Thou Shalt Not…

The team is contacted by their usual fixer about a possible job. He/She tells them that the Johnson for this run is rather…unusual. Though the runners may be hesitant to take the run because of this, it is unusual because the Johnson is a Roman Catholic priest.

The meet takes place at a church in Renton, near the Redmond Barrens. The church isn’t rich, but the priest is well known in the neighbourhood. The meeting is right after lunch in the main church.

Once the runners enter the church, they will see him kneeling before a giant wooden cross, muttering prayers in Latin. He stands to face the runners, and studies them well. He will be appalled by any obvious cyberware, and will frown on anything he believes to be magical.

“Welcome to Lady of Mercy Church. It is only by God’s will that we are standing here today, as I debated long and hard before deciding upon this course of action. I believe that it is for the betterment of this neighbourhood, that the people around here do not realize the strife our church is going through right now, which is why you have been summoned.

One of our local priests has been led astray. He was given the unholy power of magic, and believed that the totem of Dog was beckoning him to follow it. He had already pledged his love to God, and was hence forbidden to study the magic his totem demanded. He went behind the church’s back and learned the magic anyways. The evil energies of the magic twisted his mind, and he has now left the congregation. He left his diary in the church, and we discovered that he has set himself on a path of self-destruction. He has made a promise to himself that he will break each of the Ten Commandments, laid out by God, to increase his power.

The Church implores you to find out Father Borland, and bring him back here before he completes his vile deeds, so we may turn him back toward the path of righteousness.”

The runners will likely be rolling their eyes after listening to the preaching of the priest. If any of them ask about payment, the priest frowns and says “The Church is prepared to pay you 8,000¥ for your services.”

Hopefully, the runners will be happy to try and stop a magical threat from doing bad things to the trusting neighbourhood. The priest will likely remind the runners that the church wants Borland taken alive.

The priest gives the runners the diary to look over, but the priest won’t allow it to be taken out of the church. Anyone with a Magic Background skill can make a Magic(4) test after reading the diary, with a success telling them that the rogue priest is becoming toxic poisoner (loves causing destruction and death). Conversion from a toxic entity once a path is chosen is nearly impossible (but the priest will not believe that), so the runners will likely end out having to kill Borland in the end. According to his diary, the dichotomy between his Christian beliefs and his totemic beliefs were tearing him apart emotionally until he snapped. The last entry states his belief that the switching over to being a Toxic Dog shaman had already broken the first 3 commandments over the period of his breakdown, which gave him 7 other commandments to break:

– Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy

– Honour thy father and mother: that thy days may be long

– Thou shalt not kill

– Thou shalt not commit adultery

– Thou shalt not steal

– Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

– Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, not his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbour’s


Here is the course of events that the toxic priest will follow:


Saturday – Late at night, right around midnight, a small group of shadowrunners breaks into the church, plant an anchoring focus behind the cross and steals the Johnson’s rosary/crucifix. (This does not count as breaking the 8th commandment, as he didn’t do it personally).

Sunday – During the morning service, if the church was successfully broken into and everything done according to plan, roughly an hour into the service, Borland completes a ritual sending of a Stench spell onto the Johnson. As the putrid stench fills the air, the churchgoers start panicking, as some begin throwing up from the smell. The anchoring focus attached to the cross is triggered by the Stench spell and spontaneously ignites the cross with an anchored Fireball. The Johnson is taken to a hospital and quarantined until a mage is able to break the hold the spell has on the priest. The 4th commandment is broken.

Monday – The same team of shadowrunners break into the Johnson’s home and plant evidence in the house regarding an insurance scam. If the runners don’t discover it, the Johnson will be arrested, and an article will run on the evening news, stating how evidence was found that the Johnson (Father Greene) had rigged the fire in his own church to collect the insurance money and move out of Seattle. He is now being detained for questioning. The 9th commandment is broken.

Tuesday – The perpetrator wastes no time! Over the span of the day, Father Greene has his house burnt down, his wife raped (DNA leads to Borland) and his car stolen. A note is left at the church that states that the 7th, 8th and 10th commandments have all been broken. The team is rapidly running out of time.

Thursday – Lone Star releases Father Greene, after not having enough evidence to convict him. As he returns to the church, Borland drives by, and launches a Fireball at the Father at deadly force. If the runners are not present, he dies and the 6th commandment is broken, as is any hopes that they will be paid.

Friday – Borland’s parents are found dead, their bodies slashed and pissed on. Written on the wall in their blood is “The last commandment is broken. Caelum somnium. Hell a terra iam!” (Heaven is a dream. Hell on Earth is nigh! In Latin).

After the week is over the toxic shaman will attack random victims in the neighbourhood of the old church, which he will quickly burn down afterwards.


The toxic dog shaman lives in an abandoned lot that is covered in garbage, and abandoned cars. There is a mild background count, as it is a toxic domain. Rabid dogs and toxic city spirits guard the lot. Borland sits in the back seat of a burned out station wagon, eating something that may have been meat at one time or another. He acts civil, but in actuality, he is a raving madman, and cannot keep up the façade for long. Borland has the following spells:

Animal Sight Force 5, Agony Force 5, Stench Force 6, Silence Force 4, Control Pack Force 5, Fireball Force 6, Physical Barrier Force 5, Fling Force 4

The runners have the ultimate decision on whether or not to forfeit the money and kill him outright, or to obey the Johnson’s wishes and bring him in alive. The man is too far-gone to be deterred from his toxic course, and if brought in alive, he will kill the Johnson and continue killing and causing mayhem. The runners will hopefully choose to see things through to the end, but if not, Borland will continue to gain power, so if the runners know what’s good for them, they will finish him early.

>>Anyone else think it’s curious that this church turned to the shadows instead of the cops?
>> Skeptik

>>God works in mysterious ways…

>>Save the sermon.  The Star isn’t about to react just because some preachy ass in a black suit thinks someone ‘strayed from the path’.  We see nuyen and jump into action.

>>Bring a mage on this one…this errant priest doesn’t just have a diseased mind.

~ by 1nsomniac on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thou Shalt Not…”

  1. Just an FYI, A Roman Catholic Priest… According to Catholic Doctrine, ordained priest are celebant and can not marry.

    • Ah nuts… you’re right, of course. I suppose I’ll have to pick another branch of the Christian faith to pick on…one that, you know, makes sense.

      Thanks for pointing out my rather obvious error… 😉

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