Twisted Power

The runners are contacted through their usual channels for a fast meeting at 5PM.  They are told to show up ready to run.  The meet is in Renton, at a warehouse at 1256 78th Street.

The address they are provided turns out to be a series of holding warehouses for the Draco Foundation.  They are stopped at the gate by security, but upon mentioning Mr. Johnson’s name, they are told to drive to Warehouse 3.  The warehouse is filled with nondescript crates and a man in casual business attire.  Judging by the amount he is fidgeting, whatever he wants the runners to do is pressing.

“I’m glad you’re prompt.  I was told you were one of the best teams to call when something needs to get done quickly.  Earlier today, a runner team, disguised as our regular delivery staff broke into this warehouse and stole something very important and very dangerous.  I can’t go into details as to the object, but suffice it to say it is an object of significant magical potency and in the wrong hands, it could lead to a lot of…problems.  What I require of you, is to find the shadowrunners responsible for the theft and get the artifact back.  If they’ve already delivered it to their patron, you must discover who that is and take it back, by force if necessary.  Due to the short notice and the nature of the item you’re retrieving, I’m willing to pay each of you 30000¥.  Are the terms acceptable?”

Mr. Johnson is desperate.  The artifact is a powerful spire of orichalcum that draws spirits to itself and has the ability to possess the minds of the bearer.  It was in a warded box, but once the box is opened, its power will be unleashed.

If the runners negotiate the price (which is already huge), Mr. Johnson will be disappointed, but he has little choice but to agree to their terms.  He needs his own team right away.

Once the runners agree to the job, they are provided with security footage from the building and the staff (cybereye recorder units) to show them the faces of the runners that pulled off the job.  Most are in disguise, but a couple of them allowed their faces to be seen.  If the runners negotiated for an advance, they will receive that as well.  Mr. Johnson will also provide them with a commcode they can reach him at once they’ve secured the artifact.

After some legwork using the images of the runners, the team can pull together some information.  First off, the team goes by the name “57’s”, named after the year the majority of them entered the shadows.  They have five team members:  “Debonair” the Human Face, “Blur” the Elven adept, “Sledge” the Ork Street Samurai, “Mirage” a Qabbalistic Dwarven Mage and “Scorch”, the Human wheelman.

Secondly, the team has always stayed close to their roots and does what they can to fix up their corner of the Redmond Barrens.  Rumor has it that their main haunt are the Plastic Jungles.

The Plastic Jungles are a strange site in the depths of Redmond.  The area around is blasted and desolate, but suddenly you r confronted by this small enclave with bio-dome greenhouses at the center.  The area is lush and green with exotic flowers, plants and vines growing over everything.  The people who reside here tote pistols and shotguns to try to ward off would-be raiders.  As the runners approach, they are stopped by one of the guards and asked what their biz is (if they’re driving a car, it’s an instant tell they aren’t locals).

If the runners mention that they’re looking for the 57’s, the guard tells them he hasn’t seen them lately (although any mage who assenses him can instantly tell he’s lying).  If pressed further, the guard starts getting edgy and says that he isn’t willing to sell out the 57’s, as they’ve done a lot to keep the Jungles safe.

Safe is a relative term in Redmond and no sooner has he said these words when shots ring out and a motorcycle gang descends on the Jungles, looking to steal the food supply.  The runners can stand back and wait to see who will win (the gangers will), or assist the locals to try and earn some street cred with the residents of the Jungle.

Some guards will still not give up the 57’s, even after the runner’s help, but others would be willing to help out for a price.

After the go-gang raid, the runners are free to stay in the Jungle for a while and quickly learn that exotic plants aren’t the only things kept here.  There is a sizeable arms cache here, that they can pay the locals for select items (mostly small arms, but there are two Assault Rifles and one single-shot rocket launcher), though the prices have a significant markup.

When the runners find someone willing to sell out the 57’s, he tells them that they were there earlier in the day, but the escape from the Draco Foundation punched some fresh holes in some of the team.  They were headed to the Body Mall to see Dr. Arasaka to be patched up.

