Future Forecast

The runners are contacted through their regular channels about a job… a regular theft of an item in the coastal district of Everett.  If they’re interested in the job, the meet is at the Steel Ring in Everett at 9PM.

The Steel Ring is a fight club that specializes in Ultimate Fighting.  Runners who have a history of following the sport might know about the betting ring under the club, where the “real” fights happen.  Still, the main part of club is very busy, with the bulk of the patronage hovering around the steel cage ring that gives the club its name.  When the runners arrive, the fights are in full swing and the roar of the crowd is deafening.  In a sectioned off part of the club is a small dance floor, the bar and restrooms.  Behind the bar is a private meeting room that is reserved for the runners.  The emotions surrounding the fight have created an ambient background count that makes astral perception a little difficult in the bar, which is one of the reasons the Johnson chose the establishment.

In the back room, Mr. Johnson is already waiting.  He is a muscular white human, with a brush cut and simple suit.  He is not the typically refined corporate lackey the runners might normally deal with.  His posture is perfect and is nursing his non-alcoholic drink of choice.  Magicians who astrally perceive him, despite the background count will see some cybernetic modifications, some atypical for a Johnson (Wired Reflexes and cybereyes with smartlink, for example).

Mr. Johnson is actually Officer Don Westmore of Knight Errant.  He is on the drug squad and he needs to obtain material that is beyond the lines of extra territoriality.

Once all the runners have arrived, he speaks briskly and without emotion.  “I need you to obtain a vial of an unknown substance from a corporation called KondOrchid that have setup shop in Everett.  Rumor has it that they ship materials from all across the world and one item in particular, TMP1735A is of particular interest to my employer.  I need you to go in and get it and deliver it back to me.  For this, I am willing to pay each of you 5000¥, with 1500¥ up front as a retainer and the rest on delivery.  Is this satisfactory?”

Negotiations can increase the payment at the end, but the total payment will not exceed 7000¥ total apiece.  If the runners get too greedy, the Johnson will stop doing business with them.

If the runners agree to do the job, the Johnson offers them an LTG number (to an anonymous redirect) to call him when they have the goods, so they can arrange a drop.

The compound the team is looking to steal is a prototype of what will be known as Tempo (see Ghost Cartels).  It’s a Bio-engineered Awakened Drug (BAD), but in its infancy, the drug is almost lethal to just about anyone who samples it.  Don’s contacts in the underworld hinted at a new drug coming to Seattle and he wants to see if this is it.

The runners may want to do some Legwork on both their Johnson and the corp they are going to be raiding.  There is no defined timeline for this job, so they can do whatever research they deem necessary.

They first surprise the runners will likely encounter is that the compound seems to be patrolled twice.  Within the gates, Orchid keeps their own security, but outside the gates the local gang seems to be on watch as well.  Unlike the usual gangbangers, these gangers are well armed and don’t seem to have any hesitations about shooting at anyone who they deem suspicious.

The warehouse is a massive, multi-storey affair with a constant whirling of forklifts and pallets that never seems to end.  Trucks are in and out of the compound all the time, but every truck is registered and pre-submits their manifest before arriving (especially if they are delivering).  The outer buildings are assorted purpose (employee services and a dock area), but the foot traffic is mostly around the warehouse.  Only KondOrchid employees are allowed anywhere outside the radius of the warehouse.

The docks are a simply out structure that stores fuel and other necessities for boats.  The docks are too small to accommodate large shipping vessels, but instead appears to be for smaller private vessels.  The building in between the docks and the warehouse grounds is the Employee Services building and houses Human Resources, a few recreational facilities and the main security office.


The Warehouse consists of rows upon rows of stacked shelves that store everything from food to electronics, from clothing to flooring.  KondOrchid ships a little of everything.  Trucks are constantly pulling up to the loading doors, offloading and reloading.  Forklifts and roof cranes move pallets from one location to the next and conveyor belts bring items from the shelves to the loading docks.  The front of the warehouse features several joined buildings that assist with the operations of the warehouse.  Top-down is a battery charge station for the robotics that helps keep things moving, a break room with a kitchenette and adjoining bathrooms, a storage room.  A wide hallway splits the employee area from the manager area.  Next are a series of meeting and conference rooms and finally a large block of offices where managers coordinate what goes in and comes out of the building.

The northern portion of the building has an Isolated Storage building for items that need to remain cold (or may be hazardous) and the southern corner is a specialized storage Mezzanine that stores pharmaceuticals, etc.

The right-hand shelves store the cosmetics and mundane over-the-counter medications.  The shelves in the bottom left store magical telesma, mainly metals and herbals.  The fenced enclosure is locked and contains pharmaceuticals.  The inner fenced enclosure houses the narcotic medications as well as the item the runners are there to extract.

A silent alarm is rigged to the door of the storage compartment that stores Tempo (separate from the internal Matrix of the compound).  This alarm alerts both the KondOrchid security staff and the gang outside and the area will go into lock down.

