The Priest of Giza

The runners must have successfully completed the run “Forced A.W.O.L.” for the timeline to be accurate.

The runners have a run arranged by their usual fixer to meet with David Brooke, a man they had previously helped escape from Africa.  When they meet up with David, he explains that his friend, Saud, in Cairo has some concerns regarding recent occurrences in Egypt.  Saud would not be more specific than that over the telecomm, but he had requested that David’s rescuers be contacted and sent to Cairo.  David has several plane tickets and an RTG number where Saud can be contacted once the group reaches Cairo.

Saud greets them at Cairo airport and leads them to a private booth in the terminal.

“Thank you for coming with so little information.  The reason I have called you here is due to a man who calls himself Semoti.  The Egyptian government is afraid of what this man’s power can grow to if we allow him to continue his teachings.  Semoti claims that he is the reincarnation of one of Tutankhamun’s High Priests.  He preaches that, to restore the purity of Egypt, all of the relics removed from King Tut’s tomb must be returned.  Of course, like most fanatical religious leaders, he has a small group of extremely devout followers.  The ultimate reason for your summoning is to eliminate Semoti, as an enemy to the Egyptian government.  The payment for such services will be 40,000¥.

There have also been numerous strange events around Egypt since Semoti first appeared.  Virtually every mummy from all sarcophagi have been stolen.  The strange thing being, no one has seen it happen.  One security guard in a museum in Thebes claims he saw the mummy rise from its sarcophagus and walk out of the museum itself, though he was ridiculed for his suggestion.  Two ancient Egyptian artifacts were also stolen from the museum in Alexandria.  One was a sceptre believed to have been carried by Khufu of the 4th Dynasty.  The other was the Mask of Anubis, which was a death mask used by priests of the 5th Dynasty.

More recently, in the local tabloids, there are reports of mummies emerging from shadows in the alleyways of Cairo, and carrying people off.  The police, supposedly, have ignored the idea of mummies, and are treating the disappearances as simple kidnappings.  The tabloids are obviously questionable sources, but they seem too connected to be discounted.  I hope this information helps.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.”

There are numerous paths the runners can choose.  The security guard in Thebes will give a detailed account of how he heard movement in the Ancient Egypt exhibit, and when he went to investigate, the corpse had risen from the crypt and was moving in his direction.  He passed out, and when he came to, the alarm was ringing and the police were there.  Apparently, someone had smashed the glass on the front door out from the inside, and the only thing missing was the mummy.  No one believed him that a 4000-year-old corpse could suddenly get up and walk away.

One of the security guards in the museum at Alexandria is a shady character that in reality works with Semoti.  He rambles on about how all the items in the exhibit belong in the tombs in Giza, not behind bulletproof glass for the world to see.  If “interrogated” he reveals that he helped smuggle the mask and scepter out of the museum but will not reveal the name of the person he gave it to.

After a day or two of investigation, the runners will receive a message that Saud wants to meet with them in a bar in downtown Cairo.  When they get to the bar, Saud is there and he says, “You wanted to meet with me?”

Hopefully it will click to the runners that this is a trap.  When Saud begins talking to the runners, a small group of humans around the bar stand up and start spraying the room with bullets.  If Saud survives the trap, he will likely need hospitalization.  Later that evening, the local news will announce that the Cairo Museum of Antiquities has been commandeered by a group of militants.  If Saud is alive, he will call the runners shortly after the news article ends and say that it has been confirmed that this is the work of Semoti.

NOTE:  All Mummies use improved Corps Cadavre stats, except for a Vulnerability to Fire.

The museum is small.  It has minimal security, with numerous followers toting guns and a few animated corpses, of the “kidnapping” victims.  Semoti is an initiated pantheistic Egyptian voodoun and plans on making his armies out of the bodies of the fallen pharaohs.  There is no trace of him in the museum, but a perceptive runner will see scratch marks on the floor by the Tutankhamun exhibit.  Beneath the exhibit is a secret compartment that descends several storeys underground.  The first room is made of faux sandstone covered in hieroglyphics.  There are 7 display columns in the room in the formation 2, 2, 3 in a U-shape, with the 3 at the far side.  Nothing is on any of the columns.

As the runners pass the first pair of columns, the far 3 recede into the floor revealing 3 large cobras.  The cobras possess the powers of Venom and Hypnotic Dance (behaves like Hypnotic Song).