The Body Mall is an old four storey hospital from before the partial meltdown that made Redmond what it is today.  While badly rundown, the interior has been converted to a body modification center, with a mix of legal and illegal practices throughout the complex.  The ground floor is two separate buildings (The Coleman and Thatcher Buildings), which are linked in the upper levels.

Map of the Body Mall

Map of the Body Mall

The Mall is in a state of uproar when the runners arrive.  Gunfire can be heard from outside and the chaos only worsens when they step inside.  Spirits are running amok and attacking anything that moves, shedim are breaking out of the less repute clinics and ghouls who prey on the dead are scrambling to find a new source of food.  The runners will have to fight their way through the mall to find the 57’s and their doctor.

Mall Legend:

First Level

C-1A – Atrium.  In its heyday, this is where walk-in patients would arrive and be allocated to one of many wards, depending on their situation.  Now, it is laden with graffiti in some psychotic sense of providing direction to patrons to the clinic of their choice.  With some time and devotion, the runners might be able to find the label for Dr. M. Arasaka on the third level.

C-1J – Out Patient Ward.  For those who want to see a family doctor in Redmond, this is as close as you get.  The office of Dr. Richard Ledbetter is little more than a series of gurneys and a medkit, but at least he’s a decent doctor and he doesn’t charge much.

C-1K – Jerry’s Tats.  Formerly for inoculations and vaccines, the needle disposal equipment lent itself well to the tattoo parlor that now stands here.  The shop is relatively clean and Jerry is a pretty good artist as well.

T-1B – Glo-Tats.  A favourite with the Glow City gangs, Glo-Tats specializes in fluorescing tattoos.  Despite the location, the establishment is pretty clean, though the artist only does tribal-style tattoos.

T-1C – Budget Cyber.  As the name suggests, this shop deals with cheap surgery and second-hand implants.  Patients that don’t survive the surgery and pharmaceutical cocktails typically get served up to Tanamous.

T-1D – Dr. Stitch.  A tiny hole-in-the-wall clinic, where the doctor (who uses a disconcerting pseudonym for unknown reasons) specializes in cosmetic modifications.  Not the best plastic surgeon, but suitable enough to hide some scarification from previous wars.

T-1E – Better Life Clinic.  This rather happy sounding place is a glorified Yakuza-run BTL parlor.  “A makeover for the mind”, as they call it.  The place is full of chipheads, vegetating to the latest brainbenders.  Most are oblivious to the carnage in the mall.

T-1F – Retro-Fit.  This is a cyberware buy and sell establishment.  They sell implants (new and used) and buy any old implants you turn in, no questions asked.

T-1G – Food Court.  As disturbing as the idea is, patients and doctors alike need food.  A few competing eateries have set up shop here, with a restaurant setup for the ghoul clientele that come through here as well.

T-1H – The Ward.  This isn’t so much a shop as a communal recovery room.  When not being used by patients, it serves as a shelter for the local population.  While sleep is encouraged, with the body harvesters and ghouls walking around, few find enough comfort here to actually rest.

T-1I – NuYu – A bioware clinic setup by a local doctor, who only goes by Dr. Jim.  The bioware is cleanly grown, but only basic implants are available here.  No advanced equipment is available and clients who don’t pick up their muscles in time forfeit them to the ghouls.

Second Level

C-2A – Peeperz.  This shop deals exclusively in new cybereyes.  They have several types of implant available and all are new.  They will buy back “gently used” eyes.  The implant quality is good, as is the medical worksmanship.

C-2B – Da Vat.  Two ork brothers run this bioware growing facility.  While they have no surgical expertise, they supply many of the local doctors with their implants.  Patients are even permitted to come down here and get something custom grown for a steep price (can grow Betaware level implants).

C-2C – Meat locker.  Unfortunate patients end up stacked in here for Tanamous to collect.  Unfortunately, the shedim got to them first.

C-2N – Custom NanoTats.  The title says it all.  This small tattoo parlor specializes in the installation of nanotattoos.  The price keeps most people away, but the clinic is pretty clean and can be uploaded with any image you want.

