The runners are contacted by a Lone Star contact (or if they have none, their fixer).  The team is informed by the contact of a problem in the Puyallup Barrens.  A new gang has surfaced just outside of Hell’s Kitchen and is rapidly expanding through the Barrens.  The gang is called the Bloodlusters, and nothing is known about them.  Everyone sent to check out the gang never returns.  The runners are contracted to eliminate the upper echelon of the gang, which the Star hopes will cause the gang to collapse.  The exact location of the Bloodlusters’ headquarters is still unknown.  They will had one of the runners a simsense recorder to tape their actions for proof.

Payment for the removal of the gang is 50,000¥.

The Star knows as much as they let on.  They really have no clue as to the power or numbers within the gang, nor their membership.  A call to their fixer and a little cred will fetch them some info.  The turf of the `Lusters is virtually unknown, as there have been few survivors.  Only one to be exact.  A former runner who entered their turf by accident and barely made it out alive.  He makes his money in fighting tournaments at an underground fight club called the Albino Rhino.  His name is Peter ‘Pistons’ McAllistor.  The fixer also provides the runners with an address of the fight club.

The fight club is attached to a bar in Tacoma.   It will probably seem obvious that the bar belongs to one of the many small Triads in the area, as there are numerous displays of Chinese art and culture blatantly displayed on the walls.  There is a MAD built into the doorframe of a door at the rear of the bar.  Beyond the MAD and the Triad thugs, is a staircase going down several flights to the main fighting arena.  The ring is in the middle of the room, and angled seats surround the ring.  A fight is in progress, and both contestants are badly battered and bleeding, while the “fans” cheer and wager on who will fall first.  Off of the arena is the training room.  Pistons stands at a punching bag and is currently punching and kicking the thing hard.

Pistons is reluctant to send people to their death in Luster territory and will only give the runners the info they want on one condition; defeat Pistons in the ring.  If they win, he’ll tell them anything they want to know, but if they lose they have to leave.

Hopefully the runners win, and they learn the info they require.  Once he comes to, Pistons will compliment the runner he fought on their ability and willingly provide the info on Lusters’ turf.  They are based north of Hell’s Kitchen, in a shallow of lava flat, so getting in by vehicle is nearly impossible.  Their primary territory is a 3 square block region of former housing.  They have apparently revamped one of the houses in the center of the region to serve as their base of operations.  The gangers are maniacal and relentless.  They love violence and show no mercy when they attack.  He wishes the group luck and goes about mending his wounds.

The district in the Barrens is not a pretty site.  Lusters’ turf is on a slight hill, which lifted the area above the old lava flow.  The area around it is covered in lava flats, steam geysers and boiling mud.  At the base of the hill are dunes of ash that have accumulated from the clouds of ash that rain down on the neighbourhood.

The border of Luster territory is marked with a severed hand on a stake.  The neighbourhood within is a ghost town.  Part way in, they’ll hear a voice demanding they leave.  If they refuse, they will be charged by a dozen gangers armed with everything from pipes to tire irons.  Four gangers appear in second story windows, armed with shotguns and snipe down into the streets at the runners.

Once the gangers are dispatched, the streets will be silent again.  They’ll come to the HQ and see a newer looking derelict house.  There is a rod iron fence around the perimeter, and a flagstone walkway to the house.  As they open the gate, they are charged by a group of rabid ghouls.

Inside the house are:  ghouls, vampiric pawns, banshees, goblins, wendigos, vampires and one Dzoo Noo Qua.

The leaders of the Lusters are three Nosferatus.

Map Legend

Derelict House 1st Floor

1 – Living Room.  The room reeks of rotting food and mold.  A couple ghouls hang out in here, as well as a Banshee.  Furniture includes a rotting wood coffee table, a broken flat vid television, a moldy couch and chair and a broken chandelier.  The main window facing forward is boarded up.

2 – Den.  Two ghouls and a vampiric pawn dressed in a dingy Lone Star uniform sit in this room.  The Lone Star officer carries the usual gear including a Ruger Thinderbolt.

3 – Banquet Hall.  This room features a long banquet table that seats ten, a china cupboard that is rotting, ten chairs, a rusty chandelier and bad guys.  4 ghouls, 3 vampiric pawns, a vampire, a wendigo, and a goblin.

4 – Kitchen.  No one would want to cook anything in here.  Thankfully, the residents don’t believe in cooking their meat first.  There is nobody in here, but excess noise may draw attention from the banquet hall.

5 – Study.  Lots of moldy books.  The air in here stinks of rotting wood and decaying paper.  One lone ghoul sleeps in this room.

6 – Billiard room.  The pool table is in immense need of repair, and most of the cues are broken.  A goblin inspects the table prior to the group’s arrival.

7 – Solarium/Family room.  Three ghouls munch on the remains of a torso and chat it up as the runners enter the room.  All furniture has been pushed to the sides of the room to make room for dinner.

8 – Foyer and Freestanding Staircase.

Derelict House 2nd Floor

1 – Guest Bedroom.  The door is locked with a classic style key, but a well-placed foot will open the door.  The sheets on the bed are old and growing, as is the bed frame.  The room is strangely devoid of furniture.  A Dzoo Noo Qua is in the room.  In the corner is a closet, and in the closet is a ladder to the loft.

2 – Guest Bathroom.  Mildew is the colour of choice in this room.  The fixtures leak and the water drips a thick rusty brown.  A banshee is in the middle of taking a piss when the door opens.

3 – Guest Bedroom.  The once plush carpet is now an infestation of roaches and mildew.  The chest of drawers is empty, the lamp doesn’t work and there are no sheets on the fuzzy green mattress.  The only things functional in here are the two vampiric pawns.

4 – Laundry and Linen.  All the linen have grown over and the washer and drier are rusty and dysfunctional.  As a matter of fact, a wendigo is busy tearing apart the washing machine in boredom.

5 – Power room.  All the breakers in this box have been mauled.  An Electronics(8) test can restore power to random parts of the house, but it may attract unwanted attention from other parts of the house.

6 – Master Bathroom.  The fixtures and the floor may have been tastefully done before but now they are stained with rust from the water that perpetually drips in this bathroom.  Two ghouls feed on the remains of what may have been a person a while ago.

7 – Master Bedroom.  Though the bed looks to have seen better days, there are a couple coffins in the room that look brand new.  And one of their residents happens to be present.

8 – Private Library.  The room reeks of mold as the walls almost look like they are covered in green shag carpet.  Two ghouls and two vampiric pawns sit in the threadbare furniture, talking as the runners enter.

9 – Stairwell.  Open air to the ground floor.

The loft holds the three Nosferatu.  The final battle will take place in the stuffy loft, unless someone falls through the floor.

If the team survives the estate, and successfully eliminates the gang’s leaders, the Johnson will gladly pay them after reviewing the videotape of the manor, and can likely be negotiated up for the payment.

>> Puyallup is a shithole on a good day…one I tend to avoid.  While the money is crazy good, why would I head out there to wipe out some crappy little gang?  Natural selection will wipe them out in a week anyways…
>> Hedcase

>> Not these guys…for whatever reason, these Bloodluster slots seem resistant to death, despite numerous attempts.
>> Ashe

>> Yeah, there’s something wrong in that neighbourhood.  The astral plane feels off and the few people that live in that area live in a perpetual state of fear.  More than usual, anyways.
>> Reaper

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