Rage Against the Machine

The runners are contacted through their usual channels.  The job promises decent pay for a “straight forward sabotage” job.  The meet is at Club Helix at 9 PM, Booth 12B.


Club Helix was founded during SURGE as a changeling club.  With the end of SURGE, the club still caters to changelings, but promotes metahuman tolerance and welcomes all kinds, so long as they check their bigotry at the door, along with their guns.  The latest in AR technology has a hologram of a DNA helix whirling over the dance floor in a dazzling display of light.  Hackers and technomancers in the crowd can find data encoded in the helix, as visitors to the bar that are interested in hooking up can post personal information that is tied to their commlink.  Interested parties can follow the commlink signal to the person and once a commlink leaves the club, that “chromosome” vanishes from the Helix.


Mr Johnson is on the upper level in a balcony booth, overlooking the dance floor.  Unsurprisingly, given the meet location, Mr. Johnson is a changeling.  He has a row of short horns erupting out from his cheekbones and elongated canines are visible when he smiles.  “Welcome and thank you for coming.  Before we begin, does anyone need anything from the bar?”  Once people have ordered anything they are going to, he settles into his chair with a glass of chardonnay.  “Let’s get down to business.  Mitsuhama is in the midst of designing a new combat vehicle that they plan on using for patrolling their kill zones.  As per usual with MCT, the vehicle will rely on automation instead of a metahuman pilot.  The last thing we need is another Mitsuhama robot.  I want you to break into the research facility, steal the plans and destroy the original.  Expect the compound to be very heavily guarded.  The facility I want you to raid is on the Northern outskirts of Renton.  I will provide you with the address and the means to contact me when you have the data.  I’m willing to pay you 30000¥ for this service.  Does that sound acceptable?”


Mr. Johnson can be negotiated up to a maximum of 40,000¥.  He represents Ares and wants to see what the robotics giant has in mind.


There is a 1km kill field around the compound where there are several standard traps.  Drones patrol the airspace and elementals guard the astral.  The grounds are littered with a myriad of traps.  The grounds are dotted with “bouncing betty” style mines that are all connected to the security grid.  The Bouncing Betties fire off a sphere of spikes soaked in Gamma-Scopolamine, which paralyzes the target.  If security is on alert, a series of sensor points scan for hostiles (anyone lacking a subscribed commlink) and launch the mine in their direction.



Map Legend (Maps use the UTCS designed for Third Edition)

Mitsuhama Research Facility

Administration – 1st Floor


1 – Washrooms.  A large room split in half, to allow privacy of the opposite genders.

2 – Stairwell.  Cb5 protected and C14 observed.

3 – Elevators.  Cb5 protected and C14 observed.

4 – Paper Library.  Cc5 protected and C14 observed.  This room is full of long tables and filing cabinets.  Hard copies of numerous projects and Mitsuhama products can be read up on in this room.  Unfortunately, the project the team is looking for isn’t on file here.

5 – Tele-Conferencing Room.  Cc6 protected and C14 observed.  One whole side of this room is covered in large monitors, used for conferencing with other branches around the globe.  The room is currently vacant and the lights are off.

6 – Conference Room.  Cc6 protected and C14 observed.  This room’s primary feature is a large table in the center of the space, with chairs around it.  There are data terminals at each spot around the table, linked to a hub at the head of the table for making presentations.  The room is vacant and dark.

7 – Private Computer Lab.  Cc6 and KP5 protected and C14 observed.  The room has several computer terminals around the room, whiteboards and racks of optical chips.  This room is only used by the owners of the offices across the hall, and their counterparts upstairs.  One of these is empty, but the other has three techs in it, working on rather nasty looking formulas.

8 – Offices.  Cc6 and KP5 protected and C14 observed.  These offices are fairly large, and nicely furnished.  A large wood desk sits in front of a large window outside.  Soft carpet covers the floors, and the chairs are wood with plush seats.  A data terminal is set into the surface of the desk.  Its sole purpose is fairly insignificant (messages, word processing, etc).  One of these offices is empty (they’re in the lab across), but the resident exec, and two others occupy the other.