C-2O – Dr T. Howard.  Thomas Howard was a well-to-do doctor and dropped out of the rich doctor lifestyle after joining up with humanitarian organizations.  The Metroplex government subsidizes his practice to keep him afloat and as a result, his clinic is one of the best in the Body Mall.  However, due to his legal status, he doesn’t assist runners (officially), only offering his services to the downtrodden.

C-2P – Arm and a Leg.  A cyberlimb clinic.  They don’t perform the surgeries to install the implants, but are experts at repairing limbs that have fallen into disrepair or have been damaged.  Run by two dwarves with a Matrix addiction and as a result, they have turned their store into one of the few live Matrix sites in the Barrens.

C-2Q – Sounds Good.  Owned by the brother of the Peeperz store, this store deals with audio implants, both full cyberears and auditory implants.  His business is slightly shadier than his brother’s, but the implants are still high quality.

C-2R – Freeq.  A shop specializing in the implantation of cosmetic cybernetics.  Horns, studs, fangs and other bizarre looking metal adorn the walls, for those who want to make an anti-social statement.

T-2D – The Edge.  For all things sharp and pointy, this is your implant weapon store.  Spurs, razors and even some obscure cyber weapons are listed in catalogues for would be gangers and fledgling runners.  Installation not included.

T-2E – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  This aptly named location is run by a ghoul named Frank and all the implants are used.  As he’ll be the first to tell you, he “sells the inedible bits”.  The advantage is that the prices are very low.

T-2F – Dental Majick.  One of the few dentists in the Barrens, Barry Restin sees some horrible oral conditions.  He does his best with his modest clinic, even if most of the time, the answer is an extraction.

T-2G – Yan’s Implantation.  This old Chinese coot may seem insane, but his hands are rocksteady and he knows what he’s doing when implanting cyberware and bioware.  So long as you’re willing to let him ramble endlessly in Chinese and English for the entire duration, you could do worse.

T-2H – Second Chance.  This “urban renewal” clinic specializes in repairing war wounds.  Stabbings and gunshots come here all the time, making it one of the more popular spots in the Mall.  However, the doctors here have a pact with Tanamous and every so often a patient is sold off to someone in need of their blood type.

T-2I – Dr. Sheila Watson.  The only pediatric doctor anywhere nearby, this middle aged doctor has no shortage of patients, as women are always getting pregnant, seeing as there are no pharmacies handing out contraception out here (though she offers it).  She asks a pittance in salary, since there are hundreds of kids that come through her door and she cares more about their welfare than her own.  A diamond in the rough.

T-2J – Green Body.  Sitting where a Universal Brotherhood booth sits dusty and painted over is an organic food store.  In gross contrast to the rest of the mall, this store emphasizes a pure body, rather than an augmented one.  Despite being the bastard son, it sees enough business to keep itself afloat.  It helps that the herbal remedies and salves they offer actually work.

T-2K – The High Life.  A drug shop.  Gangers come here to get the latest buzz that they think will give them an edge on the street.  The drug are all diluted with inert substances so they glean a better profit from the junkies.

T-2L – Dr. Elaine Pinsky.  She is a true practitioner of the Hippocratic Oath and will heal anyone in need, regardless of their background.  She requests a modest fee (higher if you seek anonymity) and her office has some top-notch security to keep out people who would seek to finish off her patients.

T-2M – NaturaVision.  Rather than replacing one’s eyes with cybernetic ones, people can come to Dr. Reggie (no last name provided).  He was a licensed optometrist but had his practice closed by a lawsuit for sexual assault (a falsified charge, as he’ll tell you).  Either way, he’s a good optometrist, if you can trust him to keep his hands to himself.

Third Level

C-3A – Implants R Us.  A shop that sells implants of different varieties.  Their inventory varies on what they can acquire, but the prices are roughly market value.

C-3B – The OR.  The store name labels the room as to its previous function.  Several doctors (some of debatable credentials) work out of this space.  If you bring it, they’ll install it.  They have a decent operating environment and space within to house and monitor their patients.  If you get one of the good doctors, this is a reliable place to have work done.

C-3C – Meat locker.  Unfortunate patients end up stacked in here for Tanamous to collect.  Unfortunately, the shedim got to them first.

