Forced A.W.O.L.

The runners are come across an advertisement from a woman in Everett that simply states:

Needed: Individuals willing to travel to locate lost husband. Decent pay. SIN not required for payment. Contact Mrs. Brooke at Seattle RTG 184-527-629.

If (When) runners inquire, Mrs. Brooke asks to meet them at her house in Everett. She seems upset, yet distant when they talk to her.

“I’m very concerned about my husband. It’s almost like he’s dropped off the edge of the Earth. David’s enlisted in the UCAS military and he used to write to me every month. His letters stopped coming about 4 months ago. Initially, I wasn’t worried, as the UCAS usually sends members of the military into the bush for long periods. But, I sent a letter to the military, asking when my husband would be able to reciprocate my letters. They told me that they have no record of my husband on file. He has never been in the military, so they say. I know for a fact he was, after going to several military functions and seeing my husband off when he left for duty. They’re hiding him from me and I want you to find out why. I can pay you 25,000¥ and cover your travel expenses. Will you do this for me?”

Many runners will accept this on principle. For the money-grabbing thugs, she cannot up the payment (she’s only a citizen, after all).

She sighs with relief on hearing that the runners will do it. “My husband was stationed in the Pan-African Federation, in what used to be Zaire. I can provide plane tickets to Cairo, and a friend of my husband will meet you at the Cairo airport and fly you into the Congo by helicopter. He will return for you in 36 hours, and if you’re not there, he will return in another 24 hours. Any other questions?”

Try to give answers to the runner’s questions. The runners leave from SeaTac airport for Cairo the next morning. Once in Cairo, an Islamic individual named Saud will meet the runners by the private baggage carousel (only way to get equipment across the ocean). He leads the runners to a helicopter behind the main terminal. The flight into the jungle should be interesting. Various clans quarrel below, and some shoot at the helicopter. Saud behaves like this is nothing special. He lands in a clearing in the middle of nowhere and tells the runners that the base is a mile to the north, and a lake slightly east of the base.

Have some paracritters and the like en route to the facility.

The base looks derelict, like it hasn’t been maintained in a while. The UCAS flag is torn and another flag has been raised beneath it, though the symbols mean nothing to the runners. The electrified fence around the perimeter is still active.

Security Hazards:


Internal security?

Electrified Fence

Cameras and motion detectors


There are too ways into the facility. The main gate, and a water intake, which feeds off of a lake not too far from the base. The outer compound (between all the buildings) is the hunting grounds of several Bandersnatch. The entire compound has no power. Ghouls, many of which wear UCAS army uniforms, have commandeered most of the buildings on the compound. Some ghouls are barely clothed. These ghouls are exiles from Asamondo and will attack mindlessly. The former soldiers make a Willpower( 8 ) test to see if they give into their ghoulish tendencies and attack. Ones who don’t submit will try to ascertain why the runners are there. If they learn of the runner’s cause they will let them pass, and ghouls who make numerous successes on the Willpower test may even assist the runners in finding David.

David lurks in an office in the main HQ. He is armed with a Walther Sniper Rifle with a laser sight. The moment anyone enters the room he levels the sniper rifle at the people who enter. If the runners do anything suspicious, he will fire. Once he is convinced the team are not ghouls, he will accompany the runners out of the base. Ghouls, Bandersnatch and possibly other paracritters will try to stop their escape. Ghouls will make a final attempt when the runners head for the helicopter. A large group of ghouls lies in waiting for the runners at the clearing. Once the team is away, the return trip is uneventful.

>>What the frag?  I ain’t flyin’ out to the middle of Africa for peanuts…
>> Biohazard

>>Yeah really…this has got ‘bad vibe’ written all over it…

>>I dunno…who knows what a friend in the UCAS army could be worth.  Might be worth the risk.

>>Then, by all means…take the job.  Hopefully you won’t be going solo.

~ by 1nsomniac on January 8, 2009.

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