Cannonball Shadowrun Part 4 – Cape Town, Azania

Flown to the southernmost nation of Africa of Azania, the runner haven of Cape Town awaits the runner’s arrival.  The oppressive heat is only slightly improved from their time in the desert, but the breeze off the ocean helps negate some of the effects (if you ignore the grey haze).

Setting up shop in the clean-looking Mouille Point district, the runners overlook he nouveau-riche neighbourhoods set up by retired crimelords, pirates and prime runners in what would likely be called a four-star hotel in most places in the world.  Due to the neighbours, however, the hotel is a “hidden jewel of Azania”.

With the grey stain of the Waterfront visible in the distance, Devon meets the runners on the roof of the hotel, enjoying a cold beverage beside the rooftop pool.

“Good afternoon!  Welcome to Cape Town.  While nowhere near as clean as our previous venues, you’ll find that Azania has opportunities to be dug up in amongst the tribal warfare and under the dragon Mujaji’s watchful gaze.  You are up here alone today because your task differs from those of other teams in the competition.  We have received conflicting goals from our sponsors; therefore, you have conflicting tasks.  Since your team is currently leading the competition, you will get the harder task.”

“Walter Morgan is employed with DeBeers Omnitech.  He has an important meeting he must make it to, but he knows that there are many out there who want him out of the way.  Therefore, you are to be Mr. Morgan’s bodyguards.  You must keep him and his parcel safe from harm until he completes his work and is returned safely to his home within DeBeers.  Two other runner teams will be working against you, as well as any of the locals who would rather not see him complete his business.  Consider anyone hostile to Mr. Morgan expendable.  You get a half hour head start on your runner opposition.  Good luck.”

What McDermitt doesn’t tell the team is that their opposition is given precise information on where Morgan is going, so even with the head start, the runners will see battle swiftly.  They also aren’t told that Morgan doesn’t have the package yet, and will have to oversee that transaction as well.

The bulk of the runner’s head start will be consumed by the drive to the DeBeers complex in the outskirts of the downtown core.  At the front gate, the runners can either wait, or they can tell the guard that they are there to pick up Walter Morgan.  A quick call to Morgan will confirm the story and they will be allowed to roll up to the residential building.

Walter Morgan is a corporate suit to a fault.  Despite the oppressive 30+ degree heat, he is in a full suit.  His physique is slightly pudgy and his hairline is receding.  He may be wearing sunglasses, but the top of his head is slightly burned from the sun and beads of sweat roll freely from his brow.  He will climb into whatever vehicle the runners decide to pick him up in and tell them that he needs to get his parcel from a “trusted contact”.  The runners may be upset that he doesn’t already have it, but he explains that, due to the nature of what he was carrying, he couldn’t be caught with it on company grounds.  He directs the runners to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in the city’s center for the meet.

The Gardens are a sprawling park estate, dotted with biodomes, where plant life that was once abundant in the area, is being cultured and cared for.  While domes and concrete planters dot the area, it is for the most part, vastly open.  Vehicles are prohibited from the grounds, since the gardens were built to help combat the smog and pollution of the city.  The park is well cared for and is always quite busy with people.  Following the path into the park interior, Walter heads for a small copse of trees in the park’s center, where a black man covered in neo-tribal glo-tats waits with a briefcase.  Walter shakes the man’s hands for a prolonged period (exchanging touchlink information) before the African hands over the briefcase.

The trusted contact isn’t so trustworthy.  There is an AOD homing signal in the case, which he plans on selling the frequency of to the highest bidder.

As the transaction completes, the first runner team begins their attack.  The team’s Shinto magician summons up a Great Form Plant spirit (Force 4 spirit, with 3 successes on the Invoking Test (+1 Reach when materialized, +3 to resist banishing, treated like a Force 7 spirit, Movement and Accident Powers awarded) and has it attack the runners (from the astral plane, unless it’s being assaulted there, in which case it manifests and tries to cripple the mage using physical attacks.  Using its powers to impede the team, the spirit tries to hurt the runners, while the rest of the team attacks from a distance.  The runners will have to seek shelter and deal with the spirit before taking out the other runner team.  People will be frantically trying to escape when gunfire erupts and the police will arrive in short order.  The police are actually on the runner’s side if the gunfight is still going, but will use them for a scapegoat after the battle ends if they didn’t witness the exchange.

Provided the team can keep the Johnson and his cargo safe, they will likely try and flee and head for the rendezvous point (there may be a car chase here, if the team didn’t kill all the runners first).  The meet location is on the Waterfront.  Something at this point should seem amiss, since a suit has no business in the dive portions of the harbour district.  The meet area is a seedy wharf bar called the “Acid Rain Bar”.  As the runners go to disembark, they are set upon by local thugs.  Compared to the battle they were just in, these guys should be relatively simple.  They should be plentiful, but not resilient or courageous.

After fending off the thugs, Morgan goes into the bar.  Inside are underbosses belonging to Njombo, one of the more powerful crime lords in the city.  Morgan and the underbosses begin talking in tribal dialect (if the runner have the language by some weird fluke, they are speaking in Zulu).  Morgan is settling a rather severe gambling debt by handing over some valuable DeBeers diamonds.  When the underboss opens the briefcase, he smiles broadly and motions for one of his minions to inspect the diamonds.  After ensuring that the diamonds are real (they are synthetically created, but are diamonds), they conclude their business and Morgan quickly makes his exit.  He relaxes considerably once he gets back into the vehicle.

The second runner team has set up a watcher spirit to follow the vehicle and once they get close enough to the DeBeers compound (between the Gardens and DeBeers), they fall in behind the runners and chase them.  They try to put an end to the runners with a rocket.  It is a single shot launcher, but it should make the runners sweat a little.  After the rocket attack, if the vehicle is still moving, the other team attacks with machine gun fire to try and either kill the driver or stop the car.  If the car stops (by choice or by crash), the runners bunker in behind their own vehicle and make sure everyone in the vehicle is dead.

If the runners fend off the other runner team, they can deliver Morgan back to DeBeers and return to the hotel.

>> Ah, Cape Town…great town.  It’s a shame I’m no longer welcome there.
>> Sparrow

>> Dare I ask?
>> Trieste

>> A few people would like to speak to me about some missing diamonds.  Nothing major.
>> Sparrow

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