Atomic Deception

A Mr. Johnson hires the runners to break into the Shiawase Nuclear Power Plant in Redmond, and sabotage reactor number 3. It has been reported that the reactor is having some power spike difficulties, and Gaeatronics would like to see it shut down. The Johnson provides the runners with an optical chip with a single program on it that is to be uploaded onto the reactor, which will cause it to shut down. The payment for the run is 35,000¥.

The catch is that the Johnson is not from Gaeatronics, he is actually employed by Shiawase. He wishes to test the security response of the facility, its effectiveness, and to frame Gaeatronics for the run. If the team does pull it off, the Johnson will very reluctantly pay them for their work. Brownouts, thanks to the runner’s efforts, hit a large chunk of the metroplex.

Matrix Levels

Trigger Steps:
3 – Probe-6
5 – Scramble-7
9 – Killer-6
12 – Blaster-7
14 – Sparky-8
18 – Decker
21 – Decker
25 – Black-6
27 – Black-8
30 – Black-10

Shiwase Power Plant

Shiwase Power Plant

Map Legend

Shiawase Glow City Reactor

1-6 – The six reactors. The door into the reactor chamber is guarded by Ca6 and PS5 (palm). Each reactor has a computer terminal and a jackpoint so they may receive updates and maintenance. Each terminal has a small camera built into it for recording each access and the person responsible.

7 – Overlook. Cb5 protected and C12 observed. This room has a huge pane of ballistic glass that looks into the reactor room. Numerous people (mostly deckers) work away in here, making sure all systems run at acceptable levels. The stations are for reading info only. To insert the virus, the runners must interface with the reactor directly. Two ladders rise up and connect to the overhead walkways over the reactors.

8 – Security Stations. KP5 access and C12 observed. This tiny room houses a guard who confirms the ID badge on anyone who enters the booth. No one may enter the reactor area without a valid ID.

9 – Records Room. Cb5 protected and C12 observed. Copies of technical data on the reactors, both optical and hard copy is stored in here. Records date all the way back to the partial meltdown a few years back.

10 – Paracritter Holding Pen. Cb5 protected and C12 observed. Several Barghests are kept in this room, ready for deployment at the first sign of trouble. They immediately recognize the runners as not belonging, and fight with their restraints to get at them.

11 – Cafeteria / Lounge. C12 observed. Several technicians and guards eat in here, though the food looks as hazardous as the isotopes they work with.

12 – Plant Security. PS5 protected. Only security officers have access to this office. Several guards are stationed here, as are a couple deckers. They monitor things very closely, as they know the team is coming.

13 – Overhead Walkways. Guards will step onto the walkways when the alarm sounds, once the “virus” is introduced. The height advantage gives them superior positioning, unless the runners are underneath the catwalk.

>> Tampering with a nuclear reactor?  Can I get a ‘Hell no’?  Way to close to my backyard.
>> Basher

>> Electricity is a big market to a metroplex as large as Seattle.  Are you honestly surprised that it’s come to this?
>> Rei

>> While I realize that most of us tough and mean shadowrunners hide our morals behind our exteriors, keep in mind that if you take this job, it’s not just your asses that could be on the line if you mess up…
>> Glasgow

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