Cannonball Shadowrun Part 2 – Spain

After having all their gear and themselves relocated from the United Kingdom in a variety of ways, the teams are all gathered together in a sprawling ranchero on the outskirts of Madrid. Once doing a head count, they realize that one team didn’t make it out of the UK (if the team framed one of their competitors for the happenings in England, have it be that team). The team is given a day to rest up, conduct any business in the city locally and mentally prepare for the tasks ahead.

After a day of rest, the team is called into the sunny quad at the heart of the ranch, along with two other teams (a Confederate team and a team from the Middle East).

“Welcome to beautiful Spain,” McDermitt says, sweeping his arms toward the grandeur around them. “I have evaluated how well each team has performed thus far. Our team from Seattle has a slight lead out of this group present. Therefore, I give you the choice of job out of the ones I have allocated for this trio. I will tell you your target and you may select one. Then I will give you the finer details in private. Each job has a certain value. You will not be told your job’s worth in the standings. Here are your choices:

Saeder-Krupp in Santiago, Banco Español in Seville, or Sol Media in Barcelona. Please, choose which job you’d like to do.

Saeder-Krupp has set up on one of the islands in what remains of Santiago. Apparently, something of great worth to the dragon, sank with the city and there has been a lot of underwater excavation recently. Find the data vault in Santiago and steal the research data.

Someone of “interest” has stored an item of worth in a safety deposit box in Banco Español’s Seville branch. This is an old fashioned bank heist.

Sol Media has some footage McDermitt wants. An intrepid reporter went out of his way to get some questionable footage of a local politician for a breaking story. However, the story was shelved, due to the fact that said politician was a strong financial backer of the media company. The team is to break into Sol Media and steal the archived footage.


The once large city of Santiago sank beneath the waves years ago and has since become somewhat of a smuggler’s haven. That didn’t stop Lofwyr from setting up shop and starting a massive excavation project in the heart of the old city. Due to the high criminal element, SK soldiers are more heavily armed than usual. Due to the nature of what they’re excavating, there is also a powerful magic element present.

Early recon of the facility will be close to impossible, since they are a ways out into the ocean (there are no passers-by) and anyone nearing the compound will be chased, detained and questioned (if not shot on sight). The entire area has a background count of 2, thanks to the fading aura of the disaster that destroyed the city 52 years before and the strange obelisks that ring the former city. The background count may spike if a lot of magic is employed.

The Saeder-Krupp presence is housed mainly of ships. The boats are all fairly heavily armored, save for the interceptors, which are build for speed. Most troops are armed with assault rifles and advanced ammo. The island where SK keeps there data vault is about half a block, littered in ruined buildings. The soldiers here are equipped with long-range rifles and a few anti-vehicular rockets. Once to the island the runners will need to creep through the ruins to find the vault (an intact room with new maglocks and commlink dampeners…they’ll know it when they find it), break in and steal all the data (there’s a lot, so they’ll have to create a way to get access to an outside node, or steal the drives).

On top of the corp’s presence, there are also the smugglers, who may want a piece of what the runners have stolen, since they’ve been inconvenienced by SK for a while now.


The Banco Español is in the heart of Seville, surrounded in the other buildings of the city center. The area is the nerve center of the city and is always fairly busy (less so in the wee hours of the morning).

The bank’s grid is totally isolated from the outside, so a hacker cannot gain entry from the outside (save for the public website for the bank). The external cameras are hard-wired into the internal security (hacker could tap these), which will make intrusion tricky, since no blind spot can be created by hacking in.

The safety deposit box the runners are after (number V237D) is in the main vault, which the runners will likely have to hack the vault door to gain entry. Security is pretty heavy on the technological side and there are a handful of security guards on site as well. The first response of security is to report any suspicious activity immediately and then respond. Security is permitted to surrender, so long as the alarm has been raised.

The runners need to get the contents (a briefcase and a tube containing documents) and get back to the compound without bringing down the cops.


Sol Media is a small up-and-coming media firm, centered in Barcelona. While it lacks the staying power that companies like Horizon possess, the hometown feel of the newscast has earned the company quite a substantial local following. So, there have been numerous articles that have been stifled by the administrators of Sol Media that have been considered too controversial to air, in order to preserve their image (and their backing).

The team has to go to the Sol Media building, break in and find archived footage of a particular politician (a friend of Vasquez, the local Mafia kingpin), Jose Riaz. The problem the runners face is that Sol is owned (indirectly) by Aztechnology and has more security than they might expect. All the footage is archived in their storage lockers by serial number, so the runners will need the serial number to get the right footage. They can lean on the journalist that got the photos, but he didn’t serialize the report, his manager did. The manager lives in a secure condominium complex on the Mediterranean coast.

The footage lockers are in the basement of the six story Sol Media building.

The order of net worth of the jobs are SK, Bank, Sol.

>> My neck of the woods, huh?  If you need equipment while in town, talk to my friend Manuel Cardoza in Madrid.  He’s fairly well connected, if you don’t mind working with criminals with large friends in Italy, if you catch my drift.
>> El Matador

>> Somehow I don’t see people having time to shop…
>> Gringo

>> If you do end up in Santiago, keep in mind that anything you unearth up there is worth serious cred.  There are major risks, naturally, but if you need a float to get you to the podium at the end of this thing, it’s something to consider.
>> Crescendo

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