Once the runners get away with their prize (a half-filled test tube of unrefined Tempo) and make the delivery, they get paid and carry on.  The next day, their fixer sends them a newspaper clipping (see KSAF article).


Mr. Johnson
Threshold – 3, 2 with Law Enforcement Contact, 1 with Knight Errant Contact
0 – Looks like your typical muscle-head…
1 – Looks like a cop I’ve seen on the trid.  Not sure which agency though.
2 – Guy’s name is Don Westmore.  He’s a cop with Knight Errant.
3 – Don’s with their Drug Enforcement Division and he’s got quite a reputation.  He’s had a few big busts recently, taking down Triad and Mob drug labs.
4 – Straight shooter when working with runners.  He’s not over using shadow assets to get the info he needs to make a bust.  One of the good cops to work for.

Threshold – 2, 1 with a Corporate Contact
0 – Kondo-what?
1 – A shipping AA Corp out of South America… Ecuador, I think.
2 – The local Seattle branch has seen a lot of activity lately.  They just bought a large chunk of land in First Nation turf… what were they thinking?
3 – Their main office is in Ecuador, but their President works out of Caracas and Bogota.  They have offices in Asia and North America, but everything flows through the Amazon Basin.
4 – The President Jaime Salizar has a questionable past and some people put him in the pocket of the local Cartels.

First Nations
Threshold – 3, 2 with a Gang Contact
0 – I think they’re called the NAN now, not the First Nations…
1 – A gang that calls the waterfront of Everett their turf.  Even though they are an exclusive Native American gang, they have an alliance with the Yaks, I think…
2 – They recently had a corp move in on their turf.  It may not be long before they finally get forced out of there.
3 – While they were once allied with the Yaks, that fell through and they’re looking for new business partners.  They might have found it in some troll by the name of Kaz Yakamura.

Kaz Yakamura
Threshold – 3, 2 with an Underworld Contact
0 – Is he a kung fu action star?
1 – He is a troll who used to have ties with the Shotozumi-rengo.  Secretly, of course, given that he’s a troll
2 – Kaz is an up-and-comer within the Komungo Seoulpa Ring.  Rumour has it that he’s half Korean and half Japanese.
3 – Kaz is cutting deals with someone outside of the Ring.  The bosses seem to be aware of it, but so long as they make money on his dealings, they’re fine with it.

Handout – KSAF Article:

Lone Star Seeks Answers in Bizarre Double Homicide

Downtown Seattle

Lone Star officials are asking the citizens of Seattle to provide any information they might have into a bizarre double murder that occurred late last night.  At least one suspect, possibly two, is at large and Lone Star is hoping that eye-witness testimony will be the lead that breaks the case.

At approximately 2:30AM last night, an off-duty Knight Errant officer, Don Westmore, was driving past the skyscraper construction site at the corner of 8th and Greene when a dormant crane sprang to life and dropped a heavy I-beam from the building onto the vehicle Officer Westmore was driving, crushing the passenger compartment and killing him instantly.  Shortly thereafter, an unseen sniper fired a single round into the cab of the crane, killing the operator.

Inside sources have stated that the original suspect, the crane operator, is a man named Jin Tan, a known criminal tied to the Komungo Crime Ring.  Convicted of racketeering eight years ago, he was released from prison on probation and has been working for Alliance Security Forces as part of his probation term.  Alliance was the security company licensed to protect the construction company’s work sites, but he was not slated to work the Greene Tower location.

He was not a licensed crane operator.

In the carnage that followed the destruction of Officer Westmore’s vehicle and the traffic snarl that followed, someone managed to gain access to the trunk of the officer’s car and remove something from the vehicle before Lone Star operatives arrived.  It is unclear whether the thief and the shooter are the same suspect, or whether it was a coordinated effort by a group.

Local security cameras that might have witnessed the theft had been tampered with or were non-functional at the time of the murder.  Alliance Security has apologized for the incident, citing that Mr. Tan managed to disable the monitoring system they had placed on him to track his movements a mere two hours before the killing.  Bosch Construction is planning to press charges on Alliance for negligence of the on-site staff, allowing an unregistered staff member access to the building site.

Knight Errant does not know what Officer Westmore was carrying in his trunk, stating that he was on a special assignment for the Drug Enforcement and Street Crimes Division and that he had reportedly uncovered something important.  What he discovered has been lost with the officer, however.  Knight Errant plans to continue the investigation.

If you have any information about the homicide or theft, please call the Seattle branch of Lone Star at 2342-496-1913.  The public funeral for Don Westmore will happen in two days at 4PM at the Blessed Virgin Church on Mayfair St. in the Eastern district of the Downtown core.

>> Anyone got any intel on what Mr’ J’s after?
>> Mole

>> Word has it that Johnson’s a cop.  Tread carefully, my friends.
>> Fade

>> The guy’s a Drug Enforcement cop.  Looking for some new street drug, by the sound of it.  He was asking about something called ‘flipside’ in my neck of the woods.
>> TunnelRat

>> Heard something about that stuff.  Supposed to be a really good high.  If anyone can score any, snag me some, would ya?
>> Skorch

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