A Journey to the Dark Side

Note: This run is well outside the normal realm of Shadowrun (an alternate game type, if you will) and may not be suited for many people’s games. Draw from that what you will…

A Japanese man in a lab coat hires the runners. He is open about his affiliation with Shiawase in Seattle. Runners holding grudges versus Shiawase should not be permitted on this run, for the sake of the other runners (unless you want things to go all screwy). The Johnson says the following:

“Welcome. Normally, protocol would dictate that I not reveal my affiliations, but due to the sensitive nature of our work, I will be blunt. I work for Shiawase Envirotech here in Seattle. One of our leading scientists was working on some new biological research when he mysteriously vanished. We can find no trace of him or his current project. We believe another corporation may have kidnapped him. We are uncertain why they would want him or his research, and we are also uncertain how they could take him without us noticing. You are hereby recruited to locate and retrieve our missing man, and recover any pertinent data regarding the current project. I cannot reveal to you the nature of the project, so you must locate our scientist and he will recover the necessary materials. Payment for services rendered will be approximately 175,000¥ each.”

The Johnson will not reveal the nature of the project under any circumstances. What is unknown even to the Johnson is that the project was a joint venture between Shiawase Envirotech and Shiawase Atomics. They were trying to make a new power source more powerful than nuclear and more environmentally friendly. The higher ranks of Shiawase are freaking out about the disappearance of their scientist, as they don’t want one of their head physicists selling off their secrets.

If the runners take up the mission (they likely will), the Johnson will continue:

“The only lead we have is the scientist’s lab. Here is a keycard that will gain you access to the lab. Everything is as we found it. The lab was locked when we found it. It is under a local school, in the converted basement.”

If the runners inquire about why it’s under a school, he will reply:

“It was a safe location. We aren’t doing anything hazardous, as it’s only biological work. There was no chance of bio-hazardous materials being present, and if the lab were sabotaged, those responsible would become public enemy number one, as the school would collapse and it is a meta-friendly school. The perpetrators would look like hate crime activists.”

“Here are samples of the scientist’s fingerprints and the address for the school. Try to be prompt. My superiors would like this resolved as soon as possible.”

The School

The Johnson overlooked one issue. If the runners go to the school at night the door is locked, and it requires a classic style key. They will be forced to break in and set off an alarm. Lone Star’s response time is 20 minutes. Also, at night they will find a small group of thugs spray-painting hate slogans on the back wall of the school. They won’t like being asked questions about their whereabouts a few nights ago, and will attack on sight if there are any metahumans in the group. They will retreat quickly if they start losing the fight. If the group waits until the morning they can enter the school freely and make their way to the basement. A teacher should stop them and ask them why they are there, but he won’t offer any resistance. If the runners behave aggressively, he will notify Lone Star of their presence.

They will find the lab without difficulty. All the rooms in the basement have wooden doors, but the lab has a metallic door with a card slot beside it. The Shiawase logo adorns the door with the clause “Sponsoring the education of metas since 2057”.

When the door opens, the lab lays in ruins before them. Papers are strewn across the room; the large filing cabinet lies on its side and anything glass in the room has shattered. If the runners fingerprint the room, they will only find fingerprints of the scientist. The papers strewn about are all written in Japanese and unless the runners are familiar with several forms of Physics, they won’t be able to make sense of anything written down. If the runners search inside the central lab bench (draw map on reverse), they will find nothing except four weird looking contraptions that serve no visible purpose in each corner under a cursory search. Under an intense search, they can find a hidden compartment in the floor. They can do a Perception test on sight or sound. There is a mechanical object under the floor, so they can either notice the removable plank or hear the hum of the machine. An electrical panel with a couple buttons faces upward. It has a light blinking above a button that reads: “Push to Reset”

If they push the button, the light stops blinking and a new light turns on above a button that reads: “Push to Test”. If the runners push the button the room fills with a bright light.

Welcome to Hell


When the light fades, they stand in the ruins of the lab. It’s really cold (even for Seattle), even if it was the middle of summer. It is very dark and all the lights are broken. There are holes in the ceiling that look up into a black sky. The door to the lab lies on the floor, and is an older style than the original door. The upper floor of the school appears to have been shelled by heavy artillery, as has the surrounding neighbourhood. There are no stars in the sky and no moon. It is extremely dark outside, as most of the lights in the city are out. All the cars sitting at the side of the road are all burnt and unusable. They all appear to be classics, from before the Awakening. Regardless of the direction the runners take, after a short while a group of Corps Cadavre (Critters pg. 25) will approach them and attack. Some will attack barehanded; most will carry some form of club or sharp object. Very few will be armed with firearms.

Seattle will seem very small to the runners (the reason will become apparent later), as the school was in the plex when they entered but in the outskirts now. Once they reach the city limits, they should be attacked by a small group of Ghouls (Critters pg. 30). They will reach a large intersection shortly after their battle with the ghouls. Zombies should pour out of the surrounding ruins and head toward the group. There should be A LOT of them. Make it look hopeless.

After they kill a few, they should hear a few shots from overhead and a few zombies drop dead. A jeep will plough through the undead ranks, and pull up beside the runners.

“Get in!”

It’s likely the runners will do so. Once aboard and free of the zombies, the man in the passenger seat will turn around and aim a submachine gun at the least human member and say:

“Don’t move.”

If the runners ask what’s up the man replies:

“I don’t exactly what the hell you are, but you were shooting at the zombies, so that’s a point in your favour. We still don’t trust you, so just stay quiet and enjoy the fact that you’re still alive.”

