Boeing Extraction

The team is contacted through regular channels for a corporate job.  The promised pay is very good.  If the team is willing to go to the meet, they are to meet the Johnson at the Eye of the Needle restaurant and asked to dress appropriately.

The Meet

The Space Needle is a high-profile meeting place and the team will have trouble meeting Mr. Johnson if they don’t dress the part (at the very least, business casual).  They find Mr. Johnson’s table easily, as they are escorted by the maitre’d.  The Johnson is a striking Caucasian man with close cropped hair and a hawk-like nose.  His dark blue suit looks almost black in the dim lighting of the restaurant.  A plethora of foods are available on the table, as are a pair of wine bottles.

“I wasn’t sure what to order, so I ordered a variety.  I assume you will find it satisfactory.  Help yourselves.”

Mr. Johnson helps himself to a steak and glass of red wine before getting down to business.

“What I need from you is this:  Dr. Kevin White is a scientist working for Federated Boeing.  He helps design aerodynamic hulls for aircraft and spacecraft.  Until recently, his designs were exclusively sold to my employer and we have both benefited from this relationship.  However, Dr. White has become greedy and has decided to market his latest design to our rivals.  Therefore, we must keep the wayward doctor on the straight and narrow.  We want you to bring both the doctor and his designs to us.  Are you interested?”

If the team agrees to the job, Johnson continues:  “Excellent, I am prepared to offer you 40,000¥ for this service, to be divided amongst you.  Here is a picture of the man and a contact number for you to reach me once you have both packages.  A drop-off point will be provided at that time.  Any further questions?”

Answer questions as needed.  Mr. Johnson will be guarded and will only answer questions relevant to the task at hand.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is really Arnold Weaver, a representative from Ares Space.  As Kevin White is a friend of a higher power in Boeing, he has strong pull with whom Boeing sells their designs to.  Ares has recently fallen out of favour, thanks to Evo’s speedy colonization of Mars and their increasingly generous offers.  Unable to offer more money, Ares Space has decided to take the talent of the good doctor for themselves.

The Matrix

The Space Needle is riddled with Matrix nodes, both from security, to the numerous inhabitants of the restaurant.  Filtering out the good from the bad will take some effort.  Mr. Johnson’s commlink is currently inactive, to prevent the runners from snooping.

Dr. Kevin White

Kevin White is a very busy man.  He is a man in his early forties, with salt and pepper hair, cut conservatively.  He is married with two teenage daughters at home, though he doesn’t spend as much time at home as he would like.  He spends ten hours a day at the office and another two in traffic.  He leaves home after breakfast (10AM) and is usually home after his daughters are home for the night (10PM).  He owns a small two-story house in Central Seattle, in an AA security neighbourhood.  His home security system is in good repair and he is very diligent about using it.

Where the runners choose to grab him will be up to them (at home, on the road or at work), but the response should challenge them.  If they break into his home, or divert his car, he will try to notify Lone Star, who will trace his commcode.  If they go for his office, refer to Federated Boeing.

Security measures in his house are:  cameras, door-window alarms, motion sensors.

The Opposition

Kevin White, nor any member of his family are skilled in combat.  They will be fearful of any intruder and generally do what they are told.  Kevin may attempt to stall, if he knows that Lone Star has been contacted.
Being an AA neighbourhood, Lone Star will arrive promptly with foot cops and drones.  Use the stats in SR4 for Lone Star officers.  Squad cars will be arriving in short order, followed with magical support, if a mage is reported on scene.

The Matrix

The hacker will have his work cut out for him, as he will either have to hack the house security system, or the car’s navigation systems to complete the abduction.  Both nodes run in Hidden mode and have proactive IC on the system to alert the police of any attempts at hacking into the system.

Federated Boeing

The Federated Boeing building is on the outskirts of Everett, where the noise generated by the fans will annoy as few people as possible.  The grounds spread out over a square city block, surrounded by a patrolled electric fence, topped with concertina wire.  Much of the security on the grounds is in the form of drones that serve as watchdogs to the human security inside the main building.

A small staff of private security is inside the building, including a pair of hackers (one monitoring the drone network and the other the internal network) and a security mage.  Though no spirits patrol the grounds, he has a bound Force 3 Earth spirit on call, if needed.

Boeing R&D Building

Boeing R&D Building

Map Legend

Boeing Compound

1 – Wind Tunnel.  This enormous room is for testing the aerodynamic design of new hull models for aircraft and spacecraft they design.  One of these models is the one that Ares Space is so interested in.  At the far left of the map are the vents that blow out over the compound.  Outside this vent is a warning of strong blasts.  At the far right is the huge turbine that blows the air through the tunnel.  The tunnel has numerous rigs for setting up the model up in various locations throughout the tunnel.  The door between 1 & 5 is a one-way door, so there is no way to open it from inside the tunnel, only from 5.

