A Legacy of Death

The team is recruited by a Mrs. Johnson to track down and return a coworker that has gone missing. The man is one Dr. Edward Manchester. Any runners that ran the “In the Wake of the Wicked” adventure will remember him as the Mr. Johnson for that particular run. She provides the runners with Dr. Manchester’s address, although if any runners have participated in the previous installment, they will remember the place. She offers them 50,000¥ for Edward’s safe return.

The basement, where they embarked on an astral quest before, is now bare. All the trappings of the ancestor shaman’s tools for summoning are missing. A journal can be found where Edward’s quests to study his family tree are chronicled. It is the last entries that are of the most interest (see below).

Dr. Manchester flew over to England a few days before to “attend a seminar” at the Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and has yet to return. His computer shows the flight booking. A check of the Queen Mary’s School Matrix node shows no seminars being held.

The runners will need to fly to England to find the errant doctor. The big news in the UK is a couple of gruesome murders in London’s east end, bearing a striking resemblance to an ancient series of cases (the Ripper Murders). All leads have come up empty.

When the runners arrive at Queen Mary’s, they find the building surrounded in police cars. There is no trace of any of the officers however, save for one sitting on the pavement, rocking and mumbling incoherently, seemingly unaware of anyone else.

The inside of the Institute is very cold and seemingly devoid of human presence. An eviscerated female police officer is slumped against the wall, butchered in the Ripper method. Be descriptive in describing the scene. (Jack slit their neck down to the spine and then tore a large gash in their abdomen. He removed their organs and positioned them around the corpse. He often mutilated the face and breasts, and occasionally removed the vaginal area with surgical precision). Above her body, smeared in blood is the phrase, “A gift from hell”

The building is in a full state of panic. The building is cold and dark inexplicably, as there seems to be nothing wrong with the power or the heating. George Chapman aka Jack “the Ripper” is inside his preferred host, his ancestor Edward Manchester in the upper floors of the hospital, conducting his twisted experiments on patients throughout the hospital. Using his hosts abilities, he managed to summon the ghosts of his previous victims and these five women haunt the building, trying to frighten those who enter away from the building, to protect them from Jack. He takes great pleasure in their continued torment and seems to feed from their fear.

Jack is now a free spirit, having broken the hold by his summoner and has the ability to possess others. He will not hesitate to leave Edward and possess others, but his life force is bound to his knife. If the knife is destroyed, if Jack is dispelled, he is dead forever.

His spirit is a Force 6 Free Spirit with 3 points of Spirit Energy.

Patients and police officers are throughout the building and many are scared or insane by the activities in the hospital. Victims of the Ripper are scattered throughout the building. To make things more interesting, the girl from the premiere Halloween run can make cameos while the team is inside the building. She is constantly looking for the runner that picked her up and carried her to her “father”, to see if he/she wants to play. She has Deathly Aura of a massive radius, but doesn’t seem to influence the runners. The walls are coated in a sheet of ice and the whole wing where she is found is vacant of life, although traces of it exist. She has not aged in the years since she was last seen.

Things that can be seen in the building:

  • blood running down the elevator doors. Top floor sees a nurse mutilated against the door.
  • Writing being scratched into the walls (one of the specters) by fingernails
  • Whispers in the hallway
  • Writing in blood smeared on the walls, usually single words, like “madness”, “death”, “hell”, “insanity”, etc
  • Corpse killed by the Ripper opens its eyes wide and whispers “Get Out!” (Ripper victim)
  • Insane policeman, who has already killed everyone else in his room for suspecting possession starts shooting the runners
  • Ghost attacks the runners. If astrally perceived, the ghost shrieks “Go back! He’ll kill you all. KillYou KillYou KillYou KillYou KillYou KillYou…”

Any number of creepy events can occur, according to GM choice. When the team finally finds Edward/Jack, he turns toward them and smiles pleasantly. His clothes are soaked in blood and he holds Jack’s knife in his hand. “Good day, gentlemen,” is what he says at first. “Is there something I can help you with?”
If the runners choose to chat with Jack, he seems very calm about his actions. If asked if he is Jack the Ripper, he shrugs. “I’ve gone by many names over the years…my name is Severin Antoniovich Klosowski. I am also known as George Chapman. I never was very fond of the name the press gave me… Jack the Ripper is such a crude name.”
Jack speaks eloquently in regards to any questions he asks. He admits that death was a very unique experience, but coming back to the world after so much had changed was such an invigorating experience. He learned that his murders were still remembered almost 200 years after they were done, he found it flattering and it inspired him to resume. He managed to break free of Edward’s spiritual hold and seize his former master. He then returned to his old stomping grounds in Whitechapel and resumed his experiments.

If asked why he does what he does, his simple answer is “Because I can. The human body is a fascinating thing and watching it die under my skilled hands is equally as fascinating.”

Whether the runners kill Edward, or try and drive Jack from his body, is greatly up to them. Jack will fight hard to not be driven out, but if driven out, his spirit quickly zips out in search of another host. If one of the runners has projected, he will take their body.

Jack “The Ripper” (Shadow Free Ancestor Spirit)
B: 11, Q: 9, S: 10, C: 6, I: 6, W: 6, Ess: 9, Reaction: 7
Initiative: 19 + 1D6, Astral Initiative: 29 + 1D6
Attack: 10M
Powers: Accident, Confusion, Divination, Guard, Materialization, Search Free Spirit Powers: Possession, Personal Domain (Whitechapel, England), Hidden Life (Knife)

Jack will make it very difficult for him to be destroyed, but should he be banished and his knife not destroyed, he will return and may even go out of his way to draw the runners back to England, so he can finish them off.

>> I knew that job was going to be bad karma…
>> Wraith

>> Care to fill us in?  What did this guy summon up?
>> Trench

>> A very bad person, who should have been left where he was.
>> Wraith

>> What, it’s not like he summoned up Adolf Hitler or Jack the Ripper, right?
>> Skeptik

>> No comment.
>> Wraith

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