C-3O – Nelson Dental.  The other dentist in the Body Mall, James Nelson charges a premium for his services, but his clinic shows his Obsessive personality.  He is a perfectionist and will perform any dental work that is needed, unless he’s short on supplies.

C-3P – Scanners.  Recognizing an opportunity when they see one, a pair of elves named Mason and Perry grabbed the part of the hospital that housed the majority of the CAT and MRI scanners.  Having a monopoly on this service has gone to their head and their prices border on ridiculous, but occasionally drop the cost when business is slow.

C-3Q – Immunity.  Nothing more than a couple of waiting rooms, a storage closet and a few ward rooms, they managed to seize a store room full of vaccinations.  They now inoculate people for common illnesses in the Barrens and often use the money earned to have more vaccines stolen, so they can remain in business.

T-3D – Suite Cyber.  This small shop only sells cybernetics in bulk, in pre-packaged suites.  Most of their merchandise fell off the back of a truck, but if the buyers don’t care where it’s from, they can get a decent value here.

T-3E – Smart Clothes.  While it may seem odd to have a clothing shop here, the owners market themselves as keeping your new mods safe from damage.  The store sells nothing but armored clothes.  While most of it is generic, occasionally the owner, Murray, can find some rare items in the Barrens.

T-3F – Dr. S. Fitzpatrick.  Jokingly referred to as the “glutton for punishment”, Steven Fitzpatrick runs a psychology office here.  “Implants can’t fix a broken mind,” as he is so fond of saying.  While everyone thinks Fitzpatrick is crazy for trying to calm the sorrows of Barren’s residents, his practice is doing well.

T-3G – Headspace.  This is the hacker’s hangout.  It’s a store full of headware, Matrixware and even a few electronic trinkets to work in tandem with your implants, to keep outsiders out of your metal.  The store always has a few patrons and the ARO here is respectable, given the limited resources of the district.

T-3H – Grumpy Mack’s.  Mack was a doctor once…and he’s not happy about the loss of his license.  At least so he says.  Truth is, no one has been able to figure out where Mack came from.  He specializes in triage and first aid, but his patients tend to disappear if not watched carefully.  If monitored, Mack does an excellent job.

T-3I – Tanaka’s Tats.  The tattoo artist isn’t named Tanaka and while they do welcome outside business, this is a Yakuza establishment.  New kumi-in come here to brand themselves to buy themselves street cred.  The store’s patrons are almost always Japanese, but if you have in-roads with the Yakuza, they can apply magic radical ink for tattoo magic.

T-3K – Natural Fit.  Want to tune up your implants or acclimate to your new vatjob?  Natural Fit is a traditional gym.  Come and work out here to break in your new body, or tune up your old one.  Of course steroids and other strength boosters are also available here from the personal trainers, if you want them.

T-3L – Snap.  A large troll named Bambi (try not to laugh in front of her) is a chiropractic therapist and she’s very good at what she does.  If you can get around her sheer size, she has a delicate touch and seems to be able to work miracles with people’s joints.

T-3M – Dr. Moe Arasaka.  Moe is a very professional doctor, even when people balk at his enormous and physically unpleasant visage.  He will not tolerate disruptive behavior in his clinic and has been known to throw people out (literally).  That being said, he hates the organleggers and won’t sell you out once you’re under sedation.  His professionalism and expertise comes at a high price, however.  Most of his patients feel it’s worth it.

T-3N – FleshPlus.  This shop specializes in piercings, for those who don’t want to go as far as cosmetic implantation.  The sign at the counter says “We pierce anything” and they adhere to that statement.

Fourth Level

C-4A – Meat Locker.  Unfortunate patients end up stacked in here for Tanamous to collect.  Unfortunately, the shedim got to them first.

C-4B – Soul Fuel.  This is run by a few “retired” Yakuza (no one fully retires… remember that) and it is a massage and acupuncture clinic.  Young, sexy Asian women will relax all your aching muscles at a reasonable price.  Pay almost double for the deluxe package and you get a private room for a half hour longer.  You do the math.

