Dead Man Walking

A frantic Mr. Johnson has requested that a certain man, William Sharpe, be tracked down as quickly as possible. He was laid off from the company that had employed him for over ten years, and he walked away disgruntled. He also walked out the door with an important file on optical chip, which must be returned as soon as possible. Mr. Sharpe need not to come to any harm, but the chip must be recovered at all costs.

Mr. Sharpe walked away from the place of business and went home to tell his wife of his being fired, only to find her not home. After phoning a few people, trying to find her, he drove himself to a local pub to drown is worries in booze. He spent several hours in the bar, and after spending a percentage of his severance on alcohol; he got into his car, intent on driving home. He never made it, as he swerved out of control and slammed into an oncoming car, killing both the other driver and himself. His body was shipped to the morgue on 27th, awaiting proper identification.

The run will test the runners investigative skills in tracking down the wayward accountant. GridGuide recorded his car travels from work to home and home to the bar (not the accident…he forgot to turn it on, hence the crash). His phone calls can place him at home at a specific time. The usuals at the bar can likely place him there for a few bucks or a round of drinks. Lone Star or one of the arriving medical crews could relay news of the accident.

With the investigations complete, the runners should just have to sneak into the morgue and lift the chip off the corpse. There are some problems with this, however. The first is the weather. A really bad thunderstorm has rolled in, drenching the city and occasionally throwing parts of the city into darkness. The other is that a pack of Shedim spirits, ranging in force from 3 to 7, have possessed the bodies at the morgue. When the runners arrive, a lightning bolt will strike the generator powering the block and throw the morgue into darkness. The runners must stumble through the blackness in the morgue around the possessed bodies until they find the animated body of Mr. Sharpe. The shedim inside can possibly be negotiated with, but many will look to feed to sustain their strength.

Shedim Stats:
B: Body + Force, Q: Quick + Force –1, S: Strength + Force, C: Force, I: Force,
W: Force, R: (Q + I) / 2, Init: R + 1D6, Astral Init: 20 + Force + 1D6
Powers: Aura Masking, Compulsion, Deathly Aura, Fear, Immunity (Age, Pathogens, Toxins), Inhabitation, Karma Drain, Magical Guard, Noxious Breath, Regeneration, Shadowcloak, Silence (not all shedim posses all these powers, save inhabitation)

27th Street Morgue

27th Street Morgue

Map Legend

1 – Lobby. The entrance into the morgue is locked with a KP4 lock. Inside, the entrance is layered with posters advertising everything from life insurance to coffins.
2 – Grief Counseling. The onsite psychiatrists keep all patient records in this room, as well as conducting preliminary meetings. The room has been overturned, as two shedim rip the room apart.
3 – Private Chambers. When a family needs counseling after the death of a loved one, a psychiatrist will pull them aside into one of these rooms for private sessions. The rooms are filled with comfortable chairs, and a table.
4 – Bathroom. The bathroom is clean and the air smells heavily of pine air freshener. The rooms only fixtures are a toilet and a sink. There is a paper towel dispenser, hand soap and a mirror in the room as well. A shedim inhabits the room, waiting for someone to open the door.
5 – Waiting Area. The hallway is lined with chairs for people waiting to identify the bodies of potential loved ones. The chairs have all been overturned and are scattered around the hallway. When the runners first enter the building, the hall will have nothing in it, but on the way out the shedim will try their best to block their exit.
6 – Doctor’s Offices. Locked using old tumbler style keys, these offices hold all the paperwork for the day. Incoming bodies are recorded; autopsy reports and cremation notices are all stored here. If the runners enter the rooms, they will be untouched, but a zombie will enter before they depart. The windows in the back look out into a darkened alleyway. Something large can be heard rooting around in the garbage bins behind the morgue (more zombies that managed to find their way out back).
7 – Chapel. A modernized chapel that seats about thirty for those families that wish to pray for their families or newly departed loved ones. At the front of the chapel is a powerful trideo unit, which projects any religious symbol over the altar as well as playing an appropriate hymn. Several shedim inhabit the room, and are examining the chapel’s adornments with curiousity. When the runners enter a high-powered spirit orders the lower powered ones to take down the team.
8 – Doctor’s Lounge. The room has a few amenities to help doctors relax during a hard day. A trid unit, several comfortable chairs with a volume of magazines and books close by on a table and a small kitchen to prepare meals. The kitchen has a fridge, stove and microwave, as well as cupboards along the back wall. A shedim stands before the opened fridge eating raw ground beef when the team enters. A window into the back alleyway is broken, allowing rain and cold wind to blow through the kitchen.
9 – Morgue. The gray areas on the map are the body lockers. The rest of the room is littered with metal trays of surgical tools and clipboards. Knocking can be heard in several of the lockers. Many shedim wander the room aimlessly until the runners enter. Once they see a food source they all approach.
10 – Surgical Supply Room. All the surplus surgical tools used in autopsies are stored in this room. The shelves have been ransacked; leaving a mountain of tools on the floor, save for where the pile has been waded through by a shedim or two.
11 – Clean Room. A doctor preparing for an autopsy would get suited up in this room, while washing their hands and so on. A shedim is on the verge of opening the door into the morgue when the runners open the door.
12 – Autopsy Room. The naked body of Mr. Sharpe is in the room, freshly stitched shut after autopsy. The room has seven metal gurneys on them, each one with a patient on it, and a tray of tools nearby. All the bodies wander the room when the runners walk in. Sharpe’s clothes are under his gurney. The chip is in his pants pocket.

>> Getting a chip back?  That’s it?  Sounds like a milk run.  What’s the catch?
>> Fisher

>> The catch appears to be that this average Joe has disappeared from radar.  Maybe he learned what he was carrying?
>> Scanner

>> Likely.  He was not overly happy about being laid off, from what I understand.  He’s likely trying to figure out how to get the most cash for what he’s got.
>> Glitch

>> Maybe what he’s got is important to someone else… I’ve scanned the Grid for anything that indicates where this guy’s gone and there’s nothing.  No signs he left the plex, or has even bought groceries or gas.  People who don’t need to buy food are typically dead…
>> Skeptik

>> This is  a bad time to be a dead guy.  With Halley’s Comet introducing us all to shedim, death may not be as permanent as it once was…
>> Glasgow

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