Aztec Aggression

The runners are hired out of Seattle but immediately flown down to Houston, Texas for the mission briefing. The team’s fixer can arrange smuggling for their gear, but each runner is limited to 10kg worth of kit.

Once in Houston, they meet a through-and-through Texan, large hat and accent included. He explains the gist of the mission: cross the Aztlan border and destroy a convoy bound for Austin. Once the convoy is destroyed, they are to head to Austin and assassinate key people in the Aztlan army to create confusion and make way for the Confederate army.

The pay for the run is 20,000¥ each, plus the Confederate army will supply them with any additional weapons or gear they require to complete the mission (within reason). Max Avail is 14, but the higher the availability of items they want, the fewer items they will receive.

The runners will have to cross the border somehow with all their equipment and stop the convoy. As the runners set out, it is just crossing the Aztlan-Texas border at Laredo on the I-35. Other settlements along their route are: Encinal, Cotulla, Dilley, Pearsall, Devine, San Antonio Metroplex, New Braunfels, and San Marcos. The runners can decide to ambush the convoy in either urban or rural terrain (the convoy uses the San Antonio bypass and won’t pass through the city itself to avoid traffic).

The convoy consists of several large trucks full of assorted items, from food and clothes to weapons. There are also two trucks of troops and an APC with the command staff inside, including an Aztec Leopard shaman.

Aztec Soldiers (roughly a dozen in the convoy)
B: 6, Q: 7, S: 5, C: 4, I: 4, W: 4, R: 5(7), Init: 5(7) + 1D6(3D6)
Skills: Car 4, Computer 4, Etiquette 4, Assault Rifle 5, Pistol 4, SMG 4, Stealth 4, Athletics 4, Small Unit Tactics 4, Aztec Policy 4, Texan Geography 4, Firearm Maintenance 4, Smuggling Routes 4, Guerilla Warfare 4
Cyberware: Cybereyes with Optical Mag 3, Flare Comp and Thermographic Sight, Smartlink-II, Wired Reflexes II, Muscle Toner II
Rated Professional, 3 Karma Pool

Aztec Leopard Shaman
B: 4, Q: 4, S: 4, C: 5, I: 5, W: 5, R: 4, Init: 4 + 1D6
Skills: Car 4, Computer 4, Sorcery 5, Conjuring 5, Pistol 4, Stealth 4, Athletics 4, Biotech 4, Aztec Policy 5, Texan Geography 5, Magic 5, Smuggling Routes 5, Guerilla Warfare 5
Domain: Forest and Savannah +2 dice for combat and health magic, +2 dice for summoning at night, -1 for resisting illusions
Spells: Manabolt 5, Detect Enemies 5, Heal 5, Powerbolt 5, Bullet Barrier 5, Control Actions 5 Metamagic = Masking
Rated Professional, 3 Karma Pool

Ruhrmetal Wolf II AFV Armoured Personnel Carrier
Hand: 3/5, Speed: 105, Accel: 8, Body: 6, Armour: 12, Sig: 2, Auto: 2, Pilot: – Sensor: -, Cargo: 9, Load: 900, Seating: 6, Entry: 1d + 1h + 1x, Fuel: D(800 L) Econ: 3 Km/l, S/B: -, L/T: -, Chass: APC (Wheeled)

Ares Citymaster
Hand: 5/11, Speed: 120, Accel: 3, Body: 5, Armour: 10, Sig: 1, Auto: 3, Pilot: – Sensor: 0, Cargo: 41, Load: 530, Seating: 2 + 5b, Entry: 2d + 1x, Fuel: D(250 L) Econ: 5.2 Km/l, S/B: -, L/T: -, Chass: Transport (Wheeled)

While the convoy is supposed to be totally destroyed, the Confederates will be happy if it is badly damaged and delayed. Of course, if the runners are unable to destroy the convoy, they may have trouble escaping the Aztec soldiers.

In Austin, the Aztecs have seized the main campus of St. Edward’s University, a Catholic university and converted it into their base of operations. Most anyone in Austin can tell the runners that particular piece of information, but if they’re able to find a native Texan, they are less likely to notify the authorities.

St. Edwards Campus

St. Edwards Campus

Note that, the coloured sections are parking lots… I grabbed the first map I found and for that I apologize. – JThere are many Aztec soldiers on the grounds (as many as the GM feel are required) and at least 20 senior officers. The GM can just decide whether an officer is in any given building. The runners can pick off any number of these and the Confederates will be happy. What the Confederates don’t know is that the highest ranking official is a blood mage, who won’t hesitate to use his twisted brand of magic to destroy the runners.

Aztec Blood Mage
B: 4, Q: 4, S: 4, C: 6, I: 5, W: 6, R: 5, Init: 5 + 1D6
Skills: Sorcery 6, Conjuring 6, Pistol 5, Stealth 5, Athletics 5, Biotech 5, Edged Weapons 5, Aztec Policy 5, Anatomy 5, Magic 5, Blood Rites 5, Radicals 5
Spells: Manabolt 6, Wreck (Gun) 5, Heal 5, Acid Stream 5, Spell Shield 5, Foreboding 5, Improved Reflexes (Lvl 3) 1
Metamagic = Masking, Sacrificing, Reflecting
Rated Professional, 3 Karma Pool

Blood Spirits
B: F+1, Q: F+2 (x3), S: F-2, C: F, I: F, W: F, R: F+1, Init: F+11+ 1D6, Astral Init: F+21+1D6
Damage = Str M
Powers: Engulf, Essence Drain, Fear, Guard, Materialization, Noxious Breath

The blood mage won’t be subdued easily and likely won’t give the runners the option to take him alive. If runners have had an easy time, he may commit suicide and summon a powerful blood spirit from his own death. At that point the blood spirit becomes uncontrolled and will aim to destroy the team or anyone nearby.

>> Why would I volunteer to go to a war front?
>> Red Man

>> Maybe to kick the ass of a few Azzies?  I know it is a huge incentive for me.
>> Revenge

>> Not all of us have a death wish, omae.
>> Tanner

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