Dragon’s Game

This run is the sequel to “Journey to the Dark Side”. Not much of this in its current form would make much sense until after the first one is run. Of course, this could be adapted to work into your game.  Like it’s predecessor, this adventure is not canon by any stretch.


A former Johnson of theirs, from Shiawase Atomics, contacts the runners. He promises a high paying run if they are willing to continue what they had inadvertently begun. He suggests that they enlist some other help, as they may require extra firepower (only needed for small groups).
At the meeting he states:
“You will recall a run I called upon you before, where one of our scientists went missing. You located him in a parallel world that he was sent to by an experiment gone awry. Lofwyr’s presence seemed very strong in that other world. Our insiders at Saeder-Krupp think they have located Lofwyr’s gateway into that parallel world. We want you to enter the compound and destroy the gateway. The facility is a joint owning by three of S-K’s subsidiaries. Ruhr Nuclear, Maser Industrial Electronics and The Arcanum own it. We realize that runners strongly dislike running against the wyrm’s company, so we are willing to pay you 75,000¥ to compensate you. We will cover the travel expenses, and try to provide you with any special equipment we can gather in 24 hours. Our private aircraft will smuggle weaponry and personal equipment you wish to bring in. Any questions?”
The Johnson can be negotiated up to 80,000¥ and will provide half up front if the runners so choose. It may be possible to get partial blueprints, aerial photographs and possibly low-level keycards and/or numbers to gain access to keypad doors.
The facility should be VERY well guarded, with a couple of full teams of security and numerous drones. The aerial drones are armed with aerosol cans containing DMSO and Gamma-scopulamine and Narcoject. All drones have been rigged for stealth.

Map Legend
Saeder-Krupp Dimensional Compound

Maser Industrial Electronics – Wing requires Cb8 Maser access.
1 – Administrative Offices. PS6 protected and C13 observed. Each department has at least one office where the local department heads stash any important information. The palm print of a high-ranking executive is required for entry.
2 – Bathrooms. These bathrooms are primarily for use for Maser Industrial employees, but have no security, so anyone with access to the Maser wing can use them.
3 – Parts Storage. KP6 protected and C13 observed. All components used for building circuits in the complex are stored here until they are required for assembly. The room is full of crates, and possibly a few guards.
4 – Diagnostics and Design. Cb7 Maser protected and C13 observed. The room is divided into several sections. Circuits are designed, programmed into simsense and tested before even being built. The team in this room consists of numerous scientists and engineers.
5 – Circuit Construction. Cb7 Maser protected and C13 observed. These two rooms are used to assemble the design and simtested boards. The room is primarily made up of automated tools, and minimal human supervision.
6 – Final Testing and Connection. Cb7 Maser protected and C13 observed. Each board is tested independently, connected to its sister parts, and tested as a unit in this room. The compound boards are extremely complex and even with an electronics skill; the runners will not understand its purpose.

The Arcanum – Wing requires Cb8 Arcanum access.
7 – Library. Cb7 Arcanum, Force 6 Ward, C10 observed and C13 observed. The extensive library in this room is a hermetic’s dream come true, though there are numerous shamanic drawings scattered around the room as well. Many books have titles such as “Dimensional Thaumaturgy”. Eight people here study, all magically active.
8 – Testing and Medical Care. Cb7 Arcanum, Force 6 Ward, C10 observed and C13 observed. This room is where mages and shamans test their newest magical theories. The medical office is adjoining the test facility to treat those will bad mana burns as a result of their tests. 3 mages are testing magic, 2 active doctors, and 5 burnt patients.
9 – Summoning Center. Cb7 Arcanum, Force 8 Ward, C10 observed and C13 observed. Mages and, more often, shamans will summon spirits for help in their studies. Awakened people will often come here in initiate an astral quest. 4 mages/shamans and four spirits (GM can choose the types) inhabit this room.
10 – Magical Security. PS9 protected. The members of The Arcanum are extremely paranoid and protective of their knowledge. The local security consists of 2 combat mages and 5 adepts.