Desert Cobra – B: 2  Q: 5 * 2  S: 2  C: –  I: 1 / 4  W: 4  E: 6  R: 6  Init: 4 + 3D6

   Attacks: 4M (if any damage is done with its bite, they are infected with its venom (5d))


If the cobras are dispatched, and the runners walk past the second pair of columns, the pair behind them recede deploying two Nova Scorpions (see Critters pg 38).

The key to the last hazard is to run!  Once the area where the third row of pillars stood is passed, the remaining two columns descend and the room begins to flood with scarabs (flesh-eating insects).  The room ahead also begins to seal off.  The runners make an Athletics test to get to the door before it closes (may God have mercy on their souls if they don’t make it…).  Be lenient.  At least one runner should make it…

The next room is a small foyer.  There is no shelter in this room.  Only a statue of Horus and Anubis sit at either side of the next door.  Half way across the room, the chests of Horus and Anubis explode to reveal sentry guns.  They open fire where the runners stand (dumb guns, not smart).  Once the guns are destroyed the door can be entered.

The next room is like an amphitheatre.  Semoti sits on a throne at the far end, wearing the Mask of Anubis and holding the sceptre.  Several mummies charge the team and Semoti activates numerous Barrier spells.  After all the mummies are defeated, Semoti stands up and begins throwing powerful spells, as well as having numerous zealots enter with machine guns and assault rifles.  The fight should be long and hard.  For an interesting twist, if Saud was killed in the bar, have him as one of the zombies guarding Semoti.

Security Hazards: 



Critters / Automated systems

Map Legend

Cairo Museum of Antiquities

1 – Gift Shop.  Any little Egyptian-looking knick-knack is for sale in this room.  Several guards should be present in here.

2 – Office.  The owner of the museum would normally be sitting behind this desk.  Now only a few guards eat their dinner in here.  Provided the runners didn’t make too much noise upon their entry.

3 – Small Exhibit.  A few crypts are in here as well as certain other smaller objects, such as fragments of stones from the pyramids and other useless junk.  The mummies in here are animated, as well as a few zealots.

4 – Egyptian Library.  The room is full of journals that document what is known of Egyptian history, right from the first Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, until the present day.  Guards are spread around the room, in various aisles.

5 – Dynastic Egypt.  The room circles around covering each of the Egyptian Dynasties, with a list of each pharaoh, the years they ruled and advances in Egyptian culture during each Dynasty.  By the exhibit for the 18th Dynasty (Tutankhamun’s Dynasty), there are scratch marks on the floor.  The exhibit sits on castors and can be pulled out from the wall.  Behind it is a tunnel with a ladder going down.

Semoti’s Hideout – Main Defence

1 – Deadly Creatures.  The room is adorned with hieroglyphics and seven half-pillars.  See the above notes for details on how the room works.

2 – Armed Gods.  The room is very open and flat.  The only notable details are the stone statues of Horus and Anubis.  See above notes for how this room operates.

 Semoti’s Hideout – Battle Arena

1 – Crypts.  There are 6 crypts on either side of the room.  Semoti announces the rise of the dead in Egyptian on the group’s entry.  All the mummies contained attack simultaneously.

2 – Receded Floor.  The floor bares a likeness of Tutankhamun as well as bearing his name (written in hieroglyphics).

3 – Stairs that lead to the throne.  Semoti stands up when the mummies are defeated and numerous zealots flank him.  The whole group is covered with a bullet barrier and an astral barrier.  A physical barrier covers only Semoti himself.  Once the zealots are dispatched Semoti will unleash his most powerful magic (it will appear like he is possessed by Anubis himself (it isn’t, only a spirit in the God’s form).

>> Egypt?!  You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Africa.  Way too unstable.  That and it’s way too hot from me.
>> Tank

>>Whiner.  It’s a dry heat.  Besides, the political climate may suck, but is it really any more hazardous than Seattle?  We’re just better at concealing our social disasters.
>> Skeptik

>> Anything involving the ancient culture kinda of creeps me out.  Before magic came back, it was fascinating, perhaps…but now I can’t help but feel that something is off in the Nile Basin…
>> Isis

>>The day the relics of the past are returned to their rightful keepers is coming!
>> Devout

>>Who invited the nutjob?
>> Boomer

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