Crystal of Light

The runners are hired by an ork in a business suit. He will not name his employer but he works for Wuxing. He will meet them at a bar named The Alibi. He is seated in a dark corner of the bar in a private booth. He says nothing to the runners until they are seated.

“I will say this as simply as I can. Hawker-Siddley has in their custody a magical artefact dubbed the Crystal of Light. Nobody knows what powers it contains and no one can tap into its powers. Those who have tried have gone mad. My employers believe that an artefact with such power should not sit in unknowledgeable hands. My employer’s researchers seek to unlock the powers of the crystal. We would like to hire you to break into Hawker-Siddley and steal the crystal. I will rendezvous with you here in two days time, where we can make the trade. If you are not here by 7:00PM I will assume that you have been captured, or killed, and you will not find me again. I offer each of you 10,000¥ apiece for the theft of this jewel. I can award you 2,000¥ now with the rest payable on delivery.”

The GM could supply a hacker for the run, in the absence of a player hacker. If an NPC hacker is supplied, he will betray the team at the worst possible time during the run. Hawker-Siddley is a subsidiary of Aztechnology and many runners won’t know that off the top of their head, so they’d accept before they realized whom they were targeting. A fixer, for the right price, would tell runners that H-S is affiliated with Aztech.

The compound of H-S is on the outskirts of Everett and the complex is massive. There is a tall, electrified fence around the perimeter, with only one opening. The guardhouse has cameras looking into any passing vehicles, and tire killers in the ground. Use as many guards as you deem appropriate for your team. H-S guards should be equally as paranoid as Aztech guards, but there likely won’t be any Jaguar or Leopard guards present. Once inside they should search the building intently. Use either a smaller multi-story building or one huge one story complex. If the team is in a dead-end hallway, your hacker should act quickly. Have a door into an unimportant room at the end of a hallway. As they pass a certain point have a security door slam behind them and a silent alarm go off. If the runners ask the hacker for assistance, he will laugh and explain to them that he received a better offer from Aztech. He betrayed the team and is laughing all the way to the bank. Security will arrive at the security door shortly thereafter. The team will likely want to abort the mission, and get out as soon as they can. A large group of Aztech guards should attack them, perhaps including some paracritters, to help hunt them down. It’s an Aztech building, so anything you want could be in this building.

If the runners aren’t betrayed, or they are betrayed but choose to press on, the Crystal is stored in the basement in an armoured case. The trick with the Crystal is that it is a magical void. Anyone near the Crystal cannot cast magic and any magic cast at them is absorbed by the Crystal.
If the runners survive the betrayal and subsequent ambush, it will be the GM’s discretion whether the traitorous hacker will remain a playable character, with many enemies, or whether he/she will become an NPC. If they become an NPC, they could become a freelancer, or become a lackey for the Azzies. It greatly depends on your character’s motivations, whether it’s greed or just being a complete prick.


All legends use the UTCS found in the Third Edition notes.
Map Legend – First floor

1 – The lift to the lower level. Cb5 protected, and C04.
2 – Small offices, used by secretaries and low-ranking officials. KP3 protected.
3 – Magical Studies Lecture Hall. Cd2 protected. Auditorium seating and the room has half a dozen mages studying in the room. Any of them has a Card Key d on them.
4 – Security. PS4 on the door identifies each guard’s palm print. All hallway cameras are routed to this room. 6 guards, 1 mage, security rigger contained within.
5 – Janitor stations. No locks. Cleaning supplies kept within.
6 – Senior executive office. Cc4 protected. Exec inside office will trip alarm when he sees runners enter. He has a Level c passkey.
7 – Science Labs. KP5 protected. Each lab has 6 scientists, 3 guards and potentially a mutant critter, which was enduring the experiments.
8 – Genetics Lab. KP5 protected. Each lad has several caged mutant paracritters. There are switches around the lab to release the animals.
9 – Magic Library. PS6 palm print protected. An enormous collection of hermetic books adorns the walls. 5 mages and 4 scientists are present in the building. One of the scientists has a Level b keycard.
10 – Maintenance. Tools are kept here, as well as the main access to the ventilation system. PS3 fingerprint scanner access.
11 – Power grid. The main power system is here. Where shutting down the power will deactivate all cameras and sentry guns, it also stops card readers, keypads and elevators from working as well.
12 – Chemistry Lab. KP5 protected. Each one has a chemical storeroom, multiple workbenches and extensive ventilation. 3 scientists and 2 guards in each room.
13 – Biotech Ward. No lock but it has C04. First aid supplies and patches fill this room. 3 doctors, 1 scientist and 1 guard are present.
14 – Store room. All extra medical, biological and chemical supplies are stored in separate compartments in this room. KP3 protected.
Most halls are monitored by C04. The hallway guarding the elevator has two sentry guns that are set off if someone enters the hallway by room 7 in the southwest corner without using the keypad on its southwest side. There is also a 50% chance that a couple guards wait around the next corner, patrolling the halls. If there is a guard present roll 1d6.
1-2 – Security Drone. Doberman armed with HK-227.
3-4 – Two guards. Roll 1d6. 1-3 facing toward runners, 4-6 facing away.
5-6 – One guard. Bored and not paying attention.

Map Legend – Basement

1 – The lift to the upper level. Cb5 protected, and C04 (upper floor).
2 – Viral Study Labs. Cb4 protected, as well as C06. Inside is an airlock for decontamination and a booth off to the side for safe viewing. Two scientists in chemsuits work diligently in the labs.
3 – Viral Storage. Cb4 protected, as well as C06. Door has a biohazard symbol on it. The inside is heavily refrigerated. The room is empty of human presence.
4 – Records. Cb5 protected as well as C06. Most of the data is kept on terminals around the room (should be shut off, due to the hacker’s actions). Some data is kept on hard copy. Could be worth nuyen to someone…
5 – Head scientist offices. PS palm print of one of the two scientists. One is in each of the Viral Labs. Inside the offices is a Level a keycard and any data collected on the Crystal.
6 – Scientific security. PS palm print of any guard. All basement cameras are routed to this room. 8 guards, 1 mage and 1 security rigger are stationed here.
7 – Main Research Lab. Ca8 protected, as well as C06. The room is broken down in to several cubicles where various experiments are being done. At the far end of the room is the Crystal, which emits a glow, that has no particular colour. A visible laser trap obstructs the way, which can be deactivated with a KP8 with anti-tamper(2). The alarm will bring down 3 sentry guns, guards and critters.
Most halls are monitored by C06. Sentry guns are posted by the elevator, and if the runners are seen by the first camera, the sentry guns fill the elevator with ammo. There is also a 50% chance that a couple guards wait around the next corner, patrolling the halls. If there is a guard present roll 1d6.
1-2 – Security Drone. Doberman armed with HK-227.
3-4 – Two guards. Roll 1d6. 1-3 facing toward runners, 4-6 facing away.
5-6 – One guard. Bored and not paying attention.

Bathrooms can be found in rooms 3, 7, 9

>>Steal a rock?  For that much cred?  Anyone know what the catch is?

>> What’s the catch?!  The catch is you’re fragging with the Azzies.  Tread lightly on this one.  Who knows what those twisted bastards have lined up.
>>Pyramid Watcher

>>That isn’t half of it…rumour has it that this crystal has a bizarre magical property that absorbs mana nearby and can render a mage powerless.  Be careful whomever transports this thing.

>>Jeez, with all this going on behind the facade, I guess the Johnson could be getting a bargain…

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