Cannonball Shadowrun Part 7 – Hong Kong

The team has recovered after the last job and finds themselves resting in a nice hotel in the town of Tsim Sha Tsui in the Yau Tsim Mong district of Hong Kong.  The bizarre-looking skyline of Hong Kong looms down toward the ocean-side harbor area, as the skyscrapers are contoured to maximize the flow of qi to their respective building.

Still stiff and sore from the last job, the runners are summoned to a meeting room in one of the basement levels of the hotel.  Inside the meeting area is a large table with an assortment of Chinese delicacies, rice, noodles and a pile of chopsticks.  Two other runner teams are in the room, already helping themselves to the food.  As the teams are eating their food and conversing with one another, McDermitt steps into the room and walks to the head of the board room table.

“Welcome to Hong Kong, runner capital of the Orient,” he says.  “I see you are enjoying the meal provided.  Good.  This job will be a step back from the events that occurred in Russia, which were hard on a number of our competing teams.  One of our tournament sponsors has been hit hard by the efforts of the Triads.  While many of you may not see the Triads as large players in the world stage, here in Hong Kong, they are second in power only to the likes of Wuxing and the PPG.  As a means to send a message to the Triads, we require one of their senior ranking officials to be executed and shown to their keepers.  The three teams in this room are all hunting the same target.  Naturally, each team is a viable target for the others once out in the city and away from the hotel.  The team with the highest marks to this point will get a head start on the others.  One of the teams is local to the area, so since they have local area knowledge the others lack, they will start last.  <the player’s team>, you guys will be going out first.”

McDermitt brings up a holographic image of an Asian man, heavily marked with nanotattoos and a heavy scar down the side of his face.  “This is the man you are after.  He is Xu Futao, Sin Fung of the Red Dragon Triad.  He has recently been aggressively trying to expand his power base through out the city and has stepped on more than a few powerful people’s toes in doing so.  You will be provided with his image and an address.  When you do find Xu Futao, he is to be executed and his head to be delivered to the address you are provided.  First team to deliver his head is the victor.  Any questions?”

Xu Futao has pissed off execs at Wuxing and their friends within the Triads.  He has also tried to seize power in his organization and has been forced into hiding.  The runners will have to do some leg work to track down Futao.

If the runners have any Triad contacts, they might be able to aid them in figuring out where Futao operated out of, otherwise McDermitt can inform them to start their investigation in Kwai Tsing.

Kwai Tsing is home of Hong Kong’s main harbor, in the Kwai Chung district.  The area smells of burning fuel, dead fish and salt water and the area is heavily marked as a blue collar area, save for the islands that Mitsuhama control.  Asking around the area will be extremely hit and miss, as nobody wants to risk personal injury by turning in a Triad boss.  Once the runners have searched the area for a while, they should make their way to a Triad bar and once they ask for Futao, a fight should be imminent (but avoidable, should they choose to employ tact).  After a brief skirmish, a Triad man in robes steps out onto the balcony overlooking the bar and orders the fighting to stop.  He is Zhang Xi Mian, a high ranking mage in the Triad organization.  He asks the runners what they are after and if they are honest, he tells them that Futao is wanted dead by the Red Dragon.  If the runners continue to be honest, he will even offer them money if they bring Futao’s head to him instead of the original drop point.  If they choose to fire at the man, he is a powerful wuxing initiate and will not hesitate to destroy the runners.  If the runners ask him where Futao has gone, he will mention that he is likely hiding in the one place where the Red Dragon have virtually no presence: the Walled Kowloon City.

The Walled City is a horrific sight of human misery made real.  The “Wall” surrounding this part of Kowloon are tenement houses the government built for the downtrodden residents, but made the buildings so close together that no vehicles could get in or out, in a means to try and limit the spread of the criminal blight that rules the area.  The dark grey buildings have started to lean and threaten to fall down on the starving masses within.  The ruined industrial parks and warehouses that make up the interior are the perfect place for the Black Chrysanthemums to operate and the local residents live in fear of the Triad, who are known for descending on a random building and harvesting all within.  As they enter the area have the team be attacked by a gang and/or a rogue spirit (Free Sludge Spirit…see bottom for stats).

The Matrix infrastructure in Kowloon is sketchy at best, but once they near the Walled City, they start picking up on Xu Futao’s comm signal (provided they know it).  The squat apartment building near the Northern portion of the Walled City the signal emanates from is surrounded by the Black Chrysanthemums.  The runners can try and sneak their way in, or simply smash their way through the Triad.  If they sneak past, they find that the Triad is all throughout the building and have already carried off all the inhabitants for harvesting.  To learn where the harvesting center is, they will have to interrogate one of the Triad, which will likely result in some heavy shooting when they try and get away from the building.  If shown the picture of Futao, they recognize him as one of the men taken off for harvesting.

The harvesting center is an old dilapidated apartment building, whose ground floor has been completely renovated into several operating rooms.  The place is guarded by the elite amongst the Black Chrysanthemums, a wujen and several ghouls from Tanamous, who are overseeing the operation.  Xu Futao has already been harvested for his organs and anything else of value, but all his remaining pieces are being kept for ghoul feed, including his head (minus his eyes and ears).  The runners will need to find the head within the freezer and get out while fighting off the Triad and Tanamous.

When the fighting is getting quiet, throw in the other runner teams to mix things up.  The runners will have to escape the Walled City with the head and get to the delivery point (whether that is the original target or delivering to Zhang Xi Mian).  Having a runner team waiting to intercept the team as they leave Kowloon could be the last combat of the night, if needed.

Force 4 Free Sludge Spirit

B: 7, A: 3, R: 6, S: 7, Mentals: 4, Edge 4, Ess 4, Mag 4, Init = 10, IP = 2

Skills:  Assensing, Astral Combat, Confusion, Dodge, Exotic Weapon, Perception, Unarmed Combat

Powers:  Astral Form, Anaphylaxis (pg 146 StrMag), Banishing Resistance (pg 99, StrMag), Binding, Engulf (Earth), Materialize, Movement, Realistic Form, Regeneration, Sapience, Search

Weakness:  Allergy (Clean Water and Earth, Severe)

>> Ah, Hong Kong.  Great city for biz…so many options!
>> Slasher

>> Yeah, but pissing off the Triads isn’t exactly my idea of a good investment.  Sounds like a good way of reducing my shelf life.
>> Reaper

>> Word is the target is on the outs with his local crew.  Hopefully, that will reduce the odds of annoying a particular dragon.
>> Wraith

>> Perhaps.  Still, the city is full of so many secret alliances, do we really know who anyone works for?
>> Gwailo

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