9 – Electronic Security.  PS7 protected and C14 observed.  There is a camera above the door to view anyone approaching the door.  The door simply reads Security.  All camera feeds going to C14 are also received here.  There are roughly 15 people in this office, all riggers and deckers.

10 – Security Equipment.  PS7 protected and C14 observed.  Extra security equipment is stored here.  The door is unmarked and holds everything from flashlights to extra bullets.  Security is notified every time this door is opened.

11 – Lecture Room.  Cc5 protected and C14 observed.  When Mitsuhama develops a new product this is where administration comes to learn how to properly push the new product.  A large screen covers the west wall of the room, and there are plenty of seats.  The room is currently vacant and dark.

12 – Cafeteria and Lounge.  C14 observed.  This is where the employees can relax and have a cup of coffee during their breaks.  There are vending machines against the walls, as well as hot food being served around meal times.  There will always be people in here playing cards/mahjongg/go.  Security personnel will likely be present as well.

13 – Checkpoint.  Front door: KP5, Entry door: Cc5.  C14 observed.  A small group of guards watch every person entering the compound, to ensure they are using valid ID.

14 – Security.  PS7 protected and C09 observed.  This is where the manpower security is.  Additional deckers and riggers are stationed here, but several shock troops and mages are also present.

15 – Servers.  PS7 protected and C14 observed.  The administrative computers are stored in this room.  Riggers and deckers watch this room very carefully, and if any unauthorized people are detected, the room is immediately locked down.

16 – Board Room.  Cb6 protected and C14 observed.  All the big name execs in administration meet in here to discuss corporate strategy for their branch once a month.  This is not the day, so the room is dark and vacant.

17 – Data Chip Library.  Cc6 protected and C14 observed.  All types of sales data are available on these chips, for use in the Terminal Libraries.  A few techs are browsing the data when the runners enter.

18 – Terminal Libraries.  Cc6 protected and C14 observed.  There are eight terminals per room, for browsing through current projects, or archived ones stored in the Data Chip Library.  Half the terminals are already in use.


Administration – 2nd Floor


1 – Washrooms.  This large room is split down the middle to allow privacy to the opposite genders.

2 – Stairwell.  Cb5 protected, and observed by security.

3 – Elevators.  Cb5 protected, and observed by security.

4 – Offices.  Cb5 and KP5 protected.  Observed by security.  All these offices are cookie-cutter style copies of one another.  All the higher ups in administration have an office on this floor, and many offices are empty, as they are either at home, or at work at the labs in the building across the covered bridge.

5 – Lounge.  Observed by security.  All the execs get access to creature comforts in this room.  There are several trideo units, a place to smoke, a bar and some very comfortable furniture.  The center of the room has a couple pool tables.

6 – Cafeteria.  Observed by security.  There are no benches in this cafeteria.  There is comfortable seating for eight people at each round table in the cafeteria.  Hot food served from the kitchen almost constantly throughout the day, with a variety of foods to suit any employee’s palette.

7 – Kitchen.  Observed by security.  The heat in this room is significant, but the cooks run around busily all through the workday to keep hungry execs happy.

8 – Checkpoint.  Ca6 protected and observed by security.  Anyone wanting to cross the covered bridge to the other building must pass a security post manned by several guards.


R&D – 1st Floor


1 – Network Stations.  Ca6 protected and C08 observed.  Anytime a tech wishes to examine some high tech data, they can read any file in the R&D database at any time from a station in these rooms.  All files are password protected and encrypted.

2 – Offices.  PS5 and Ca5 protected.  Observed by C08.  These offices are the subtle domain of technicians with access to some important information.  The data on the hard drives on these terminals would be worth considerable money to certain outside parties.

3 – Micro-Automation.  Ca6 protected and C08 observed.  Various robotic tools work diligently at electronic components at a microscopic level.  The heat is very carefully monitored in this room.  If it rises significantly enough, security riggers will investigate to see if a mechanical team is required.

