Machinations of a Madman

The runners are hired through their usual channels. A meet is set up for 6:30pm at Matchstick’s in the Downtown area, Booth 7. Matchstick’s is not too far away from the Space Needle and is a fairly trendy club. It is a fairly busy night. Metahumans of all types have shown up to see the evening’s performance of the Martin Penmoru Quintet, playing classics from the early 20th century jazz era. Martin is a troll in a pressed suit that plays the cello, and has a deep baritone voice. The rest of his band is made up of two orks who play drums and piano, one human who plays the clarinet, and an attractive elven woman, who plays saxophone.

Any runner who shows up with obvious cyberware, weapons or armor will be snubbed by the doorman, and will have to bribe their way in. In the seventh booth sits a formal looking man, wearing a nice suit and seems to be enjoying the evening’s entertainment. He sips an overpriced drink, while he waits for the entire team to show up and sit down. Once the current piece of music ends, he applauds the band as they take a break for a few minutes and directs his attention to the runners.

His mood immediately becomes serious.

“I hope you are as skilled as your fixer believes you to be. My employers have a major dilemma. One of our cyberneticists was recently dismissed for conducting experiments on living people. He holds a grudge against our company for firing him and is attempting to exact his revenge on us. One of his experiments included adding psychotropic messages into the cyberware he implanted in patients. We believe he is responsible for this event last week.”

The Johnson produces his commlink and projects a holographic image into the table.  It fizzles briefly before revealing a security camera feed, which appears to be looking over a loading bay. Three heavily cybered individuals are seen hijacking a large truck right from the loading bay and driving it through the gate. The faces of the runners are very visible. After viewing the footage, the Johnson provides photos of each of the culprits faces, blown up from the security feed.

“They weren’t too careful about hiding their images from the camera. I have a feeling that our rogue doctor hired these men, or they were given psychotropic messages to assist him. The truck they hijacked was full of cybernetic components. It is my employer’s belief that he plans on setting up some form of cybernetic clinic to continue his experiments, and perhaps use it as a vehicle to enact the revenge he has promised us. Our sources have traced him into the Puyallup Barrens, in Loveland. He appears to have the support of a local gang, the CyberThrillers, and the syndicates that control the area seem to be leaving him alone. You are to enter Loveland, find Dr. Larson’s cyber clinic, and destroy it and all its contents. If you are able to find Larson and bring him back to us, there is a bonus in it for you. But your primary objective is the destruction of the clinic. You will be paid 20,000¥ for its destruction. Any questions?”

The Johnson works for Universal Omnitech and is very uneasy about the current course of events. He knows the identities of the three runners that hit their facility, but is too embarrassed to say so. They were loyal to Omnitech until Dr. Charles Larson activated the psychotropic message implanted in their headware, making them servants of Dr. Larson. He also knows that Larson has access to cybermancers, but will be very reluctant to reveal this as well. The price can go up to 25,000¥ if the Johnson is pushed. Now that he has a team, he wants them to do it, so fewer people know of their screw up.

Mr. Johnson will dodge several key answers to protect UniOmni’s integrity. The runners aren’t likely going to get any more relevant info from him. He provides the runners with an LTG number so they may contact him after the job is done.

Loveland is a dive. The prevailing winds blow ash from Mount Ranier over the neighbourhood, causing the streets and building to be covered in a layer of grime and soot. It hasn’t stopped the drug dealers, gangs and prostitutes from doing their daily “jobs”. The scum of the earth walk the street, some even during the daylight. The gang fights take place in the evening though. Street graffiti mark the turf of the local gangs, and with enough nuyen, the runners will quickly learn where the Thrillers hang out. Unfortunately, the runners will have to fight through a large number of gangers, as Larson has set up camp under their headquarters in exchange for discounted cyberware.

Gangers are considered Equal and Semi-Trained. Gangers could be equipped with: Spurs, Cybereyes, Cyberskull (obvious for fear factor), Bone Lacing, Wired Reflexes Level 1, Cyberarms. Weapons may include: Pipes, clubs, knives, chains and light pistols.