Ruhr Nuclear – Wing requires Cb8 RN access.
11 – Research. Cb7 RN and VR6 protected and C13 observed. All research into what Ruhr Nuke refers to as “alternate sources” of power. For runners with knowledge of Physics, they will see formulas for nuclear fusion, and formulas they can’t even begin to comprehend. 6 scientists work in this room, pouring over notes.
12 – Power Station. Cb9 RN and VR8 protected and C13 observed. The underground beneath the compound is a large nuclear reactor. This is the monitoring station. 12 workers constantly watch over everything, ensuring that nothing goes wrong.
13 – Security. PS8 protected. This is the central security office. The security team in this room consists of 8 guards, 3 riggers, and 2 deckers. They have one combat mage, and can alert Arcanum security with the push of a button.
14 – Access Tunnels. VR8 protected and C13 observed. This room holds 4 rad suits, and a lot of lead shielding. There is an elevator that descends down into the underground, to the reactors. There are no workers down there but cameras closely monitor it.
15 – Simsense Modelling. Cb7 RN and VR6 protected and C13 observed. This room is full of simrigs, where scientists can test their latest theories without risking the destruction of Germany. There are 15 simrigs, but only 4 are in use.

If the runners make it past security, and to a large door that backs into the hillside the compound is built on (runners won’t know this from the inside), they will likely try to get inside. The inside of the chamber is very dark, and even with lowlight, little can be seen. Thermographic and Assensing are so blinding toward the center of the room, they can’t look at it for any duration. Lights flare up in the room, temporarily blinding anyone without flare compensation. When their vision adjusts to the light again, they find themselves sharing the enormous room with the Great Dragon Lofwyr. His voice booms in their heads:
“Who are you? What are you doing in my personal chamber?”
If the runners lie, Lofwyr will not be pleased, at all. If they actually tell the truth, he smiles a toothy grin and continues.
“You are the ones that traveled to that other place? I see. And you want to stop my traveling as well?”
After he stops laughing, he will continue.
“I’m feeling charitable today. I challenge you to a game of strength and wits. If you accept and complete my challenge, I will willingly shut down my portal. If you fail my challenge…well, I’m sure you know what that entails. Do you accept?”
If the runners say no, I think it’s obvious what happens to them, so I won’t discuss that notion any further.
“Very well. Follow me.”
There is a bright flash of light, and where the immense shape of Lofwyr stood, stands an impeccably dressed man with many of the dragon’s features. He walks through another chamber and the next room is lined with computers. No wall is visible beyond the arrays of machines that hum in this room, creating a wall of heat. Lofwyr walks to a panel and activates a switch after completing some seemingly random button pushing. A bright ball of light emerges in the center of the room.
“Step into the light, and let the challenge begin.”

Return to the Dark Side

The runners find themselves on the charred streets of the parallel world they found themselves in before. As they arrive and shake off their disorientation, they hear gunfire in the distance. If they run to investigate they see a group of zombies circling a fallen man. The man is none other than Commander Stevens from their last visit. The runners have landed themselves outside the compound that they attacked to recover the Shiawase scientist, and only minutes have passed since the runners stepped through the portal on their last visit.
Once the zombies around Stevens are dispatched, they find him badly beaten and near death. Hopefully one of the team has a Heal spell or knows Biotech, so they can stabilize his condition. When he comes around he will react with bewilderment and mutter things like “It can’t be you, we risked everything to send you home!”
Once the runners tell him what’s going on, and he calms down slightly, his walkie-talkie will go off, with one of his groups requesting immediate assistance. He will ask the runners for help. The small detachment of 6 soldiers, 3 of which are badly injured are under attack by a pack of zombies. There are at least 15 of them. The runners should be the only ones with ammunition, except for Stevens. They are holed up in an upstairs room in a two-story shop. The zombies will be trying to break down the front door, the windows and the back door. Once in the room with the soldiers, zombies will attack from everywhere, the doorway, the window and through the walls (they’re made of really old drywall). The runners should have to fight very hard to fend off the hordes of zombies.
Once the room is clear, Stevens calls back to base but gets nothing but static. The rag tag team will likely want to hightail it to the base and investigate. The sight isn’t pretty. Bodies lay in expanding pools of blood, most of them died in very painful ways. One is even pinned to a concrete wall like he had been dissected. His chest and ribcage are cut open exposing his internal organs, and the skin is tacked back onto the wall. On seeing their friends dismembered and dissected, the men either freeze, cry or vomit. Before too much can be said or done about the bodies, they here gunfire and screams from deeper in the underground.
When they get there, they see a hideous humanoid form holding the upper half of a human body. It laughs in grotesque amusement at the efforts of the surviving humans. There aren’t many adults left and they are trying to protect the children behind them. The moment the runners say or do anything the demon turns toward them and smiles. Its face has two long, elliptical eyes, two nostrils without a nose and a mouth with nothing but teeth. Its skin is a borderline between black and crimson, and it stands 12 feet tall. Its hand has three clawed fingers and has horns on its knees.

