In the House of the Serpent

The team is contacted through their usual channels, but their fixer warns them going in that this Johnson is a bit of an enigma. Nobody knows who he is. The pay is good, however…if the team is still interested, the meet is at 8PM in a private room at Penumbra.

Upon arriving at the Penumbra, if they mention that they are there for the Johnson party, they can be whisked ahead of everyone in line and ushered into a back room by a man in a very expensive suit, named Salvadore.

Inside they will see a man in an equally expensive suit, standing at the head of the table. A specially prepared meal is arranged on the table. All the meat and vegetables are organically grown and are of supreme quality. The Johnson is a snake shapeshifter (which the team will likely never have seen before). His human form has leathery skin, serpentine eyes and a slightly forked tongue. Any magician who assenses the Johnson, will see the form of a boa constrictor, that is otherwise mundane. When the Johnson speaks, his voice is a muddled accent, either Spanish or Portuguese, but not distinguishable in either way. “I’m glad you could come. Before you lift the lids on your dinners, there is something I must disclose.”

Lifting the lids on their dinners is a key memory for one of the terms.

“Before I disclose anything about the job, I have two terms which must be agreed to or you are not the team for me. Neither term is negotiable. The first is your payment. 250,000¥ to be divided amongst you, plus we will cover your travel expenses and any emergency medical procedures you require after the job is complete. The second is that you must submit yourself for memory erasure after completion, for reasons I can only explain once you agree to my terms. Are you in or out?”

The Johnson makes no effort to appease them if they refuse the memory wipe. He will let them leave without judgment. If they agree, he continues.

“Your job is to go to the old Mayan city of Chichen Itza, in Aztlan. My employer has some personal belongings in the city that you must retrieve since he cannot be seen within Aztlan’s borders. We will fly you down to Cancun, which is only 200 kilometers from Chichen Itza. Using equipment I will provide you with, you must locate my employer’s belongings and bring them to Rio-Sao Paulo airport in Amazonia. Our driver will meet you at the airport and drive you to the delivery location, where you will be paid and your memories erased. Any further questions?”

The Johnson will put the team in a Cancun resort, as their local base of operations. He is also willing to advance them 50,000¥ of their payment. Johnson will also handle transporting any weapons and gear they want to send down to Aztlan. Before they leave, he hands them a waterproof sack with the following within: five highly polished silver dome mirrors with different shaped backs with each back holding a thin rod for standing the mirror, an optical chip and a brightly colored feather with a dark green quill. The chip contains a list of items they are to bring back from Chichen Itza. They are: an optical chip, a small golden serpent statuette, and a large star shaped garnet.

The team must get out of Cancun and get to Chichen Itza in an area gripped by guerilla warfare. Everywhere has stationed Aztech soldiers, including the ruins at Chichen Itza. The ruins are vast (see attached map) and are crawling with awe-struck tourists and soldiers stationed around the outskirts. If the runners go to the ruins during tourist hours, a guerrilla attack will occur, killing an Azzie soldier and send others charging into the surrounding jungle in search of the shooter. After hours, soldiers still roam the ancient city and the temples in the open are all lit with spotlights for theatrical effect. Provided the team can sneak around all the guards (or incapacitate them), the mirrors each have a home.

Star backed mirror – Observatory (high up on a wall on the west side of the inner dome) Notched circle – Temple of the Bearded Man (on the roof)
Skull mirror – Tzompantli/Platform of Skulls (centre of platform)
Sunburst mirror – Venus Platform (centre of platform)
Dragonstooth Sunburst – Temple of Kukulkan/”The Castle” (atop the eastern stairs)

These mirrors are in order. At dawn, sunlight pours into the roof of the observatory, striking the first mirror, passing through the trees and striking the Bearded Man. It reflects to the Skull, then to Venus, and then the Feathered Serpent Temple. The last beam reflects toward the Sacred Well. The cliffs that surround the green-watered pool rebound the beam down into the water. The team has dive under water and find a hewn tunnel that runs under the cliff and into a cave.

The cave is a huge cavern, subdivided into sections. If the runners try to enter the main part of the cave, they are confronted by nine powerful spirits, appearing as strong Mayan/Toltec soldiers. They accost the team in the ancient tongue, but they will not attack the team if they see the feather they carry. Instead they kneel, as if before a king or God.

Beyond the spirits is a dragon’s hoard (GM: Hualpa’s). Guarding the hoard are a massive ork and a team of soldiers. The ork is a crocodile shapeshifter, but the others are Amazonian elite troopers. They keep a close eye on the runners. They know they are supposed to be here, otherwise the spirits would have stopped them. Almost every soldier is magically active and an initiate. If the runners ask about specific items, the soldiers will direct them into the right area. The optical chip Hualpa wants will be given to the team by one of the soldiers. If the team looks at the chip (why not, they’re being mind-wiped anyways), they’ll find it to be a list of troops deployments for the Aztec armies and key supply areas.

The team will have to take back all the mirrors and get back to Cancun with their swag to catch a flight to Rio-Sao Paulo. The flight is simple enough, but the team will quickly learn that they have a tail upon landing in Rio. Aztech spies knew the wyrm was up to something and watched the driver until he left. The runners will have to rid themselves of the tail without offending the locals of Amazonia.

Once their tail has been shaken, they will meet their Johnson and he will have them all stare at a silver sphere as the end index for the mind wipe. He then leads them to an underground lab, where their memories are erased. When they come to, they are in Cancun, enjoying the resort, with their payment. A note from the Johnson tells them to enjoy their vacation for a job done especially well.

>> While I welcome the opportunity to go somewhere warmer, I don’t know that Aztlan would be my first choice, given the political climate down there.
>> Reaper

>> The pay scale looks great and the Mayan ruins have always held a certain fascination for me.  Sounds like a good job for me.
>> Rusty

>> By the sound of what I’ve heard, you still won’t get to enjoy the ruins… or at least remember them at any rate…
>> Revenge

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