A Piece of the Action

The team is contracted through their usual channels (making a special exception if any character has a contact within the Russian mob) and are asked to attend a meet at Basil’s Faulty Bar in Tacoma for 9:45 PM. Their employer goes by the name Vladimir.

Basil’s Faulty Bar is a fairly nondescript hole-in-the-wall establishment that seems well kept. The bartender/owner of the place has some obvious cybernetic modifications, though it appears he has undergone surgery to have a great deal removed. The bartender’s name is Abe and despite the quaint appearance of his bar, he keeps a well stocked bar.

The place is scattered with shadowrunners, engaged in various degrees of business. It’s easy to tell that most of the “runners” in this place are rookies and wannabes though a few groups of apparent professionals sit huddled in the back, quietly making plans.

When the team gathers, a man emerges from the restroom in a rather conservative (read: cheap) suit. He strides confidently over to the table and introduces himself as Vladimir. He motions to a reserved table and once seated, speaks to them in a well concealed Ukrainian accent.

“Good evening. I would have need of your services, if they are available. An item of some value and import was stolen from me and I’d like you to get it back. The nature of the object is none of your concern, but it is stored in a dark green crate, roughly four by two by two meters. It is to be returned to me in pristine condition. It was stolen by a David O’Malley with the help of some rather disreputable associates of his. Find Mr. O’Malley, deal with him as you feel necessary and return my cargo. I will pay you 15,000¥ each for this service. Are the terms satisfactory?”

Vladimir will try to answer any further questions, though he will in no way reveal the nature of the cargo, other than to state that it is highly valuable and extremely fragile.

Finding information on David O’Malley isn’t too difficult. He is a Mafia Sottocapo in Everett and has angered several of his fellow Mafioso by repeatedly operating outside his jurisdiction, which is again the case with his raid on Vladimir. Following the captain back to his home turf, it quickly becomes apparent that O’Malley has recently dropped off radar. Most people know nothing, but there is a decent chance that local Mafia contact know that he was headed for a meeting at the Everett docks. He had a contact with a dockworker to help him ship the loot offshore.

Going to the docks shows little activity, but gaining access to the dock’s security cameras shows a business transaction taking place between O’Malley and a man in harbour uniform. As they are conducting business two black vans pull up and several Asian men pile out and kill both men before their guns cleared the holster. One group of men loaded the crate into the back of their van while the others scooped up the bodies and dropped them off the pier. A mage in the gang cast pertify on the body to cause it to sink. The vans then pull away out of the cameras line of sight. A successful Perception test on the camera feed can reveal the tattoos the Asians bear, that label then as members of the Eighty Eights. It’s also possible to get the license plate numbers off the vans.
Once the runners track down the vans, they’ll find them in two different locations. One van was ambushed in the downtown core. They’ll find it tucked in an alleyway, shot to pieces with no trace of bodies or the crate. The other van is in Bellevue, at a local HQ. They are in the midst of damage control and trying to find out who took their swag. They are about to disembark when the runners show up. Thinking the runners are those responsible and coming to tie up loose ends, they engage the runners. Triad members are sworn to silence by an oath but searching the body of the leader (or a successful pickpocketing test) will reveal an address scrawled on a piece of paper.

Investigating the address reveals a warehouse in a rundown portion of the downtown core’s industrial sector. Though the place looks derelict, it is well monitored. Several snipers observe from neighbouring rooftops maglocks have anti-tamper on the locks and the windows are wired with state of the art door-window alarms. Inside the warehouse has been converted into a cube farm that doubles as a maze. Agents armed with SMG’s stand stationed in various locations throughout the cubicle maze. There are three mages on duty and numerous watchers overseeing the building, inside and out. The soldiers have Wired 2, Smartlink II, cybereyes with enhanced optics as well as security grade armour. At the center of the maze is the crate, surrounded in a laser net, invisible to the naked eye. Four guards in Ruthenium body armour guard the crate, just outside the net. Up close, the crate is painted army green with Russian writing on the side (Property of the Soviet Red Army, Ilyushin 432E39I Master Fire Control Unit). It is heavily nailed closed and is wrapped in protective plastic with UV sensitive print on it, to ensure the crate is not disturbed. The guards are from the CIA, who captured the antiquated piece of technology and plan to ship it back to FDC. A high body count amongst government agents should have dire repercussions.

If the crate is recovered without being damaged or opened Vladimir will happily pay the runners the agreed upon amount (he can be negotiated up to 20,000¥ due to the troubles the runners went through). If it is damaged or opened, he will be unhappy that his item might be damaged or sabotaged and pay only half the agreed upon price.

>> I’m out on this one… the Vory don’t particularly like me right now.
>> Mongrel

>> Any idea what the package is?
>> Chang

>> Well, it came out of the back woods of Russia.  Maybe old armaments?
>> Red Eye

>> Aw hell… could we be dealing with a nuke?
>> Blender

>> Nah.  If a nuke came into the city someone would know about it and it would have already been scooped up.  A delivery system or some old guns, perhaps.  It would have to be something still useful with modern tech, at any rate.
>> Red Eye

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