Back in the Saddle

The runners are contacted by an old friend (or new fast friend depending on the case).  After years underground, their old fixer, Zeyda re-emerges in the shadows of Seattle and contacts the team, asking them to meet him at the old Club Penumbra for 8PM.

The old man they knew is now a younger version of himself, smiling genuinely as he sees old colleagues for the first time in years.  He’ll make small talk with old friends until the entire team arrives.  Once everyone is together, he will get started.

If the runners ask him where he went he will play that particular card close to the vest.  He will tell him that he had spent some time in New York, Tel Aviv and New Orleans, but won’t provide definite timelines.  He will also admit to undergoing Leonization to reverse the aging process.

“I’d love to spend our reunion chatting with all of you, but there is another reason I’ve called all of you here.  For those here that have been doing this for a while, downtime or not, when I was one of the big players in Seattle, I had numerous datastores stashed throughout the plex.  Most of them were destroyed with the Crash but a few were given to trusted colleagues for safekeeping.  One of those colleagues of mine, Pei, was a fixer in Seattle who ran in the city post-Crash.  Jobs got hard without the Matrix, both in the corporate sector and the shadows, but he did all right.  The only problem was that he wasn’t prepared for the wireless Matrix when it came online and his operation was quickly exposed.  He went to ground and ran covertly for a good number of years, but eventually his corporate enemies came looking for him and killed him.  I thought he had successfully disposed of his assets, but he missed a few.

“I’ve successfully retrieved most of the intelligence, but one of the servers, one of the more crucial ones, was missing until recently.  I tracked it down to an old warehouse on the South side of Renton.  The downside is that the warehouse is no longer abandoned, like when my associate used it as a safehouse.  The servers are underground in a sealed vault under the building.  The owners haven’t tracked it down yet, because if they had, we’d be in a world of trouble, as it has a list of jobs completed for clients and who completed those runs.  Both my clients and my runners could be exposed if that information were to leak out.  The fact that information is still out there disappoints me.  If my friend were alive, I might have to kill him myself.  That aside, I need you to get into the warehouse, access the vault and get those servers.  If you can salvage the data and upload it into my network that would be an asset, however, your primary goal is the destruction of the servers.  That information cannot fall into corporate hands.  I’m prepared to offer each of you 10,000¥, with a bonus if you can salvage the data.

The runners can negotiate, but Zeyda’s resources are limited, as he is just starting back up.  Hopefully, the runners will take the offer as it stands, as there is incriminating evidence about them (if they’re older runners) on the servers as well.

If the runners ask who owns the warehouse, he tells them a subsidiary of Renraku owns the warehouse and has retrofitted the warehouse for manufacturing electronics.  He also states that the vault and servers are pre-Crash hardware (aka not wirelessly-enabled), so to be prepared for dealing with old hardware.

Zeyda’s intel is accurate.  The warehouse has a new-looking chain link fence surrounding it, topped with concertina wire.  Guards patrol the grounds frequently, though the property is relatively small.  The outer walls have been reinforced to reverse aging on the building.  Being an old building the external ARO for the building is non-existent with minimal signals escaping the building.

Manufacturing Center

Renraku-Owned Manufacturing Building

Offices – These are typically cramped affairs with a simple faux wood desk, filing cabinet, bookcase, a couple extra chairs and corporate sanctioned wall art.

Work Room – A small room with a central table and integrated commlinks.  Workers can integrate their notes with the work of others in these tiny rooms.

Servery – The cafeteria is little more than a dispensary, lined with vending machines.  There is a small kitchen here that serves up whatever is cheap and plentiful, but otherwise the vending machines here will provide everything from hot soykaf, to stuffers.

Training Room – This room has been retrofitted since its original design to serve as the security office for the complex, just as the nearby Media Room has become the server room for the internal security grid.

Library – All the manifests and scheduled deliveries / shipments are recorded in here in both digital and printed format.  If it is not here in duplicate, it is likely a forgery.

Data Room – Servers that hold the office information.  Each user has their own folder of information on their activities.

New River Room – This is a lecture hall for large meetings, though it can be sectioned off if several smaller venues are needed.  Holographic projection equipment dots the room with large numbers of chairs and collapsed tables stacked off to the side.

Suites – The suites are extra large offices for managers of self-contained projects.  There are adjoined offices for the manager’s team members.

Light Manufacturing – Small rooms where the finer stuff is handled.  This is simple work that doesn’t require a lot of precision, so the work done in these rooms are done by human hands.

Mechanical – All the extra pieces for maintaining the equipment are stored in this space, as are the tool necessary to install them.

Industrial – These rooms are vastly unmanned, save for the people who monitor the robotics to ensure everything is working according to plan.  Conveyor belts move items from one station to the next until loaded onto skids to be moved to the Loading Dock.  The left-most of the large Industrial room is where the server is buried.

Incub. Mgmt – A Security Checkpoint has replaced the room’s former purpose.  The adjoining room has a magical circle for the in house mages to handle their summoning.  The neighbouring Conference room is a security meeting room, which requires a security passcard to access from the outside.

The vault is in the middle of the manufacturing floor, underneath a conveyor belt, so access will be tricky.  The vault has only one way in and no light source of its own.  The servers are powered down but will start up if prompted.  The cases are armored, so shooting the towers might not be effective without opening up the cases first.  The data on the servers is abundant.  Not only does it have Zeyda’s information, but lots of Pei’s data as well.  Since the interior of the warehouse is shielded from the outside, the data cannot be wirelessly transmitted out, so it will be up to the runners to figure out how they will get the data out of the warehouse.

>> Zeyda!  Holy shit, you’re back!  I’m surprised to see you return.
>> Wraith

>> What can I say?  Can’t keep a good fixer down.
>> Zeyda

>> So…why did you come back?
>> Wraith

>> Some people just can’t handle retirement, ya know.  There’s only so much golf you can play before you long for the good ol’ days.
>> Zeyda

>> So, why did you really come back?
>> Revenge

>> Huh… you know, there isn’t much money in retirement, either.  What I thought would be enough turned out to not be enough.  So here I am.
>> Zeyda

>> Interesting… who do you owe?
>> Fade

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