Out of the Fire and into the Freezer

Then this game was run, the players had been captured by Knight Errant and were being detained for questioning before being disappeared.  If the job starts from the same place, The Johnson walks into the prison, where the runners are all held, and he introduces himself as Hans Brackhaus.

“I have a job I need done, and here’s the deal.  I get you out of prison and my employer erases all evidence of your criminal records.  In exchange for this favour, you will solve a problem for our employer and we will hold your names on retainer, just in case we need you further in the future.  Otherwise, you deal with Knight Errant.  Your choice.”

Hans will not budge on the ultimatum (not that most runners would choose to stay in prison).  Once the runners have their decision, if they chose to keep their characters, continue.

“Excellent <smiles broadly>.  I will get you out of here and retrieve any confiscated equipment.  You’ll be given until 12:00 noon tomorrow to get what you need.  Oh, and dress warmly.  I will meet you at SeaTac airport at noon tomorrow.”

The runners may choose to get some info from their fixer or equipment before their departure. They will have an ankle brace slapped on before they leave, so Errant can pick them up if they try to escape. It will be removed once they arrive at the airport. If they tamper with it, it injects a neurotoxin into their system and paralyses them (you can tell them this).  Allow the runners to do whatever they choose to, but have a Knight Errant officer grin at them as they leave and say, “Don’t miss your flight.”

Hans waits at SeaTac by a sub-orbital.  Once all the runners arrive (if they are late Hans will NOT be happy) he begins.

“This sub-orbital will fly you down to a remote airfield in Argentina, where you will meet up with a charter plane to fly you the remainder of the way to your destination in Georg von Neumayer.  Your contact at the complex is Major Haborman.  He will brief you on the situation upon your arrival.  If there are no further questions, I will take my leave.”

If he is asked where GvN is, he smiles and says, “Don’t you know your geography?  It’s on Antarctica.”

The flight to Argentina is uneventful, as is the flight to the South Pole (for simplicity sake).  The charter plane is old and has no heat, so the latter part of the flight is rather cold.  The plane sort of skids to a stop on the ice covered strip outside a concrete compound.

If the runners hadn’t already figured out, a large S-K symbol adorns the building.  As they disembark, a man in arctic fatigues runs out to the plane and salutes the runners.

“I’m Major Harborman.  We were notified of your arrival in regards to our problem.  Are you scientists or are you here to help us deal with the raiders?”

The runners are escorted toward the building as the man continues.  It is unlikely that the runners will pass themselves off as scientists, so he continues.  The runners will likely wonder what these raiders are…

“Excellent.  The raiders seem to materialize from nowhere.  They approach from the glacier on snowmobiles, firing sub-machineguns and hitting what they can.  The last few times since they’ve weakened our defenses considerably, they broke in and have taken many of our scientists.  Pretty soon, there will be no one left in the facility. They turn and flee back the way they came and we can’t track them as the arctic winds erase the trail before we’re able to track them down.  We had a few mages here but they were the first ones killed.”

The Major will assign the runners rooms in the barracks (virtually empty, but heated) for the duration of their stay.  The Major will lead them up to the security tower and start showing them what he has (pictures of the snowmobiles and raiders, points to the horizon from which they emerge, etc).  As he is showing them the info, an alarm sounds, and two snowmobiles can be seen rapidly closing in on the compound.  The runners may decide to assist security in stopping the raid.  The raiders flee upon taking a moderate wound or losing a snowmobile, whatever happens first.

If one of the raiders is taken, he is a Japanese male that speaks no English.  He will not surrender any information easily.  If the raiders retreat, the magic portion of the group can use aural detection to trace their movements.  Once the runners are about to embark, they are told to do with as they please with the enemy, but do not, under ANY circumstance kill any scientists.

However the team locates the entrance to the compound will depend on their actions.  Once they get there, it won’t be inherently obvious.  There is a hatch in the ice.  It is a mechanical door for an elevator.  If they try to force it open, two sentry guns deploy and will dumbly spray the area with ammunition.  Once they manage to get the hatch open, the facility lay beneath them.  If they don’t actually use the elevator, there is a laser grid part way down the shaft to alert them to unauthorized entry.  Once inside, it will become obvious fairly quickly that the base belongs to Mitsuhama.

Security Hazards:

Mitsuhama security

Laser alarm grid (elevator shaft)

Cameras and motion detectors

Security deckers and riggers

Matrix Security:

Security and ACIFS – Red-8/7/8/6/6/7

Trigger Steps:

3 = Probe-6

7 = Probe-11

12 = Scrambler-8 (all security and power systems) & Silent Alarm triggered (security sweep)

15 = Killer-7

19 = Tar Pit-8

22 = Blaster-9

26 = Black-6

Once the base is secure, the S-K team will likely want their scientists back and may even take over the Mitsuhama operation.  The meteor in the lowest levels of the base contains an alien metal alloy that is especially resistant to kinetic force.  APDS cannot penetrate the metal any easier than any other round.  Against Ballistech armour, treat APDS as regular ammo.  Once the compound is taken, Major Harborman will tell the runners that their return flight is waiting on the runway.  The flight home is eventless.

Map Legend

Mitsuhama Facility – Main Floor

1 – Upper Mining Shaft.  The only way to get to the upper levels is by a long climb up a ladder to the gangplank.  Wires from much of the machinery reside here, as do the rigger controls (with riggers attached).  Damage from the drills does 9M damage, or 9S if drilled into.

