Dangerous Retrieval

The team is contracted by a Mafia Johnson, working directly for Maurice Bigio. He asks to meet the team (or a representative for the team) at THE Sports Bar at 7 PM to discuss business.

At the meet, the Johnson tells them that a package from Boston had been en route to Mr. Bigio when the delivering team went off radar somewhere in the Sioux Nation. The team is being hired to find where the other team disappeared to, find the shipment and if there are any intact parts of it, bring them back to Seattle. And if any of the other team members are alive, eliminate them for double-crossing the Bigio family. Mr. Johnson provides them with a folio of information on each team member and their transport, as well as a range of GPS coordinates where they were last contacted from. The run pays 30,000¥ (negotiable, of course).

The team can either drive through the Salish Nation and deal with border crossings, gangs, etc, or try and get a flight into Cheyenne and drive to the area the team last contacted their Mr. Johnson. The area radiates out from a restaurant payphone in Sheridan, toward the Salish border. The team had aimed to cross at Idaho Falls, but was going to get gas before the hit-and-miss service stations of the Salish Nation.

They made it as far as Kirwin, a small ghost town where they hoped to liberate some gas from the old tanks. The mines at the edge of town are infested with an ant hive.

When the team finds the town, they find an old home, not far from the gas station, where the team’s rigger sits reading a book. When they approach him, he raises a shotgun warily at the team, while inquiring what they want. If the team tells him, he kind of sneers and waves them off, telling them that they sold some of it and ditched the rest. If they ask him where he ditched it, he tells them that they stashed the stuff and his truck in the local mine, where it couldn’t be detected. He’ll even provide them with the keys to the truck and the lock on the mineshaft gate. He’s actually a flesh-form ant soldier serving as a sentry. It possesses Masking, so only an Initiate can detect that something is amiss.

Despite what the rigger told them, they sold none of the cargo. Anything biologic in nature has been consumed by the Hive, although some weapons are still present (and functional) and a folder full of optical chips as well. The rest, while valuable, is too heavy to haul out (crates of cybernetic implants, BTL’s, street drugs, etc).

As they discover the truck and the goods, they will quickly discover that the truck is sabotaged and the rigger’s true nature. A few worker true forms will cause a cave in, blocking the most direct way out. The place is infested with a Force 5 Ant Hive that will attempt to stop their escape and convert them if possible, kill them if necessary. The wave should be continual, forcing the runners into a fighting retreat.

If the runners survive, they should get extra compensation for what they experienced and whatever they were able to return.

>> Retrieving a package from the empty Sioux countryside?  That doesn’t sound too bad for the pay.
>> Slasher

>> Just be careful in those back woods.  With the absence of humans, other things tend to move in.  Not all of them natural either.
>> Tracker

>> I don’t go anywhere without ol’ Betsy.  We’ll be fine.
>> Trump

~ by 1nsomniac on October 14, 2009.

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