48 Hours

Note:  These notes were developed by another GM and posted on my old site.  I’m simply reproducing them here for everyone.  🙂

Thursday 10:28 AM. Temporary Offices of Esquire Corporation

            2 Lawyers are found dead in Mr. Johnson’s office, Minutes before the Runners arrive. An unknown agent has calcified the Lawyers, but who cares. Mr. Johnson, A short round dwarf puffing on a cigar (or a dirty stick) walks immediately towards the party, up to the biggest guy in the group.

            Mr. Johnson is Jack Burton, Legalese Gun for Hire. He fights corporate battles, which sometimes goes to the physical spectrum. He is the Best and Honest. He never plays both sides over the same issue. And most of his cases are the bloodiest battles.

“I need security NOW.  I’m offering a 4(5) figure credstick for your (he is assuming the biggest guy is leader) group’s services for 48 hours of protection starting now. Negotiate at the end of the service. Take it or leave it, I got a business to run.”

            He turns to His secretary and tells her to call a janitorial service after Lone Star is finished. He needs the Office space in two weeks for a new campaign. He turns back to the group, “You in? Let’s go.” And heads towards the parking garage.

48 Hours - Parking Garage

48 Hours - Parking Garage

                Mr. Johnson walks quickly to his very expensive transportation, when from an upper lever, a pickup truck with gangers, drive by armed with weapons. It passes them up then stops abruptly dumping one of the gangers (Skippy) out the back of the pickup onto a parked car. The gangers wear tres chic black leather and cheesy ski masks with dangling price tags. 2 gangers in the back of the pickup have Remington room-sweepers. The guy who fell out just has an Eagle Pistol. (Add more if you like). The Gangers just start firing away.

            In a round or two, a skidlid with small caliber weapon and gas canisters (One Smoke and One Puke) arrived from outside about where Mr. Johnson’s car is parked. It too engages the Runners.

            After the gangers get low on Ammo or health or whatever, they disengage and head for the exit. The ganger who fell out (If he is still alive) jumps for the truck and hangs onto the bumper. 

            Around the turn one floor below, the runners will immediately see the trunk of a parked car open with a tripod-mounted shotgun. A Decker is firing the shotgun remotely spotting anyone within view of the security cameras in the parking lot.

To help the gangers escape; the Decker drops the security gate at the exit behind the gangers. 


Thursday 11:44 AM. Le Belle Rouge Restaurant

Mr. Johnson aquires transportation (if his car isn’t totaled, to a luncheon with other executives. He is late because of this incident, and drives very fast. The luncheon goes well at there are other security for the other Mr. Johnson. They talk about an upcoming injunction against another corporation and eat real food. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Johnson calls his secretary to schedule a new meeting with the law firm to send some more lawyers. Ass they leave, the security for one of the other Mr. Johnson stops a harmless flower girl. Well she was harmless till she pulled out a grenade and blows up part of the restaurant.


Thursday 1:04 PM.  Intersection of 8th Street and Cottage Rd SE

            Driving away is fine (Their Mr. Johnson wasn’t the target) till the light up ahead changes for only one way of traffic, causing a good sized accident and possible damage to the leading car. The Decker has caught up with them and is decked in to a junction box a little ways down from the intersection. 2 Doberman Drones buzz down with suppression fire. From the Rear, riding pale Hogs, Death and Destruction approach. Large motorcycles build by Dante’ himself, bulge like fantastic animals and have a terrifying roar. Their masters are two Dark men in long dark trench coat and chaps. Even the light seems to fear them.

They rev their beasts to a deafening sound, when a third voice answers. Formed from the asphalt, a level 8 Earth Elemental joins the horsemen of Apocalypse. He is a tall cyclopean entity with street lines tattooing his body. One Mage (a bearded man like ZZ top) is a strong elementalist, the other (Looks sort of like shaq with an ugly burn scar across his chin and neck.) is a combat initiate who favors the destructive power of Acid. They are both Mercenaries, who saw the reward posted for Mr. Johnson’s head. The flower girl is part of their group.  The elemental is going to open the exec’s car like a sardine can. They all leave before the police get to the scene of the accident.

            When the Elemental is defeated, the mages will try to leave with their brownout spell of their group (modified chaos which appears that everything stops and goes quiet, then fades to black, then comes back like if you rubbed your eyes too hard. Enough time for them to escape). 


