I Suck…

I haven’t uploaded anything in ages and it’s not like I’ve stopped gaming or anything.  I was so hung up on being laid off and so forth that I just kinda did nothing for a few months.  Felt good for a while and then, by the time I got bored, it was habit.

Now I’m back to work and more pressed for time than ever.  I still plan on uploading some of the stuff I have sitting around here, since I’m watching the notes kinda pile up.  I’ve been running games online in play-by-post sites as well, which is a total time sink.

So, for any who check here semi-regularly to see if I’ve gotten off my ass, I apologize.  I will hopefully have new material for you soon enough.

~ by 1nsomniac on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “I Suck…”

  1. yep you suck. 😀 kidding.
    Seems like I am one of your fans, and I WONT LET YOU DROP.
    I checked here not semi regularly, I checked regularly ^^
    enjoyed all your previous stuff, all your writing btw.

    Its good to read that you are back to work, being pressed for time has advantages too, right? 😉

    Dont plan uploading, just do it ^^

    Appology accepted, just come on and upload some stuff, I would prefer to see a short story or 2 ^^

    Thanks, and welcome back

    your fan

    ps.: You can do it, I believe in you!

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