Cannonball Shadowrun Part 5 – Dubai

After the last job, the time has come for things to get messy.  The teams are whisked across Northern Africa into the Middle East, to the thriving business hub of Dubai.  The runners are put up in an underwater hotel, where McDermitt has got the runners carte blanche access within those walls (they can carry their guns freely inside the buildings upper floors).

After settling in and having an opportunity to enjoy the obscene luxury at hand, the runners are summoned into a suite of the hotel.  Inside the room, is a large trideo screen and enough chairs to house the team.  McDermitt’s image appears on the screen and he smiles.

“I hope everyone is enjoying their accommodations.  Some of you will have a chance to enjoy them after the run is over.  This message is being broadcast to all teams simultaneously, to give everyone equal footing.  This job will test your cunning and stamina.  There are times when there is insufficient time to plan a job properly.  This is one of those jobs.”

“In the nearby Dusit Dubai Hotel, there are three men staying there:  Hazim Jyrras, Ibn Akbar and Sayid Herrah.  All three men must be killed today.  There are six teams, including your own, competing for these bounties.  You have one hour from the end of this message to conduct all the assassinations.  Only the targets and competing teams are viable targets.  No civilian casualties are allowed and collateral damage to property is to be minimized.  If law enforcement is to be subdued, use non-lethal means.  If you are going to eliminate another runner team, it must be within the Dusit Dubai’s walls.  Good luck.”

The Dusit Dubai is a 36 storey, five-star hotel.  While it is in the financial heart of the Arabian Caliphate, the hotel offers visitors a Thai flavour to their accommodations.  There are 321 rooms, with 35 Deluxe King, 35 Queen and 35 Twin sized bedrooms, 10 Dusit Club King, 10 Queen and 10 Twin sized bedrooms, 38 Dusit Grand Rooms, 84 One-Bedroom Suites, 63 Two-Bedroom Suites and one Presidential Suite.  The top floor features spectacular views overlooking traditional and modern Dubai, Dusit Dubai offers all its guests free use of the fitness centre, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

All rooms feature soundproofing and numerous privacy improvements, including encryption on all room frequencies, courtesy safes for valuables and bulletproof glass adorning the outer windows.  All rooms can be warded on request and the in-house magicians are on call for any magical concerns.  All Matrix traffic is monitored for anything out of the ordinary.

The targets:

Hazim Jyrras

Hazim is a man with some clout in the ICCB (Islamic Corporate Coordination Board); a position that makes him pretty unpopular with those outside the Middle East, as it is his job to try and ensure non-Islamic corporations don’t gain too strong a foothold in the oil basin region of Arabia.  Saeder-Krupp doesn’t particularly care for him, as he has hampered their expansion on numerous occasions.  As a result of numerous attempts on his life in the past, he keeps a group of trained soldiers with him at all times.

Hazim and his entourage are staying on the 33rd floor, in one of the Dusit Grand Rooms.

Ibn Akbar

Ibn Akbar is a shrewd businessman, working for Xenel-Oman.  He is meeting with corporate big wigs from their Sudanese and Nigerian offices, while teleconferencing with those in India.  He helps run the newest investment banking branch in Dubai, which recently toppled an attempt to be bought out by Horizon.  He is fluent in many languages, yet possesses few social graces.  He is almost always in the company of others.

During the day the runners break in, Ibn is in a teleconference room on the 19th floor, arguing with a room full of coworkers.

Sayid Herrah

Sayid is actually not a visitor, but a member of the Dusit’s staff.  He is a member of the cleaning staff and a half-decent hacker.  Entirely self-taught, his Matrix chops have gone under the radar of his current employer.  He makes a decent wage working at the Dusit, but pads his wallet by running an Arabic Matrix site that airs all sorts of dirty laundry about the corporate big wigs in Dubai (he goes through their stuff to find any juicy gossip).  Many tabloids get their intel from Dubai from Sayid, who uses the pseudonym “Sandman” on the Matrix.

Sayid is cleaning the assorted rooms on the 7th floor when the runners go in.

>> I’ve heard of tight time lines, but this is ridiculous.  There is zero planning here.  Just run in and start shooting.
>> Inquisitor

>> It’s a little smarter than that.  You have to be fast, but if you just charge in with guns blazing, the cops are going to kill you.  Some discretion would be advised, tight time or not.
>> Wraith

>> It’s not the cops you need to worry about.  The other runners may not have the same desire for discretion you do and your cover could be blown by their careless actions as well.  Watch yourself.
>> Scorpion

~ by 1nsomniac on June 9, 2010.

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