG sites out there and maintained these days, so finding one like this one is a rare find and is worth spreading the word.



~ by 1nsomniac on November 30, 2010.

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