4 – Checkpoint.  Ca6 protected and C08 observed.  A couple security guards watch for people trying to walk in the front door to the compound, as do a couple of sentry guns.

5 – Security Depository.  RS5 protected and C08 observed.  This is the primary security force for the building.  The room is a storage facility for security drones.  The security office is notified the moment this door opens, authorized entry or not, and if the people are not recognized the drones activate.

6 – Repair Shop.  RS5 protected and C08 observed.  This is where all the security techies repair any malfunctioning drones.  There are several security people and 5 drones in the room, in various stages of repair.

7 – Security Servers.  RS6 protected and C08 observed.  These machines control security’s primary connection to the internal security grid.  They are very closely monitored by deckers and riggers and will bring down serious firepower on the runners if they attempt to damage the machines.

8 – Security.  RS6 and Ca6 protected.  Most of the security staff in this room are deckers and riggers, who control the vast network of drones and security systems that protect the R&D building.  If the characters are crass enough to hit security and wipe them out, all protocols for the drones are passed over to the administration deckers and riggers.

9 – Offices.  KP7 protected and C08 observed.  These offices are not overly important, as they simply house technicians when they are not busy assembling components, but need access to files like schematics or blueprints.

10 – Assembly.  Cb6 protected and C08 observed.  Technicians are busy in these rooms, assembling components before the next stage of automated assembly.  The parts they work with are insignificant themselves, but go together to make important parts of drones.  An intelligent rigger might recognize the value of the components and keep a few for themselves.

11 – Cafeteria.  C08 observed.  The food available in this room is limited but quite good.  The human staff in this building has been minimized, so there is limited seating.  There is a large amount of automated cooking machines ready to crank out the bulk food of the day, as well as numerous vending machines.

12 – Lounge.  C08 observed.  There’s not much to this lounge area.  A few couches, an old trid and a flatvid, and a few tables adorned with playing cards and magazines.  A couple of techs are present, watching the trid.

13 – Supplies.  KP5 protected and C08 observed.  This supply room holds a lot of stuff for a multitude of tasks.  There are cleaning supplies for the cleaning bots, soldering irons, solder, duct tape, tools and an assortment of electronic components.

14 – Ladies Washroom.

15 – Stairs.  C08 observed.

16 – Men’s Washroom.

17 – Elevators.  C08 observed.

18 – Computer Modeling.  Ca6 protected and C08 observed.  The room is littered with computers and several larger host servers, which run the impossibly large models through its system to look for flaws in the latest designs from the techs.

19 – Drafting.  Ca6 protected and C08 observed.  Where the Modeling room looks for flaws in a design, this is where a design is entered.  Because new designs aren’t an every day thing, the room is often vacant, as is the case when the runners hit.

20 – Cleaner Storage.  Cb6 protected and C08 observed.  All the cleaning bots that keep the building looking pristine are stored in this room.

21 – Additional Security.  PS6 protected and C08 observed.  The drones stored in this unmarked room deploy the moment an active alarm sounds, and move to protect the elevators and stairs from intruders.

The security door protecting the remaining rooms is locked with a Ca7 lock.

22 – Computer Database.  RS6 protected and C08 observed.  The computers in this room allow the technicians to access any schematic in the system.  If the team has no hacker in the team, this may be the only way they can access the data and destroy it.

23 – Chip Processing.  RS6 protected and C08 observed.  Chips made in the Micro-Automation Lab are sent here for the final burns to make them operational.  They are fused to another complex series of processors that make the Advanced Pilot of the drones.  Once these are built, they are sent to Macro-Automation.

24 – Warehouse.  PS6 protected and C08 observed.  All the assembled drones built in the compound are stored here until they are shipped to a needy compound.  If the runners enter this room, and raise the alarm, there are a LOT of drones that can be activated in this room.

25 – Macro-Automation Lab.  PS6 protected and C08 observed.  This is where the drones are assembled.  All the tiny pieces have been built into larger components, and the large components are assembled into drones.  None of the drones in this room have been tuned to the security grid, so they cannot attack.


