Iberian Impasse

The runners are contacted through their usual channels for an impromptu meet at an abandoned warehouse in Renton. The Johnson is a fidgety Hispanic man with graying hair, who sits uncomfortably in a wooden chair at the head of an elliptical table. A single overhead lamp lights the table and the face of Mr. Johnson, as well as anyone who sits at the bargaining table. A runner with low-light vision and flare compensation can make out to shadowy forms lurking in the background of the warehouse.

He offers the team 100,000 Euros for the job and explains that the figure is non-negotiable.

He tells them that he owes some very powerful men either a large sum of money, or a series of important items. He’s hoping the team can retrieve the items, so he can avoid an expensive payout. However, the items are in Spain and he is unable to return to his home country. If the runners agree to do the job, he hands them four addresses: three addresses with the locations of the items and a fourth delivery address.

Mr. Johnson does not want the runners to actually find the goods, but his hands are tied. The powerful men he owes is the Alta Commissione, namely, Don Vasquez. Mr. Johnson is actually Enrique Caligari, one of the Don’s former Lieutenants. He learned that the Don had acquired some particularly nasty items and was seriously considering their use against upstart competitors in order to “send a statement”. With the new division as to who should take the crown of Spain, he now fears the Don will employ their use on Prince Alfonso.

The three items are:
A black, lead-lined box. They are strictly ordered not to open the box. The runners won’t know that the box is lined with lead (unless they disobey the instructions). The outside of the box is plain and black steel. It has a radioactive isotope inside, enough to make a low yield nuclear weapon. The box has an attached Geiger counter. Should the box get pierced or damaged, the counter should start reading higher levels of radiation (the rad count is low enough to not be overly hazardous to the runners). The box is stored at the Gijon safehouse.

A refrigerated crate. The temperature has caused the outer metal of the metal to frost over. Exposed skin that contacts the frozen metal may stick to the metal and cause the skin to rip off. The silver crate is marked in Arabic (it reads “Warning: Viral agents within”) and is stamped with a large biohazard symbol. If the crate should be shot, the runners should worry about whatever is inside leaking out and infecting them… the refrigerated crate is kept in Madrid.

An olive drab latched crate. The crate is faded, but upon study of the markings, the box is labeled in Cyrillic (Ukranian, to be specific and it reads “Property of the Russian Army” with a long serial number). If the runners open the crate (which they are not supposed to) by cutting the heavy locks off, they find a small warhead and associated detonation system. This was buried outside Palma de Mallorca on the Balearic Islands.

Each location has its obstacles…


The only way to reach Gijon is by boat. The safest way into Gijon is either through the province of Galicia or the new nation of Euskal Herria. Once they find a ship captain willing to take them into the struggling city, they will find the locals looking haggard and unfriendly. If they manage to trade goods for info, they will learn that there is another mercenary team in town, looking for something as well. The mercs are Muslims and the townsfolk are not happy to have them present, but they don’t dare anger troops as well armed as the mercs. The Asturias Forest is easily visible, looming over the cities outer limits. Smoke rises up from the city’s borders, as the gangs desperately try to keep their turf from being assimilated by the Awakened wood. The address provided by Mr. Johnson/Caligari is a short apartment building that, at one time had been a very nice place. Now it appears run down and derelict. The forest looms just outside the building, making its slow creep into Gijon. As the runners enter the building and make their way up to the third floor, the Arabic mercs storm the building and pursue the runners. At the same time, the forest makes a lunge for the apartment complex. The team will have to fend off well armed mercenaries, as well as hostile plant life that will break through walls and windows to try and envelop both teams. The runners will find the radioactive box in a ventilation duct. The building starts to come down around the team, eventually being pulled into the rapidly advancing treeline.


The capital of Spain is a polluted and crowded mess. The city was built to house three million people, but it houses eight million. The address given to the runners by Mr. Johnson turns out to be a small butcher shop in one of the suburbios in the third ring of the city. Hidden under a hidden tile crawl space in the large freezer is the refrigerated crate. As they plunder the butcher shop, Muslim mercenaries pull up and riddle the small shop with bullets before charging in and claiming the crate for themselves. The police are notified of the gunfire and the runners will have to try and escape not only the mercenaries, but local law enforcement without damaging the crate.

Palma da Mallorca

There is no major airport on the Balearic Islands, so the runners will need to find a ship to take them there. There are a few small commercial ships, pirate vessels or even fishing ships they can charter for the right amount of money. The islands are rural, used for small fishing villages, farm lands and the occasional corporate retreat. The address provided to the runners, once they arrive at the islands leads them to a small executive cottage. The property is under the control of an exec when they arrive, so they will need to find a way onto the property in order to dig up the package. Once they have the package, the ship they sail back to the mainland on will be attacked by pirates, who are after what they possess. While the pirates trade fire with the runners, the ships will be attacked by a small pod of Kraken (a mother and two offspring). Once the aquatic creatures are subdued and the pirates bested, they can be dropped off anywhere on the Mediterranean coast.


The delivery address is in central Barcelona, a very ritzy place, heavily policed. They are delivering to one of Don Vasquez’s best men at a street side café. The crates will all be loaded into a delivery truck that will pull up shortly after the team’s arrival, while they dine with the Spanish underworld’s finest. Metahumans in the group will be treated like subhuman dogs by the Spanish and if the runners antagonize the locals too much, the police will be called in to make them disappear.

Upon their return to Seattle, the team will return to the meet location in Renton, to find the warehouse dark. The table is still set up, but finding a light switch and turning it on reveals a briefcase sitting on the table’s top, amongst a large pool of blood and spent shell casings. Inside the briefcase is the offered payment for the job. If the runners so desired, the blood could be used as a ritual link for the runners to find the body of Mr. Johnson (chopped up and separated in a slaughterhouse in Redmond).

>> The pay is an awfully large sum… but I ain’t from Spain.  Anyone fill me in on the risks here?
>> Blender

>> Well, the major centers are no better or worse than other major sprawls.  Follow your standard M.O. for not getting caught and you’ll be fine.
>> Hombre

>> Everything except Gijon.  That city is under siege by Mother Nature… read any of the local Spanish news rags and you’ll see what I mean.
>> Spinner

>> You can be rest assured that for that sum, there will be… outside factors involved.  It’ll be a matter of which ones you’re up against.
>> Dirty Sanchez

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