C-4C – Needful Things.  This shop is unusual.  It has no merchandise on the shelves, only pictures of implants and other equipment.  There are also no prices.  A man named Leland stands behind the counter and asks what you want.  He has a strange way of getting almost anything, given enough time.  The question only becomes:  how much are you willing to pay for it?

C-4D – Snacks.  An assorted collection of kiosks sell everything from junkfood to soykaf.  While everything is heavily processed, if you’re hungry it fills the void.

C-4E – Dr. Winston Caven.  Seeing himself as God’s gift to medicine, his attitude leaves something to be desired.  However, as far as broke cosmetic surgeons go, he is one of the best.  Forced out of his previous practice, Winston set up shop out here and has always taken on any client who had the money.  Many shadowrunners have come to see him to change their appearance after a run-gone-South.

C-4F – Supplies!  Setup like a convenience store, this shop sells bandages, gauze and other minor ingredients for medkits.  Standard antibiotics and slap patches are kept behind the counter.  Rumor has it that they also keep a few other non-standard pharmaceuticals in stock as well.

Garden – This once idealistic idea was to have a garden on the roof of the Thatcher Building, so patients in wheelchairs or those confined to the hospital could still go outside and get some sun and air, while still being connected to the hospital’s system.  Heavily irradiated and walled off, the garden is all but dead now and the space vastly unused, though it has been rumored that smugglers who deliver goods to the Mall use it as a helipad from time to time.

Once the runners have found Dr. Arasaka, they see him smashing a shedim into submission before he asks if they need treatment.  When the runners ask him about any of the 57’s, Dr. Arasaka says that they were there not long ago and their visit is what started all of the carnage.  He waves the runners inside and the interior waiting area is demolished.  Scorch and Debonair lay dead and only semi-intact on the ground with large blast marks on the walls where acid has melted some of the infrastructure.

“The mage, Mirage, was thumbing at the latch of this box they were hauling with them.  After sitting restlessly for a few minutes, he opened the lid.  Instantly, spirits of all sorts started ransacking the mall and Mirage went nuts.  He melted Debonair and Scorch with a massive spell and then ran into my OR and stabbed Sledge with the metal thing he pulled from the box.  Sledge was still in surgery but he got up like nothing was wrong and tore out of here, babbling incomprehensibly.  Mirage shook his head like he was disoriented or something and then tore off after Sledge.  Blur followed after them once he paid my fee.  Didn’t pay me for the damages though…”

If pressed, Moe will provide a ritual sample on Sledge (his blood is still in the OR).  Otherwise, the runners can ask around the mall and eventually someone will tell them that they overheard Mirage mumbling something about the reactor in Glow City as he ran past.

Glow City isn’t far from the Body Mall.  If the runners use a material link to track down Sledge they can go straight to him.  Otherwise, they may need to scour the area.  Magicians in the team may notice a “clear path” through Glow City, where the Astral Taint caused by radiation has been cleansed.  The mages that maintain the smuggling corridor may stop and interrogate the runners as to what they’re looking for.  They can relay information as to where a group of people were seen heading for the reactor core, which is toxic turf.

When they reach the old reactor, they found the corpses of the three runners dismantled in a gory manner (and their corpses are heavily irradiated).  Sledge’s chest has exploded outward where he had been stabbed.  There is no sign of the artifact.  Astrally assensing the area shows a magical trail heading around the reactor to the rear.

Following the taint, they find themselves at the Glow City Scrapheap, as per a spray-painted sign.  Mountains of metal, old cars and shards of reactor casing dot the landscape, every pile having a slight astral taint.

Several of the locals don’t take well to trespassers and attack the runners.  They are poorly armed, but are very resilient against pain, thanks to heavy mutation.  A Nuclear Spirit will appear in the midst of the battlefield and a Toxic Shaman following Atom defends what he considers his turf.

As the battle unfolds, the metal mountains begin to shift and meld into a bipedal giant homunculus, with the artifact at its center.  The spirit within is a high powered Vanguard Free Spirit (Street Magic).  It can call forth other spirits if it deems it necessary (more shedim to possess the killed mutants, for example) and will hurl parts of itself.

The runners will need serious firepower to bring down the spirit, or they’ll need to protect the mage so they can destroy the spirit at its core.