Stats – Demon
B – 12/10 Q – 5 S – 9 C – 3 I – 4/6 W – 5 E – 6 R – 4
Init: 4 + 2D6
Attacks: Humanoid
Powers: Dispelling, Fear, Flame Aura, Hardened Armor, Immunity to Fire
Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Cold/Water)

When the demon falls dead to the floor, his body spontaneously ignites in a huge fireball, and a new dimensional portal opens. Stevens thanks them for helping to save what’s left of humanity. Just as he shakes the hand of the last runner, a soldier tears down to the lower level and screams: “Commander! You’ve gotta come see this!”
If the runners delay their departure for a little while, and they go upstairs they see a miracle unfold.
The sun rises. For the first time in over 10 years.
Stevens staggers out onto the street in disbelief. A smile breaks across his face, a tear rolls down his cheek and his arms stretch skyward, basking in the sunlight for the first time in many years.
He stands motionless for a while and turns to the runners. “Thank you again. Lofwyr’s presence here is gone, at least for the time being. Even if the sun’s only here for a short while, you have my deepest gratitude. I know you have to leave us now. Good-bye, and good luck.”

The Labyrinth (based on the board game HeroQuest ™)

When the runners emerge from the portal, they stand in a pitch-black room. When the portal closes behind them, all the torches in the room spontaneously ignite, and a phantasm of Lofwyr’s human appearance stands before them. “To escape from this labyrinth, you must obtain the hidden treasure in this place. You’re equipment has been changed to match this environment. You have no guns, no phones and no cyberware. You have been given armor and equipment appropriate to your abilities. Good luck.”

Map Legend
1 – Hallway. The runners will bump into two goblins in the hall. These goblins are not infected with HMHVV, but instead are perfectly natural. They will demand to know what the runners are doing there and will attack them if they don’t like the answer.
2 – Chamber. Two Orcs sit in this room, eating some rather disgusting looking meat. They stop upon the runner’s entrance. They are armed with broadswords and chain mail (Impact Armor of 2). If there are any trolls or orcs in the runner’s party, the orcs will demand that they give up their traitorous ways and rejoin the orcish army.
3 – Library. One Orc stands with a pitcher in his hands, partially drunk. The books on the bookcase are moldy and useless.
4 – Bunkroom. Two goblins and three orcs sit in this room, in various stages of dress. They reach for weapons upon sight of any humans, dwarves or elves, and attack.
5 – Storeroom. An orc is sifting through their stocks of food, finding what is still edible. Inside one of the warped wooden boxes is a vial with a clear blue liquid in it. It restores a moderate wound when consumed.
6 – Hallway. A Fimir guards the next door (see stats below).
7 – Tomb. The temperature drops upon entering this room. The air smells of death. Three skeletal warriors armed with scythes roam the room (use stats for Corps Cadavre, with reduced Body and increased Quickness).
8 – Torture Chamber. A rack leans up against the far wall. Two zombies approach the runners as they enter. They are armed with cleavers.
9 – Burial Chamber. The two walls without doors are lined with coffins. As the people enter, they all open and Mummies pour out.
10 – Hungry Undead. The room is empty of furniture. 2 skeletons, 2 zombies and 2 mummies are all in this room and turn on the runners as the door opens. 11 – Hallway. Two orcs are on patrol, and are surprised to see someone emerge from the crypt intact.
12 – Ambush. As the runners enter this room two Fimirs flank them.
13 – No enemies are in this room, but numerous spear/arrow traps are. The arrowheads are coated in a mild toxin that does 6M damage on impact.
14 – Two Fimirs and two orcs wait in here. The Fimirs stand on either side of the far door.
15 – Hallway. The hallway is vacant, but halfway down there is a false floor stone, and it will give out under the first runner to step on it. A Reaction(6) test is required to avoid falling into the pitfall. It’s up to GM discretion whether there are spikes at the bottom of the pit. If they fail the Reaction test, they may make a Quickness test to see if they can grab the ledge before falling in. The pit is 3 meters across, and must be jumped.
16 – Two Goblins and Two Orcs guard the door to the next chamber.
17 – The Last Stand. Three Fimirs, Two Orcs and One Goblin guard this room.
18 – Empty except for two impaled knights, one human, the other elven, mounted on the wall. Their weapons lay broken at their feet.
19 – Hallway. Ornately designed walls lead to the door of the final battle.
20 – An elegant dining hall. A fire burns in an elaborate fireplace. A stone gargoyle is mounted above the fireplace, the treasure chest on the floor in front of the fire. Two suits of armour stand in the corners at either side of the fireplace. A large table sits in the center of the room, and cabinet filled with cutlery and pewter goblets against one wall. The moment one of the runners cross halfway across the room, the gargoyle breaks out of the stone casing, and the two suits of armour animate, to become Chaos Warriors (see stats below).