R&D – 2nd Floor


1 – Head Office.  RS6 and VR5 protected.  The head exec of the compound owns this office.  It is very large and has so much expensive furniture that the runners could make a good amount of money if they could get away with it.  The man sits behind the desk, examining his personal finances, and will hit the PanicButton immediately if the door opens.  He also has a platinum DocWagon contract, if he is killed.

2 – Offices.  Ca6 and KP7 protected.  Observed by security.  The execs that own these offices are not present at the moment, but they are higher up on the food chain than those in the other building.  They also have access to more sensitive data.

3 – Conference Room.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  All the top-level execs meet in this room periodically to discuss corporate strategy and the latest designs being put forth by the techs.

4 – Additional Security.  PS6 protected and observed by security.  Extra drones for this floor are deployed from this room, so they can quickly reach the elevators and the executive offices.

5 – Cleaning Drones.  Observed by security.  At the end of the day, these drones are deployed to ensure the upper floor remains spotless.

6 – Stairs.  Observed by security.

7 – Elevators.  Observed by security.

8 – Digital Sculpting.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  The computers in this lab have only limited access to the database, as their primary function is to digitally render the shape of a drone being designed, and find flaws in that design.

9 – Finance Office.  Ca6 and KP7 protected.  Observed by security.  This is the office of the on-duty accountant.  Though rather plain, the office is fairly large is almost completely lined with bookcases.

10 – Archives.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  This room is long and lined with shelves.  The shelves are buried in books and racks of chips.  Anything from old warranties and financial records to scraped designs are stored in here.  If the runners want to try to find anything of value from the mess, they’ll be at it for a while.

11 – Checkpoint.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  Two guards man this post, as do a pair of sentry guns, to allow people access to the R&D building and the bridge.

12 – Local Servers.  PS6 protected and observed by security.  These servers are used primarily by the executives to store their private information (finances, covert slush funds, etc).  These machines are closely monitored.

13 – Primary Lab.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  A lot of the design ideas for new Mitsuhama gadgets are conceived in this room.  The room serves as a think tank during brainstorming sessions, and as a modeling lab otherwise.

14 – Private Lab.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  These rooms are used by techs that are working on their own personal projects instead of a major company project.

15 – Cafeteria.  Observed by security.  The modest appearance of this cafeteria belies the fact that this cafeteria serves the best food on the compound, as the big wigs eat here.

16 – Washrooms.

17 – Hacker Lab.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  The terminals in this room have no access for those without a datajack.  Hitcher jacks and cyberdecks are the only way to use these terminals, and even then, this room is for designing only.

18 – Lab Supplies.  Ca7 protected and observed by security.  Various lab supplies are available in this room, including Hitcher cables for the Decker lab.

19 – Lounge.  Observed by security.  The room has trid units, tables, and lots of seating.  The far end of the lounge is a sectioned of area, protected by a KP6 lock, that the execs use.  Traces of narcotics can be found in the room, as well as several porn videos.  The furnishings are really high quality, and the trid is huge.  There are no cameras in this room.

A security door, locked with a Ca8 Maglock, blocks off the last room.

20 – Backup Generator.  KP8 protected and observed by security.  The backup generator is locked away in this room.  If the runners truly wanted to shut down power to the compound they must shut it down from the Matrix, as well as destroying this generator.


>>So, we’re supposed to steal technology that will be used to kill us and give it to someone else?  I’m all for a decent paycheque, but it’s seems shortsighted.

>> Bastian


>>Agreed.  Of course, if we were men and women of honour, we’d simply steal it and destroy it.  Make the lives of our comrades easier in the future.

>> Inquisitor


>>Don’t kid yourself, Inquisitor.  If we destroy this one, the same brains behind it will develop something nastier in its place.  I’ll just do what I’m paid to do, thanks.

>> Murdoch


>>Future be damned, huh?  Suit yourself.

>> Inquisitor

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