Once the Vanguard is down, they will need to return the artifact to its case (or some other case).  If anyone touches the artifact, they need to make a Composure (4) Test to avoid being possessed.  If they manage to get the object into a case, the person who carries the artifact must make a Composure (1) test to resist the voice in their head telling them to take out the artifact.

Stats & Extras:

Shedim Force 4 (higher or lower depending on your game)

B: 4 + H, A: 4 + H, R: 6 + H, S: 4 + H, C: 4, I: 4, L: 4, W: 4, Ess: 4, Edge: 4, M: 4

Init = 10 + (Host Reaction and Host Intuition), IP: 2, Astral Init: 8, A.IP: 3

  • H = Host attributes.  Either you can use a fixed value or actual stats.  If the body is from the cemetery, the people buried there have been there a long time and each stat should be only a 1 or a 2.

Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat

Powers: Astral Form, Deathly Aura, Energy Drain (Karma, Touch Range, Physical Damage), Fear, Immunity (Age, Pathogens, Toxins), Paralyzing Touch, Possession (Dead or Abandoned Vessels), Sapience

Extra Powers:  One of: Accident, Aura Masking, Compulsion, Regeneration, Search, Shadow Cloak, Silence

Weakness: Allergy (Sunlight, Mild), Evanescence

Toxic Shaman

Mentor:  Radiation

B: 3, A: 4, R: 5, S: 2, C: 5, I: 3, L: 3, W: 5, Ess: 6, Edge: 4, M: 6, Init Grade:  2

Init = 8, IP: 1, Astral Init: 6, A.IP: 3

Skills: Spellcasting 5, Summoning 5, Counterspelling 4, Banishing 4, Binding 4, Assensing 4, Dodge 3, Perception 4, Etiquette (Street) 2(4), Magic (Toxic) 3(5), Local Area Knowledge (Glow City) 4, Scavenging 4, Gang ID 3, Spirits 3, English N

Spells: Foreboding, Stunball, Irradiate, Detect Enemies Extended, Agony, Armor, Swarm

Metamagical Powers:  Leeching, Masking

Nuclear Spirit (Force 5)

B: 6, A: 7, R: 8, S: 5, C: 5, I: 5, L: 5, W: 5, Ess: 5, Edge: 5, M: 5

Init = 13, IP: 2, Astral Init: 10, A.IP: 3

Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Confusion, Elemental Attack (Radiation), Energy Aura (Radiation), Engulf (Radiation), Fear, Materialize, Sapience

Free Vanguard Spirit (Force 6)

B: 10, A: 4, R: 8, S: 10, C: 6, I: 6, L: 6, W: 6, Ess: 6, Edge: 6, M: 7

Init = 14, IP: 2, Astral Init: 12, A.IP: 3

Powers: Astral Form, Banishing Resistance, Binding, Engulf (Scrap), Fear, Hidden Life, Guard, Magician, Movement, Possession, Sapience, Search

Spells: Fling, Reinforce, Control Thoughts, Blast

>> Chasing down another runner team into the Barrens to retrieve some magical trinket is not exactly my idea of a good time.
>> Havik

>> When did our job boil down to having fun?  I consulted with my patron spirit about this artifact…decide whether I should take the job.  He got all weirded out and suggested I keep my distance.  What could it be to give my spirit guide the willies?
>> Reaper

>> That’s definitely odd.  Who’s your patron?
>> Revenge

>> Ghede.
>> Reaper

>> Oh… yeah, I think I’ll give this  one a pass as well.
>> Revenge

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  1. I’ve been reading through many of your adventures, and I’ve got to say, this is one of the best collections of SR sessions that I’ve found thus far. These are well-written, with (gasp!) actual characters, decent plotlines, and nicely drawn maps.

    Thanks for writing all these up and sharing with the intertubes.

    • I’m glad you enjoy my material. I try to make my stuff a little more than a simple hook with a bit of personality, but still portable for other GMs to use.

      I don’t produce as much material as I used to, but I still have a backlog of material to post. I hope you’ll come back from time to time to check for new stuff.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Excellent stuff!
    Thanks for sharing~

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