Players should have to fight through a dozen gangers or so before getting anywhere inside their headquarters. A false floor will reveal a hatch into the basement. In the basement are the Thrillers stashes of contraband (drugs like Novacoke and Bliss) and possibly a few BTL’s. The sub-basement is concealed behind a false wall. A faint heat signature is visible in the shape of a door. A card key slot is impressed in the wall, to allow access. The break into the lock to hotwire the lock, a blunt object is required to break the plaster away from the maglock. The runners can either make a Hardware test versus the rating 3 lock, or try and hack into it and order it to open.

The sub-basement has a layout as follows:

Map Legend

Dr. Larson’s Underground Cyberclinic

Underground Compound

Underground Compound

1 – Ladder shaft. The shaft connects the cyberclinic to the headquarters for the CyberThrillers.

2 – Meat Locker. This room is refrigerated, and body parts are isolated, as the room stores frozen tissue and are currently culturing bioware. A zig zagged path runs through the freezer, with culturing bins all over the room.

3 – Prep Room. Surgical gowns, masks and gloves are in this room, as well as sinks and bandages.  The room also doubles as a waiting area for patients.

4 – Operating Room. The OR looks makeshift and marginally sanitary at best. Old blood stains the floor and the bed. A couple Thrillers that have fallen prey to Larson’s psychotropic headware are present, armed with surgical equipment and syringes filled with various agents.

5 – Medical Supply room. Anesthetics, bandages, syringes, scalpels, etc are all stored in here. Most of the boxes are labeled “Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup”.

6 – Cybernetics Storage Room. Most of the cyberware in here is incomplete, as if someone was ripping the bits apart for their components, rather than installing them into patients. Another psychotroped Thriller appears to be window-shopping in here until he sees the runners. He attacks with the cyberware hanging around the room, using them like unwieldy clubs.

7 – Chemical Lab. Chemical compounds needed for patients and cybermancy are stored here, though the runners will simply see chemicals, and possibly recognize some potentially magical compounds. One of the three runners from the videotape guards the door on the far side. He and his allies have gone quite insane from the high level of psychotropic feedback and will attack on sight. He hits the button that sends something up a shoddily constructed elevator shaft to the street above. See below for further details.

8 – Elevator. The Cybermantic monstrosity Larson has created to enact his revenge on UniOmni is stored in here. The other two runners are with the cyberzombie and plan on escorting it to the destination.  When the elevator ascends through the floor of a coffee shop the runners and the dormant zombie steals a nearby vehicle and begins speeding toward the Omnitech office in downtown Seattle. The runners will likely want to pursue the vehicle and stop the creation before it can deal any damage to their employer.

The Thrillers in the compound are still rated equal, and Semi-Trained, but fight to the death because of the psychotropic messages. The Runners are rated Superior and Trained. The Cyberzombie is Superhuman and Professional.

If the runners allow the runner to speak, without killing him first, he will reveal a few facts:

– Larson is not there (he’s in the vehicle wanting to oversee his handiwork)

– He will mention Larson’s “instrument for revenge” being released

The runner will fight to the death with little hesitation.  He is wired to be extremely fast (to the extent of being biologically unstable).

Note:  This run was developed before I obtained Augmentation and my information did not conform to the cybermancy rules as they appeared in 4th Edition.  Feel free to develop your own cybernetic horrors to challenge your runners, as per your campaign’s power level.

>> Seems like a lot of  work to track down a wayward surgeon.  How much can one disgruntled doc do?
>> Ferret

>> In Doc Larson’s case, quite a bit.  I took a look at his finances.  He had tons of cash a few weeks ago… now he’s almost broke after making many very large purchases to some medical corps and some unknown parties.  Whatever he’s up to, it’s big.
>> Miner

>> So we have a new Dr. Frankenstein for the new age?  Fantastic…
>> Ferret

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