The Cannonball Shadowrun Part 1 – London, UK

This campaign idea was borrowed from another site years and years ago and I have recycled it over the years.  Based on the Cannonball Run premise, this is a shadowrunner tournament of sorts that spans the globe in a series of events that span one month of game time.  The notes that follow are a guideline only.  As a GM, feel free to take the runners to other locales than the ones I’ve chosen, or use different missions.  So without further ado, here is the first of ten pieces of the campaign.

Chapter 1 – London

The runners are contacted by, of all methods, mail. They receive an envelope with an invitation to a runner competition of sorts. They are told to be as prepared as they can be for when they arrive, but the rewards would be well worth the effort. Included in the envelope is a one-way ticket to London, England.

Upon arriving in Heathrow, they are met by a chauffeur driving a Phaeton limousine and offers to drive the runners to the grounds, where the tournament will be starting. The walled grounds are pristine, a sign of the wealth of the old British nobility. The runners are led inside when they arrive. Despite the appearances of the outside, the inside is awash in the latest technology, with AR screens showing scenes from around the world and runners of all types have gathered in the ballroom. Runner teams from all over the world are conversing with one another, talking about the biz in their corner of the shadows.

Once the runners are in and settled, a man steps up onto a raised stage. His salt and pepper hair and pressed suit show that he can dress the part of a benefactor and his thick British accent reveals his heritage. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Devon McDermitt. The reason you’ve all been invited here, is to participate in a tournament to see which of the teams here will become the latest of the prime runners. Many of you will walk out of this tournament with nothing to show for it but scars, but some will reap the rewards of doing successful runs all over the globe and one team, who will win the tournament, will also receive a quarter million nuyen apiece as the grand prize. Fixers the world over will be watching the outcome of this tournament and paying close attention to who fares well, as well as how they conduct themselves in this event.

“If you feel that participation in this tournament is something your team would be interested in, register your team via commlink. If you are not interested, talk to one of my associates and they will arrange a return ticket home, at no cost to you.”

Assuming the runners wish to proceed, Devon will lay out some ground work. “Here are some rules for you to abide by during the tournament. There is no violence on the grounds or against my staff. If you attack anyone on my property, you will be dealt with and if you survive, you will be expelled from the tournament. There are areas on the property that are off-limits. Going to any of those areas is also worthy of expulsion. Serious infractions will result in the divulging of personal information to the authorities in your home city. After each job, medical aid can be provided if needed, including practices catering to magic users. Food and lodging will be provided. Leaving the grounds outside of allowed periods is not permitted. If you have any particular questions, you may ask my employees for any clarifications. I will provide you all three hours to try and procure any additional equipment you may need for the tournament. Good luck.”

The runners may quickly realize they don’t have a lot of cash for gear. The employees of the establishment will tell them that they can “earn” gear from McDermitt for performing well in the tourney. For now, they will need to find a local contact and acquire some weapons (if they didn’t bring them with them).

The First Run – NeoNET’s Ingredients

Once the team is suited up and ready to go, all the teams in McDermitt’s manor are given their own space in the house. The team doesn’t have to wait long before they are summoned into the ball room at 8:30 the next morning with two other teams (a band of Sioux Natives and a local British team).

“Welcome to the two teams from across the Atlantic. I hope what little you will see of our little country will be pleasant. Your first job as part of this tournament is a straightforward one.

“One of the main branches of Neo-NET is the old Transys NueroNet building in Cardiff. They manufacture commlinks in mass quantities for sale worldwide. You are to intercept the supplies on the way to the Cardiff building and destroy them, to ensure Neo-NET never receives them. There are four trucks hauling supplies from four locations. There are three teams competing for those same trucks. The team that causes the greatest hindrance to the corporation will be considered the winner of this event.

“The rules for this event are: document the outcome of your kill. I want proof that it was your team that delivered the killing blow to a truck. Also, while you may hinder a rival team, there are to be no inter-team fatalities. You will lose points for killing another runner. I will provide you with the transponder frequencies for all four trucks. I will leave it to you to decide which ones to target. You have between when you leave the compound until the time that the last truck would have delivered its goods to complete the job. Good luck.”

GM’s have the option… let the first hit go off without a hitch, but the second one has all three teams after it (maybe even have one of the investigated shipping routes already done by the other team). Or, they compete with one team for the first job and the second team for the last job. After destroying two trucks, they can return, since the other teams will not have remained idle.

Here are the routes taken by the trucks: (highway speed limit = 110kph, in town limits = 50kph)

10:30AM out of London

London M4
M4 Cardiff
Trip Time = 2 hours

9:30AM out of Plymouth

Plymouth A38
A38 M5 (passed Exeter)
M5 M4
M4 Cardiff
Trip Time = 3 hours

10:00 AM out of Norwich

Norwich A47 (passed Peterborough)
A47 A1 South
A1 A14 / M6
M6 M5 (passed Birmingham)
M5 M4
M4 Cardiff
Trip Time = 5 hours

11:15 AM out of Leeds

Leeds M62
M62 M6 South
M6 M5 (passed Birmingham)
M5 M4
M4 Cardiff
Trip Time = 4.5 hours

The truck out of Norwich is automated, while the remainder has human drivers. Each is equipped with a PanicButton that alerts the local police, in the case the vehicle runs into problems. The likely outcome of the NPC teams will be either waiting in London for the first truck, or heading out to Plymouth to catch the earliest shipment. The Norwich and Leeds trucks will likely be last. When one of the trucks is waylayed, the others will be put on alert and if enough time elapses between the first and second jobs, the trucks may have small escorts (a group of Neo-NET goons and a spirit escort). This coupled with the other team competing for the trucks should make for a (hopefully) challenging task.

>> A tournament for shadowrunners?  Now I’ve heard everything…
>> Blitz

>> Have you seen the purse for the winners?  Weird or not, if you got an invitation, would you say no?
>> Burn

>> How can this even fly?  Surely the corps would catch wind of this and shut it down.  That many runners on the move would terrify them.
>> Wraith

>> What makes you think the corps aren’t sponsoring these runs?  The organizers have to fund this thing somehow and if the corps were in on it, what are the odds that all that money will ever be paid out to any of us?
>> Conspir-I-See

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