2 – Cafeteria.  C03 observed.  Plenty of hot food is served up in this room.  A good mix of guards and workers should be present.

3 – Security.  PS6 protected.  All complex cameras fed into this room.  Present are 15 guards, 3 mages, and several security deckers and riggers.

4 – Hub.  Cc5 protected.  All the main storage and security protocols are handled from this room.  Deckers can jack straight into the hub, but without a recognized deck, they immediately activate the next tier of IC.

5 – Vehicle Storage.  Cc5 protected and C03 observed.  Several units are stored here, such as snowmobiles, arctic APC’s, drones and soldier androids.  None can be activated without proper authorization.  (This is where the runners enter the building)

6 – Elevator.  Old mine shaft style elevator.  Slow and rickety, but is still equipped with a camera.

7 – Maintenance Storage.  Tools of all varieties are stored here.  Anything breaks, the workers must come here to get the tools they need for the job.

8 – Central Maintenance office.  Cc6 protected and C03 observed.  6 maintenance people man this room, waiting to assign an employee to any job that may arise.

9 – Lockers.  Cc5 protected and C03 observed.  Every employee has some personal effects in this room, stored away in various lockers.  Each locker is KP4 protected.  Maintenance workers keep their heat suits in their lockers.

Mitsuhama Facility – Lower Level

1 – Lower Mining Shaft.  Cb9 protected and observed by security.  A cat walk circles the lower level, the ladder to the upper level being on the opposite side from the door.  Below the catwalk, various automated tools drill into the remains of a meteor, removing a strange metal from its core.  12 human workers diligently retrieve the mineral and sort it on the catwalk before sending it off to other rooms.  Damage from the drills does 9M damage, or 9S if drilled into.

2 – Refining.  Cb9 protected and observed by security.  The ore retrieved from the meteor is purified in this room, to bring out its inherent qualities better.  15 people are engaged in this process.

3 – Manufacturing.  Cb9 protected and observed by security.  Once the ore is of sufficient purity, it is sent here, where it is turned into the Ballistech body armour.  2 people supervise, while robotics build the armour.

4 – Material Storage.  Cb9 protected and observed by security.  All the Ballistic cloth used in making Ballistech are stored here until required by Manufacturing.

5 – Accommodations.  Observed by security.  This is where the numerous employees sleep when not on their shift.  The room is heated, unlike most of the others.

6 – Elevator.  Old mine shaft style elevator.  Slow and rickety, but is still equipped with a camera.

7 – Under Excavation.  This room is not yet complete.  The walls are jagged, wires hang from the walls and the room is freezing cold.  An intrepid decker could use the wires to gain access to the matrix without being easily traced.

8 – Maintenance Corridor.  Ca9 and KP5 protected as well as being observed by security.  This hallway extends to a small security office before descending to the power grid.  An automated voice spews safety reminders to the workers going down the hall.

9 – Power Grid Security.  Observed by Central Security.  This room is mostly automated.  Workers must pass through a MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) before being allowed to proceed.  A guard is present in the adjoining security office such that if the MAD goes off, the guard is there to clear any metallic devices. If they are cleared, the guard unlocks the far door by remote switch (room 10), so they may proceed.

10 – Security Office.  Two guards guard this room.  One sweeps any passers-by for metallic objects while the other controls access to the tunnel.

11 – Power Grid Crawlspace.  This tunnel is very narrow, and can only be crawled through in single file.  It snakes down in a spiral into a small room.  The room at the end can only have one person in it at a time, and when a person is detected within, the tunnel behind is sealed, until sufficient clearance is provided.  A PS8 and VR7 are required to access the Power Grid.  Otherwise, after two failed attempts, security is alerted and the false user is detained.

Mitsuhama Complex – Power Grid

1 – Status Room.  Ca10 protected and observed by security.  At the end of the long steel plank way, is a small room with numerous terminals.  Each terminal displays the status of each reactor/thermal receptor.  If too many lights are red, a maintenance team and security team are dispatched to ascertain what has happened.

2 – Geothermal Reactor Room.  Ca10 protected and observed by security.  The hall leading up to this room is full of steam and oppressing heat.  The door into the room has peeling warning labels reminding workers not to enter without heat suits.  Anyone in the room without heat protection suffers 6M Stun Damage for every minute in the room.  The room has a catwalk that looks down into an underground steam vent that is being tapped to spin turbines to power a generator.

3 – RadSuit Room.  Ca10 protected and observed by security.  The room stores four radiation suits for entering the reactor core.  Different metatypes (dwarf, orc and troll) cannot fit into the suits, as they were designed for humans.

4 – Nuclear Reactor Chamber.  This room houses the reactors and the controls for each of them.  The runners can overload the reactors (NOT suggested, and if they do, make getting out very difficult) or simply initiate a shutdown.  Doing things manually will take longer than decking into the terminal, but both alert security.  Anyone not wearing a radiation suit takes 6M Stun damage every 5 minutes in the room.  They must also make a Resistance test for Radiation poisoning.  Each subsequent test add +2 to the target number.

>> Sending runners to the South Pole?  Count me out.  I hate the cold.
>> Buzzkill

>> Why do you think they hired out of a jail cell?  Frozen wastes versus a definite death sentence.  I’d take the higher odds, cold or not.
>> Mr. Black

>> Makes you wonder, though… what did the wizworm have on Knight Errant to convince them to release known felons and wipe out their records?
>> Spec

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