Two For One

The team is contracted through their normal channels for a meet at The Gravity Bar for 4 PM. The bar and restaurant is fairly quiet, being in the middle of the afternoon. At a large table in the back corner of the bar is an ork with a finely tailored suit, patent leather shoes and several rings. He sits reclining in his chair, enjoying the music from the in house band, waiting for his “employees” to arrive.

Once everyone has arrived, he asks if anyone requires anything from the menu before they begin. The table is in a priority queue, so any orders that are made are delivered fairly promptly.

Leaning on the table the ork Johnson starts eating a large serving of steak and potatoes as he discusses the run.

“Alright… my employer is looking to exploit a great opportunity for our company at the expense of Renraku. We need you to steal two key items from two Renraku compounds. Luckily for you, those compounds are in close proximity to one another. Back in the days of Fuchi, there were two companies called Caplan Chemicals and Automated Robotic Services. They are separated by an alleyway that runs through the entire block. Both were bought by Fuchi and brought into their big, happy corporate family. When Fuchi collapsed, Renraku bought up Caplan and ARS, sweeping them into Najima Securities and Iris Firmware. So, know you have this massive compound that’s split in two by an alleyway that belongs to the UCAS, rather than Renraku. Chalk it up to a zoning snafu…”

The Johnson pauses for a drink before continuing.

“Regardless of history, both Najima and Iris have something we want. Being only a few meters apart, you could hit both compounds and grab everything in one shot. I’m willing to offer you (20,000 per runner)¥ for this, half in hard cred. Shall I continue?”

If the team professes their continued interest, he continues.

“Alright, from Najima… They have developed a new form of incapacitating pharmaceutical. Sort of a super Narcoject, that’s inhaled rather than injected. They store the stuff in large cylinders and is heavily compressed… one of these things can knock out an entire floor of a skyscraper. They have already made several of these canisters. We need one, possibly two of these. You’re welcome to the rest. As for Iris, they have a software package we want for ourselves. The package is called EmergencyResponse and is quite large… at least 1000Mp in size. We don’t know exactly what the software does, but the theories sound intriguing and we want to see what Renraku’s up to. In both cases, minimize body count and collateral damage, but we want both facilities to be unable to continue their research after you’ve liberated the goods. Overt sabotage is less preferred over subtle tampering. Any further questions?”

The Johnson will be up front about most details for any questions the team may have.

The Johnson works for the PPG, Yamatetsu in particular. The other half of the payment comes in the form of anything the PPG produces, which really leaves it open for the runners to acquire a difficult-to-obtain piece of gear through the web of the PPG. The drug Hikkakeru has the following stats:

Vector = Inhalation, Effect = Immediate,
Damage = 10D StunEmergencyResponse is a Semi-Autonomous Knowbot (SK) that is used for trapping invading systems and dealing damage to systems at the far end. It traps the system open like Black-IC and then activates a construct loaded with Grey-IC to deal out damage to both hacker and computer alike. The file is 1782Mp in size.

Compound Configuration

The joint compounds are split down the middle by an alleyway outside of Renraku jurisdiction. The alleyway is flanked with four meter brick walls on either side that are pasted with Renraku advertisements. Beneath the surface, a long forgotten maintenance tunnel runs under the alleyway. It connects both buildings by a series of maintenance shafts that have been locked since before Fuchi’s collapse. While the shafts are clear, save for a layer of filth, the main tunnel under the alleyway has become a haven for feral ghouls. Evidence of their presence is visible, but the runners will likely have to carry some heavy firepower to fend off a hungry mob, should they linger in the tunnel.

The Najima compound is a two building compound. The smaller building is the security office, with Renraku soldiers and a large armory. The larger building is a four story office/research building. The first two floors are the labs and conference rooms, while the upper floors are the executive suites and teleconferencing centers.

The Iris Building is a squat, one-story building crammed with computer equipment and mainframes. Much of the building’s security is automated, but a small division of Renraku soldiers are present here in case of mechanical failure.

Map Legends

Najima Securities

1 – Elevators
2 – Stairs
3 – Security Checkpoints
4 – Washrooms
5 – Information Kiosks
6 – Conference Centers / Teleconferencing
7 – Maintenance Rooms (service tunnel enters into this room on first floor)
8 – Chemistry Labs
9 – Biohazardous Material Lab
10 – Relaxation Garden
11 – Cafeteria
12 – Offices

Second Floor is almost identical to first, with the area over the relaxation garden and atriums open to the floor below. The Hikkakeru canisters are in the northern chem. Lab on the second floor. The third and fourth floors are executive offices.

Iris Firmware

1 – Security Checkpoint
2 – Security Office
3 – Cube Farm (Cubicles)
4 – Washrooms
5 – Meeting/Conference Chambers
6 – Simulation and Data Processing
7 – Matrix Data Reception
8 – Executive Offices
9 – Executive Washrooms
10 – Maintenance Room (tunnel enters into building here)
11 – Cafeteria
12 – Games Room
13 – Teleconferencing Center
14 – Quality Assurance
15 – Customer Call Center
16 – Data Warehouse
17 – Automated Security HQ
18 – The Mainframe Vault

>> Two compounds in one night?  For that kind of money?  This is a joke, right?
>> Spike

>> Given how close they are, it’s doable, though I admit it isn’t without risk.
>> Wildfire

>> You’d better bring your A-game.  If you hit one building and alert security, you can be rest assured that the second building will know you’re coming.
>> Wraith

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