In the Wake of the Wicked

The runners are contracted through their fixer or other appropriate channels for a job that promises decent pay for maximum 48 hours work.

Upon accepting the job, the runners are asked to meet the Johnson at a residence in the neighbourhood of Ballard in the Downtown core. It is a clean AA community, patrolled often by local security and Lone Star. The runners might be harassed if they try to enter the area armed or looking suspicious.

The residence is a large house with a well manicured lawn, a Lexus in the driveway and a well groomed ork tending to the grounds. When the ork notices the runners he whisks them around to the back of the property and asks them to please wait for the employer to meet them there. When the whole team arrives, the ork asks if they require any refreshments while they wait.

After being served drinks and having ample time to chat the back door of the house opens to reveal a dapper man in a suit. He invites them into the house, revealing a well stocked kitchen, before leading them down to the basement.

The basement is cool and dark and any mage astrally perceiving can see it is also heavily warded. A large leather armchair sits in a circle etched into the floor. In front of the chair are three objects arrayed around the rim of the circle, a bowl of tobacco leaves, salted beef and a war medal. Standing inside the triangle formed by these objects was an ethereal image of a British soldier from World War I. His uniform was muddy and his helmet is cocked on his head at an angle. The room has the smell of smoking tobacco to match the cigarette plugged into the G.I.’s lips.
“I thank you all for coming. My name is Dr. Edward Manchester. I have been striving to piece together my family tree as far back as I can, in order to study whether there is definitive proof that there is genetic information passed from one generation to the next in regards to certain personality dispositions. As you can see by my friend here, I’ve traced my history back to the first of the 20th century. As I go further back, it is getting more difficult to find material links to those passed. There is at least one relative of the late 19th century I would like to talk to, but I have been unable to acquire a link to his life. This is where you come in. My spiritual ancestor here has agreed to open a window into the plane of the dead so that you might obtain an item of my long dead relative’s. Then I could summon him and talk with him. Will you aid me on my quest of knowledge?”

The psychiatrist offers the team 10,000 each (out of his research grant) for the quest. He tells the team that the man they are seeking a link to is a man named Severin Antoniovich Klosowski, also known as George Chapman later in life, after living in London for a while. The item they seek will be some form of blade. George was a surgeon and a barber back then, so it’s likely that they’ll be obtaining a scalpel, or razor blade of some kind.

If the team agrees, the WWI soldier opens a portal for the group to step through and the quest begins.

Astral Quest Rating 6

The group emerges on parched land, littered with crosses. A cold wind whips through the field carrying the whispers of the dead on the air. The field is endless in all directions, showing grave after grave. The team can wander all they want, the headstones mark the death of every person who has died… ever. If they touch a cross they get a brief flash of that person’s death. After the team wanders aimlessly for a while a figure suddenly appears in front of them. The Dweller on the Threshold appears before them as the Grim Reaper.

“Go home. The living have no place here.”

The Dweller will pester the team with dirty laundry and attempt to dissuade them from going further, but will eventually allow them to proceed.

Place of Battle
The runners find themselves in the trenches of France during WWI. Cybernetics have been removed, as has magic. The team are members of the British army with a weakened platoon. Their orders are to take the German trench across the kill zone. Any characters with magic are now grenadiers. Substitute their Sorcery for Throwing Weapons at an equal level. If they had Throwing Weapons already, they may use what ever skill is higher. Deckers are communications officers. They carry the heavy radio backpacks as well as pistols. The decker can call in reinforcements or airstrikes upon GM discretion.

If the players call in an airstrike, any rigger in the team is removed from the trenches and placed in the seat of a biplane armed with a bomb and a machine gun. The rigger can control both simultaneously.

Once the British have ousted the Germans from their trench, they can proceed.

Place of Charisma
(Borrowed from the fiction of ZoneDancer on the Shadowrun Writer’s Forum)

The team enters a room lined with metal panels. Strange machines hum and churn with no apparent purpose. Only one machine is not moving. In the center of the room is poker table with a humanoid cockroach in a bad plaid jacket and green visor standing in the dealer position.

“Ah, you’re right on time,” he chitters, “I only have room for four of you… who’s in?”

Any players that sit down are given ten chips. These chips represent a box of stun damage.

“If any of you run out of chips, feel free to ask me for ten more. They’re on the house.”

The second set of chips represents physical damage. Play any form of poker you like (I use Texas Hold `Em). When the team beats the dealer, the machines all stop save for the one that hadn’t been running, which then starts up to reveal a door way behind a panel. The chips are tallied and any chips lost in the game are removed from their status.

Place of Destiny
The team finds themselves in a dark London street. The roads are cobblestone and the buildings are rather shoddy. The architecture looks 19th century, but it is a bizarre blend of 19th century technology with modern day abilities. Cybertechnology seems crude, with heavy metal plating replacing simplistic body plating, electric wiring replacing wired reflexes and cyberware with moving parts are either steam or gunpowder powered. Cyberdecks are replaced with typewriters with phone cables instead of power cords. Riggers seem to be adept at horseback riding and directing carts. The team are decked out like London’s finest (Bobbie’s don’t carry guns). They find the bodies of the Ripper’s victims one by one as they tail the Ripper through 19th century London until the final battle in the sewers beneath Whitechapel. When the team has defeated the Ripper they progress.

Place of Fear
The team is divided in two groups. Neither can see nor hear the other half of the team. They emerge in the dimly lit sewers below Whitechapel. As they move through the tunnels, every attempt to leave the sewers results in being blocked. An unseen figure seems to stalk the runners around every turn, but whenever the team turns there’s nothing there. If the runners start shooting into the darkness, the other half gets attacked by the shadowy figure. If the runners try to ignore the figure, it will throw knives at their backs.

Once the runners have been in the sewers for a long while and they are good and paranoid, they come to a downward tunnel that the sewer is pouring into. If they opt to descend they soon find themselves being pulled down the tunnel. The force continues to get stronger and the grade sharper. Soon the tunnel ends in a straight drop off, leading into a black void. Garbage from the sewer is seen falling into this black hole and being crushed. Once all the runners fall into the void, they slam into each other from different angles before moving on.

Place of Spirits
The team emerges in some form of arena. Out of each of the runners a stream of light pulls out from them and stops twenty meters in front of them (the arena is 50 meters across with the runners in regular intervals around the outside). The light coalesces into one of their ancestors, depending on their ancestry. The ancestor has all the abilities of an Ancestor Spirit Force 6, but behaves as their ancestors might have.

The Citadel
The runners find themselves in a darkened alleyway in Whitechapel. As they make their way down the alley five ghostly women block their way. They are dressed as 19th century prostitutes and look rather homely. They plead with the runners to turn around and not proceed. If they proceed to pass the women by, the images of the women rapidly vanish and as they do, the injuries inflicted upon them become apparent. At the end of the alley way is a sewer grate. Water pours over the knife the came for. As the water passes over the knife, it comes away red with blood before disappearing into the sewers. The knife is a dagger with a simple metal and wood handle while the blade is well maintained and 8” long. Upon touching the knife, the team is returned to the Johnson’s residence with the knife.

>> Astral Quests give me the willies…
>> Blender

>> That’s because you’re mundane.  The metaplanes are filled with power and knowledge for those who know how to tap into it.
>> Revenge

>> Well, you go ahead and tap into it then.  Knowing my luck, I’d step into this dude’s ancestry and learn that he’s related to a mass murderer or something.
>> Blender

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  1. […] a coworker that has gone missing. The man is one Dr. Edward Manchester. Any runners that ran the “In the Wake of the Wicked” adventure will remember him as the Mr. Johnson for that particular run. She provides the runners […]

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