Urban Warfare

The runners are contacted by their fixer (or appropriate contact) regarding a combat simulation competition, and a spot has just opened up.  If the runners agree to participate, their contact provides them with an address for signing up for the competition.

Once signed up and they pay the entry fee of 20,000¥, they will have the rules explained to them by the contact:

“Each player is permitted one sidearm of their choice, and one article of body armour.  Magically active characters are only permitted to carry pistols, and none with burst-fire.  No ammunition is to be brought, as it will all be provided.  No weapons found in the arena can be kept after the competition, same for ammunition.  Each team will be given an optical chip.  It must be inserted into the terminal at the end of the arena for victory.  There is 250,000¥ in prize money to be won!  Three teams compete for the final prize.  In your way are roving drones and two teams of trained mercenaries.  Your flight to the arena leaves in a matter of hours.  Here are special permits so that you may transport firearms into Sea-Tac to California Free State.  We’ll worry about permits home when we see if your team survives the competition.  Get your gear ready, and meet me at Sea-Tac.”

The trip into Sea-Tac goes unusually well.  Once any security guard sees the ticket, they ask no further questions of the runners.  The flight is equally uneventful.

Prize Money Breakdown:

All three teams survive –

1st Place = 125,000¥

2nd Place = 75,000¥

3rd Place = 50,000¥

Two teams survive –

1St Place = 150,000¥

2nd Place = 100,000¥

One team survives – All the money

The Opposition:

Mercs are armed with HK-227 or AK-98, Smoke Grenades, Browning Ultra-Power, and one with a MA-2100 Sniper Rifle.  All are wearing Light Security Armour and a Helmet.  One mage in each group, and the rest are cybered.


Ares Sentinel – One flanks each side of the tournament area, and warns players not to leave the boundary of the tourney.  They are armed with AK-97 Assault Rifles.

Steel Lynx Combat Drone – Armed with AK-97s, these patrol the front three blocks of the arena.

Dobermans – The most common patrol drone on the ground, these are armed with HK-227’s and Belt fed Valiants.

Ares Inquisitor RotoDrone (L.S. Strato-9) – Armed with Ultimax MMG’s, these drones protect the rooftops, and if called upon, will strafe the streets.

AeroQuip “Redball Express” Vector Thrust – Mounted with a Mini-Turret and HK-227S, these will periodically sweep the streets for runners, but if they come under fire they can escape rapidly.

Mitsuhama Cricket (Toyota S&R Walker) – These things are maxxed out.  They use pitons like a spider, so they can descend from above.  They are equipped with AK-97 Assault Rifles, and Retractable Spikes in each mechanical arm coated with Rating 7 Acid.  These nasties lurk in confined spaces, such as buildings, and alleyways.

See map for layout of the three-block area, and where stashes of ammo can be found.  Each stash holds 30 rounds of each caliber the running teams possess (except guns like the Barret, Vindicator, Panther, etc).  If the stash holds a weapon there is only the one gun, and it comes fully loaded.

Layout of Game Area incl. item locations

Layout of Game Area incl. item locations

>> OK, so I’m supposed to go down to CalFree and get my ass shot off for money and fame, so some rich bastard can get his rocks off on watching people die from the comfort of his living room?
>> Slasher

>> Ah, Hollywood…
>> Papa Rawtzi

>> You could always use this tournament as a way of seeing the up and coming teams, who are sure to dive on the dollar figure without thinking.  Learn the competition, so to speak.
>> X

>> You think the organizers haven’t already thought of that?  The corps are going to be watching to see who they should hire and who they should erase.  Convenient way of combing the shadows for new talent, don’t ya think?
>> Skeptik

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