Stats – Fimir
B – 7/5 Q – 3 S – 7 C – N/A I – 2/3 W – 4 E – 6 R – 2
Init: 2 + 1D6
Attacks: Humanoid
Powers: Hardened Armor, Enhanced Senses (Smell)
Notes: Fimirs are aggressive creatures. They look like large cycloptic reptile humanoids. They stand taller than the average orc, usually 6’6″ to 7′ tall and are very heavy. Their weapon of choice is heavy battle-axe, which they are fairly skilled at using. The also have a large, spiked metal ball on the end of their tail, which they use if an enemy tries to engage them from the side. Fimir’s rely on their acute sense of smell to detect their enemies, as their single eye restricts their field of vision.

Stats – Chaos Warriors
B – 9/7 Q – 4 S – 8 C – N/A I – 2/4 W – 4 E – 5 R – 3
Init: 3 + 2D6
Attacks: Humanoid
Powers: Hardened Armor, Enhanced Physical Attribute (Strength, once per day for 5D6 turns)
Notes: Chaos Warriors are very dangerous people. The visor in each suit of armor glows with a mysterious red light. They stand 6′ tall, and are very broad shouldered. Strangely enough, they weigh no more than their armour, so they are fairly agile, despite the heavy plate mail. Each Chaos Knight is armed with a huge axe that they are very skilled with. Upon defeat, the armour falls apart, and no body is inside. It is unclear if there is ever anyone within the suit.

The portal is concealed within the treasure chest. The will have to smash it open if they don’t kill the gargoyle first. Upon the gargoyle’s defeat, it smashes into pieces and leaves a key on the floor. The runners will likely jump down through the portal as soon as they can if they use it to escape combat.

Dinosaur Hunter

The runners drop into lush foliage. There is no sign of urban domain anywhere nearby. Lofwyr appears again.
“Your objective here is to grab an egg of a species that is extinct in our time. Welcome back to Seattle!” He states as his image laughs and fades away. The runners must grab an egg of a Raptor or other dinosaur. Seattle was never founded as a city. In fact, the US exists only as far west as Chicago. The Western part of North America was never taken from the dinosaurs, as they never became extinct in the first place. Mt. St. Helens can be seen smoking on the horizon. Seattle is not a city; it’s a gaming reserve where intrepid hunters can hunt the most dangerous species on the Earth. Dinosaurs.
Tech in 2060 in this dimension is significantly less advanced, the characters with obvious cyberware will likely freak out any other hunters they come across. The closest nest to the runner’s location is the Raptor nest. A small group of 6 hunters are already out seeking trophies out of Raptors. The runners should stumble along their encampment fairly quickly. After a slight confrontation with the other hunters, a man runs screaming into the middle of the camp. He is screaming incoherently, though is quite obviously bleeding badly, and has left a trail of blood in his wake. Shortly after his arrival, numerous Raptors attack the camp, attacking the bleeding man first.

Stats – Raptor
B – 9 Q – 6×4 S – 8 C – N/A I – 2/4 W – 4 E – 5 R – 4
Init: 4 + 2D6
Attacks: 8S
Notes: Raptors are pack hunters, usually attacking in groups of three or more. Completely mundane, they rely on speed, numbers and strength to get their prey.

By the time the Raptors flee, at least one man should be dead (not necessarily one of the runners). The blood in the camp has drawn the attention of another predator. The ground thunders as a T-Rex enters the clearing and begins eating the remains of the Raptors and fallen men. If the team left camp too late the thing will chase the runners, seeing them as a threat to its meal.

Stats – T-Rex
B – 12 Q – 5×5 S – 10 C – N/A I – 2/4 W – 4 E – 5 R – 3
Init: 3 + 2D6
Attacks: 10D
Notes: The T-Rex is a lone wolf hunter. With luck the runners won’t have to encounter this feared predator, as an encounter with one, could mean instant death.

The hunters will lead them to a cave for shelter. The system of caves is fairly large. Inside the system of caves are a large group of chameleon-like dinosaurs that spit venom to blind its victim and then the whole group closes in to feed.