 If Mr. Johnson survives

            He calls his sec and tells her to reschedule everything for the rest of the day till tomorrow. Mr. Johnson goes home.


Thursday 5:47 PM. Silver Pine Condominiums

            Home is a Condo on the third floor of a 5-story building. In his Den are his ‘Trophies’, framed logos and articles of companies he’s taken down a peg or 2. No Wonder he has enemies. In his bedroom closet he has a tres chic security jacket. On his nightstand is a dikoted baseball b at that says ‘speak softly, but carry this’ and for special occasions and trips, he has a security blanket (1b/2i).

Mr. Johnson orders pizza delivered. The Pizza Arrives late by a tall thin boy looking very nervous. It’s his first day on the job and he already botched it. He offers them 2 bottles of luke-warm Soda if they don’t complain to the manager. He flees as fast as he can if threatened with bodily harm.


Thursday 7:07 PM Silver Pine Condominiums

            Someone’s car alarm goes off in the parking lot out front, followed by a second car alarm. Looking out the window, some drone is bouncing off cars like a pinball before gaining altitude to escape. (Never Drink and Drive, Even remotely)

48 Hours - Condo Layout

48 Hours - Condo Layout

Friday 12:10 AM. Mr. Johnson’s Condo of Silver Pine Condominiums

Middle of the night

            In the Middle of the night, the first stringers have arrived. Those with low frequency hearing will hear a low humming intermittent sound coming from around the apartment. It goes on for about 10 minutes then stops. Suddenly BOOM, a 1-meter hole blows open from the ceiling in the living room and Den and a flash pack is dropped. 4 men, two in each hole. They secure their rooms. A round later, BOOM, the entire floor of the bedroom drops to the second floor. 4 more men are there with stun grenades. One has a cooler and a machete (Someone took the memo too seriously). The 4 men below want Mr. Johnson’s head. The four men above harass the security and keep them pinned down.

If Mr. Johnson survives…

            He remembers in the morning to call his Sec to book him a Suite at the Continental hotel and then calls his Client to say that his accommodations at this time are inadequate and suggests that they should do some remodeling.


Friday 8:31 AM Mr. Johnson’s Condo of Silver Pine Condominiums

            Mr. Johnson has a Breakfast of Biscuits and gravy, washed down with a screwdriver. He takes his big stick with him this time and acquires transportation from his Secretary, if he doesn’t have any, and will head out on highway 19 West.


Friday 11:11 AM Highway 19 West

            As they cruise down the Highway, A Bulldog truck comes up from behind the rear vehicle and gives him a love tap. The Truck keeps playing with the rear car, as a nondescript car drops back to the lead car. The lead car drops a small drone out the back. It’s very limited in armor or intelligence, because of its singular function. It has a two pronged capacitor strapped to its back. When it is beneath the lead car, it discharges a serious electrical charge into the vehicle with the intent of disabling the vehicle.

            When that is done, the Bulldog will get aggressive and get around the read car while a semi drops back to box in Mr. Johnson’s vehicle. They force the vehicle down an exit to a rest stop. The exit of the rest stop is blocked by another semi. There are two cement structures, his/her bathrooms and a storage/power shed with lots of ads posted on the outside.

            Waiting for them are a dozen gangers with the same stupid ski masks. One guy (Skippy if he lived from the first combat), has a cooler and a machete. 3 have baseball bats, 1 has a hockey stick, 2 orks (Their teeth stick out of the mask) have Mauls, the other 5 have knives. The guy in the Bulldog throws out a concussion grenade, and the gangers rush in after it goes off (Skippy almost forgets that and scrambles back).

If Mr. Johnson survives….


Friday 3:12 PM Manufacturing Plant of Lyers Brothers Corporation

            It’s a large industrial Complex. It contains 2 long conveyor belts with robotic machinery, blazing away on parts and dripping molten metal into the workshop floor. Farther down in a sealed environment, noxious chemicals (Argon, Benzene, and liquid tripolymers) are being sprayed on the parts to finish production. There is a catwalk lacing the interior even though it’s almost a fully automated factory.

            Mr. Johnson walks up to the security gatehouse demanding entrance. The guard wasn’t going to allow them in, till MR. Johnson flashes a Commerce & Trade Law enforcement badge. Once inside he takes out his pocket sec and a pocket scanner, then scans the chips in some of the finished products.