They pull up to the ruined remains of a shopping mall, and descend into an underground parking garage. They are escorted into the remains of a security office, where a man in old style military fatigues sits, smoking. If there are any trolls or orks in the group, he will sit in stunned silence for a while before talking.

“What the hell happened to you folks?”

He will be cautious about metahumans and any obvious cyberware.

“Orks, trolls, elves, dwarfs, magic…sounds like a science fiction novel to me. Why don’t you fellas tell me the truth, and tell me what the hell those buggers did to you?”

After the runners persist that they undead didn’t do anything to them, one might offhandedly mention their past. To that the guy replies:

“What year did you say?…That ain’t possible. It’s only 1993. The human race is nearly extinct. It’s all because of one man. Back in the sixties, a man seemingly came from nowhere and appeared in the city of Essen, Germany. The man’s name is Lofwyr. (Let this sink in, if you have long time gamers) Claimed he was this big time sorcerer. Many people flocked to him, like he was some form of God. The president of Germany secretly plotted to have him assassinated. All the assassins turned up dead, publicly mutilated and mounted on the parliament steps. The U.N. got involved, seeing this Lofwyr character as a potential threat. An armed force went in to stop him. Those that weren’t killed became his servants. A blackness cover Germany and days later Lofwyr proclaimed himself Chancellor. Nobody knew how it happened, but he conquered the country in less than a week. The rest of Europe was unable to hold him back and soon all of Europe belonged to the Chancellor. The Christians feared that this new Hitler was the Antichrist and set forth on a new version of the Crusades. Months after they disappeared under the blanket of blackness they returned, wearing their tattered Crusades uniforms and helped Lofwyr pillage Asia. Asia fell quickly to what we now know was raging hordes of undead creatures. Europe and Asia were renamed to the Empire of Saeder-Krupp. It took a while, but his evil spread across the Atlantic and quickly laid waste to NewYork. Most of Canada and the U.S. have fallen before the dark armies, but the darkness covers the globe. You probably don’t know this but the sun hasn’t risen in almost ten years. People thought Seattle was bad before…HA!”

He pauses in his history lesson and takes a deep drag from his cigarette.

“Anyways, there are very few pockets of resistance left. We are one of the stronger ones. We refer to ourselves as shadowrunners, since we survive by hiding in dark places where the Dark Forces can’t find us.”

The runners will probably know now that they are in some parallel dimension and need to find the scientist quickly. When asked about the scientist the general will reply:

“I remember some Oriental guy screaming out in Japanese, but it hasn’t been a spoken language for several years, so nobody knew what he was saying. He said something about Shia-something-or-other, and the future, but the zombies got to him before we could. It was unusual cause they took him away instead of killing him like they normally would. Why’s he so special?”

The runners may tell the General about the contraption that sent them there, and that if he built one here they may contaminate their own timeline.

“Hmmm…OK, tell you what. I wouldn’t wish this fate on anybody. If your reality is better than this, I’d hate to see Lofwyr destroy your world as well. We’ll get some rest, and we’ll attack the local compound. We don’t have much ammunition left, but we have some decent clubs and knives if you need more weapons. Your ordinance looks pretty high-tech, it’s a shame we can’t get our hands on that kind of equipment. My group will cover your entrance, but once you are inside, I’m afraid you maybe on your own. The compounds are always erected in graveyards, so the number of zombies will be high.”

The Compound


The compound is indeed in a graveyard. About 10 guards armed with pistols and swords will flank the group. The graveyard will have 15 zombies and 7 ghouls guarding the front door. The fight should be fairly intense. Once inside the building, the layout will be fairly simple. There will be several chambers en route. The first will be guarded by one or two human mages who wear a S-K emblem on the front of their tunics. The mages should be considered Superior or Superhuman and Trained or Professional depending on the skill of your runners. In the next chamber, there should be 2 or 3 Gargoyles (Critters pg. 29-30) blocking the next doorway. Once the runners are past the Gargoyles, the next room is large and looks similar to the lab at the school. A man in a white Shiawase lab coat works diligently in a corner while 5 guards watch over him. The guards will immediately attack upon seeing the runners. The guards should be considered Superior and Professional. The scientist will thank the runners for saving him, as he had just completed the device and was stalling for time. The evil scientists had built most of it already; they just used him to finish the job. The scientist wants to rig the machinery to explode, shortly after they return to their own time. If the runners don’t have explosives, the resistance troops will have grenades and will agree to destroy the lab afterwards. The runners will return to their own dimension, and appear in a lawyer’s office. They can return to Envirotech and meet the Johnson and deliver the scientist. The group will be paid the agreed amount and can negotiate for more, for danger pay to a maximum of 215,000¥. After they leave it should be noted that later in the week, the scientist that you had rescued was found dead in a dumpster with a bullet hole in his head.

GM note : This storyline can be used to spawn a whole series of runs regarding Lofwyr. It states in the Corporate Download, that Lofwyr’s attentions seem to be moving away from directing the corporation of Saeder-Krupp. Could it be that his attentions are being diverted toward world conquest in another plane of existence? Could he be planning something similar on Awakened Earth? Perhaps he’s building his strength there so he can attack Awakened Earth with a full-fledged army… ultimately, it is up to the GM.

>>Another wayward scientist…Honestly, what are the odds that he wasn’t extracted?
>> Hangman 

>>That was my thinking as well, although I can’t find a single reference anywhere about this guy.  Why would someone extract a scientist with no rep? 

>>Anyone know anything about his current project? 
>> Pistons 

>>It’s Shiawase Atomics…likely some new kind of power source. 

>>Must be interesting to swipe this peon for it… 

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