Stats – Rock Chameleon
B – 2 Q – 3×3 S – 1 C – N/A I – 1/3 W – 2 E – 6 R – 2
Init: 2 + 1D6
Attacks: 3L
Powers: Adaptive Coloration, Corrosive Saliva
Notes: Rock Chameleons aren’t very powerful independently, but they hunt in large groups, so they may bring down a larger predator to feed the whole group. The leader of the Chameleon pack spits its corrosive saliva at a victim, and while blinded, or distracted the pack descends from their hiding place and attacks.

The runners may either go around the system of caves and face Raptors, or through the caves to an alternate exit. Near a small pond is the Raptor nest. There are four eggs in it. A large pack of Raptors guard the nest. If the runners successfully steal an egg and escape from the Raptors, the egg hatches and gives birth to the next portal!

WAR! (based on the board game BattleMasters ™)

The team emerges on a hillside. They are wearing the old style armour they had on during the Labyrinth dimension. A huge field unfolds beneath the hill. Hills line the horizon as well. If they look up the hill they see a very large group of people. If they head up the hill, they will find a large human army preparing for war. A man wearing a flamboyant coat of arms sees the team and asks them what battalion they are with. Upon closer inspection, a couple things will happen:
If one or more of the runners are wearing wizard’s robes, the general will treat them with the utmost respect. He will ask them why they are not wearing the royal colors, as wizards are second only to royalty in the Imperial Army. If any of the team is an orc or a troll, the general will draw his sword and threaten to order the army to cut down the orc. When the runners defend their friend, the general will ask them if they have allied themselves with the Horde. (The Horde is made up entirely of orcs, goblins, trolls and demons, and are the sworn enemies of humans). They will treat any orcs or trolls with fear and/or loathing.
The team will be armed with their weapon of choice. The hillsides across the field darken as the armies of the Horde rise over them and charge the human army. The Horde’s army outnumbers the human’s 3:2. The battle should rage long and hard. No runner should emerge unharmed from the battle.
Once the field battle is over, the remaining human force marches over the next hill and reveal a worn down fortress, which the Horde controls. The human troops immediately lay siege to the tower, as archers from above fire arrows down upon the army. The portal opens up to the runners once the tower falls.

Rats in a Maze

The runners appear as themselves in a dead end hallway. Each has no equipment other than an unloaded Fichetti Security 500. Lofwyr appears before them: “You must find your way out of here. No magic is permitted. You can locate ammo around the complex for any weapons you obtain along the way, or the weapons you have now. Good luck.”

Map Legend
1 – This is the room where the runners begin.
2 – Two guards watch over this room. Hidden inside is one clip of ammo for each runner, and a lvl 4 medkit.
3 – This room has one guard inside, and has a weapons locker. Inside the weapons locker is a shotgun and 3 magazines of slug ammunition.
4 – Three guards sit in the room. Inside is a HK227 sub-machinegun and three clips of ammo for it.
5 – Three guards watch over this room. Two grenades are hidden in the desk in this room.
6 – Two guards are present. There are six clips of ammunition in the weapons locker.
7 – This is the power grid. Four guards are present. This room gives the runners the ability to shut down the automated defences.
8 – This is the way out. 12 guards, and 4 drones patrol this room, some on the ground and some on the higher levels. It should be a hard fight to escape.

Random Encounter Table
Every so many turns, the GM should have the runners encounter various creatures/hazards. Here is a breakdown, based on a roll of 1D6.
1 – Nothing.
2 – One guard (Equal or Inferior Skill)
3 – Rotodrone, armed with an SMG.
4 – Two guards, superior training. One armed with SMG, the other has a shotgun.
5 – Barghest.
6 – Cockatrice.

The exit door is heavily guarded, but if the runners can get to it they have completed Lofwyr’s challenge.


Lofwyr has no choice. As the runners return to their own plane, the machine Lofwyr uses to shift dimensions overloads and cooks many of it’s own relays. Lofwyr will not be happy. If the runners know what is good for them they will run. They will have to battle S-K security to get out of the compound. Lofwyr will not give chase if they escape the confines of the complex. He hates losing but a deals a deal, and he will stay true to his word…for now.

>> Let me get this straight… we’re intentionally messing with Lofwyr?!  I think Mr. J can go fuck himself…
>> Glitch

>> Yeah, they’re coming to the wrong profession to grab a “save the world, cause it’s the right thing to do” type.
>> Slasher

>> Though it would be nice to put a kink in the worm’s plans…
>> Dragon Slayer

>> Your funeral, omae.
>> Slasher

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