After awhile he doesn’t find what he is looking for, till he scans some of the chips in the robotic arms. “Gotcha!” He yells, just before he is hit by a sniper and falls backwards. The sniper missed Killing Jack by about two inches because of the machinery was moving. 

As people take cover, The machinery goes berserk by the ever-annoying Decker, which makes the Sniper’s job a little more difficult as well.


Friday 4:18 PM Stop & Rob, 4 Blocks from the Lyer Brothers Corporation

            The Car runs low on multifuel. The AI displays a Stop & Rob and Directions are posted to get there.

            Mr. Johnson goes in for a bag of Chessey Poofs and a 32-oz Artificially Colored Imitation Coffee Substitute while he has a runner get Gas. While he goes in. A couple of Mean looking Orks come in with a big cooler. They look suspicious. They try to shop lift a case of beer in the cooler and chips. They bump into Mr. Johnson as they move around. Mr. Johnson says “Watch it.”

One of the Orks turns, “Make me old Man.”

You Get the Rest. And All they really wanted was to shoplift the Beer. 


And If Mr. Johnson Survives 


Friday 6:00 PM Highway 19 East

            An accident on the Highway causes it to take 2 and a half hours to get near the Continental Hotel.  The group grabs a quick meal and checks in to the Hotel for the final evening of the babysit.


Friday 10:00 PM Hotel Suite 30 of the Continental

A Room Service cart is delivered to the room.  It is prepaid for, and the receipt says that it goes to Suite 30.  The food is fine.  The cart is from the owner of the hotel, who appreciates the Johnson’s repeated business. 


Friday 11:04 PM Hotel Suite 30 of the Continental  

            Those dumb gangers try again.  As per usual, they are wearing those retarded ski masks, and Skippy, if alive, holds a cooler and a machete.  They throw a vomit bomb in the room to try and force out the Johnson.  The gangers are armed with clubs, knives and one has a silenced pistol.  About ten of then wait out in the hall.  If no one comes out, the gangers will hold their breath and go in swinging.  If the Johnson survives, he will call the front desk and request a new room, as this one smells bad, and he will go to sleep. 

Saturday 9:35 AM Law Firm of Pinker, Roth, Tom, Dick &Harry

            Mr. Johnson has a power breakfast of vitamins and whiskey (The real thing) and rushes off to the law firm. He gets the run around for getting new representation for his work. Fed up, he has the Runners grab Pinker and Roth from the building. He’s paying several g’s an hour for those lawyers and he wants his moneys worth.

            Mr. Johnson goes to yet another building with the kidnapped lawyers. He gives the lawyers his documentation and they are finally convinced to do their jobs.  Mr. Johnson tromps on into the building with the Lawyers in tow. The Security however doesn’t like lawyers. He motions to HIS security leader to lead the way. The Security in the building is a dozen brutes with Tazers or clubs and a hearth spirit that doesn’t like guns.

Mr. Johnson tells the runners that he wants to get to the third floor, to a Mr. White’s office.


Saturday 10:45AM. Mr. White’s Office of Lyer Brothers Corporation

Mr. White’s office

            Mr. White is the president of some corporation. He is some skinny white guy that protests Mr. Johnson coming into his office this way. Mr. Johnson presents his lawyers and tells Mr. White that an injunction has been made, barring his corporation selling an already patented product. In lamien’s terms, he is out of business. Mr. White grabs the letter opener and launches himself at Mr. Johnson. Mr. White is frothing at the mouth saying, “Why couldn’t you have just died!”

            From the shadows of a false bookshelf a physical adept launches a sneak attack and kills Pinker (Yea).  This is a small office and close quarter combat, only two people can get at the adept while he is still in the room. The adept to keep it that way is using the furniture and bodies.

If Mr. Johnson survives…

He has his secretary draw up 10K for each Runner, 12K for the ‘Leader’. He Shakes the Leader’s hand and says, “Damn fine work my boy. The next time I have to do this, I’ll know whom to call. Now I’m off to Hong Kong for a little Vacation.”   



>> Babysitting some lawyer?  There’s a thousand more where this guy comes from, why should we bother?

>> Hutch


>> Because it’s a job and it’s what we do?
>> Luxor


>> I’ve heard of this guy Burton.  He’s a real hardass.  But he’s also really good.  I think having a good lawyer as a possible contact is worth the risk, don’t you?

>> Grey


>> Don’t know who he’s pissed off this time, but they’ve got deep pockets.  You’re going to get your money’s worth, that’s for sure.

>> Mack

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