2 – Turbine Crawlspace. Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  There is a narrow crawlspace behind the turbine for service.  An intrepid runner who enters the compound via the tunnel might crawl between the blades and onto the crawlspace to enter the building through 6.  If they decide to damage the tunnel, access to the turbine is no easier done than in here.

3 – Administrative offices.  Cb4 protected and the hall is C12 observed.  These offices all belong to high-end executives and scientists.  Dr. White has an office in this wing, but he is not in his office.  However, searching his desk will reveal a day planner, which shows he’s in the development wing furthering his design.  Some of the offices have people in them, and the runners can obtain a level A passkey from them.

4 – Main Lobby.  This is what the public sees.  The lobby is filled with bright lighting, and the center has a beautiful fountain with plants and benches.  All around the room are interactive holographic displays that show the proud heritage of Boeing over the years.  Any time during the day a smiling tour guide stands here pointing people in the direction of the Boeing gift shop.

5 – Control Room.  Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  This is where the conditions of the wind tunnel are set and the results observed from.  The control room can add wind speed, simulated weather and move the model around the tunnel from one control panel.  Firing up a trial sequence will send out a message across the compound.  The door into the tunnel requires a level A passkey slotted into the control panel to open.  There is a trigger to open the vent panel at the far end of the tunnel to allow trucks to load in new sculpted models.

6 – Tunnel/Turbine Maintenance.  Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  All tools required conducting repairs on the turbine, tunnel models or the tunnel itself are stored in here.  The service door for the turbine connects here.

7 – Fed-Boeing Gift Shop.  KP3 protected and C12 observed.  All sorts of nifty Boeing knick-knacks adorn the shelves of this little shop.  Everything from keychains to remote control (and hackable) model Boeing jets.

8 – Human Resources / Employee Services.  KP4 protected and C12 observed.  Want a job at Boeing?  Here’s where you need to apply.  Already employed and have an inquiry about your health benefits.  This is where you need to ask…

9 – Model Construction.  Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  This assembly line is almost entirely automated.  Robotics carves new airliner models from various materials for assorted testing in the wind tunnel.  It is built in pieces and assembled in a warehouse before being loaded into the tunnel by truck.

10 – Public Restroom.  For those with little ones visiting the complex, a bathroom is available for their use.

11 – Employee Restroom.  For employees on site, this bathroom is much nicer than its public counterpart.

12 – Security and Restricted Checkpoint.  Cb4 protected and C12 observed.  This room serves as a checkpoint to clear employees to enter the development section.  The room is heavily guarded and the door to the development section is a double layer system of Ca5 and PS4.

13 – Server Core.  Ca6 protected and C12 observed.  The computers that run the security system and the computer models are stored here.  The room is protected with a halon system in case of fire (or an angry rigger needs to confine a team).  The data the team seeks is on these machines.

14 – Drafting.  Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  This is where the masters at Boeing draft original ideas.  Everything from pencil and paper to complex computer equations for aerodynamics are all over the walls and desks in here.  Once an idea is assembled it is sent to modeling.

15 – Modeling.  Ca5 protected and C12 observed.  Once an idea gets past the draft stage it gets sent here for the hackers to flesh out.  The room is full of terminals for modeling the latest ideas.  Dr. White is in this room (if the team chooses to abduct him here) supervising a hacker’s activities by watching on a screen.

The Opposition

Boeing Internal Security are moderately trained and not permitted to use lethal force.  It doesn’t stop them from using stun batons and loading gel/stick ‘n shock rounds in all their sidearms.  Boeing does not see themselves in a superior position and will call Lone Star to watch the compound exits, if things look like they are beyond their own means.

The Matrix

The security system is broken into a series of nodes, which is to keep outside hackers from leapfrogging through their system.  The drone network is the only hidden node accessible from the outside (the public relations node is always up).  Inside there is the data node, which is limited to the R&D portion of the building, and the security node.  Security runs through the whole building and has a high rated Firewall (5) to keep it from being broken into.


The location of the meet will vary depending on the runners conduct during the run.  If they were professional, the Johnson will meet them in a small office not far from the meet location.  If the runners made a lot of noise, the meet will occur at a warehouse near the city’s outskirts.  If the runners are being actively sought by Lone Star or Boeing security, there will be no answer when they call the number.

Payment amount will depend on:  the status and health of Kevin White, the status of his blueprints and whether or not copies still exist at Boeing.  Depending on how the runner conduct themselves, they may get partial payment, or half payment in gear (Ares of course).

>> What’s so special about this engineer?  Aren’t all these planes the same?
>> Burn

>> Fraid not, omae.  This guy White seems to be able to milk fuel economy and aerodynamics from designs once thought perfect.   He’s a high profile target in aviation, that’s for sure.
>> Paxton

>> Be rest assured that if this guy goes missing, Boeing and whoever else he’s been selling his ideas to will come looking.  Be sure to mask your involvement, friends.
>> Judge

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