The runners are contacted through their usual channels about a job. The fixer tells them that they would be working for “shady types”, but the pay is decent. If the team is interested in taking the job, the meet is in 4 hours at an office complex in Bellevue.

The meet happens shortly after sunset at a tired looking office complex divided into assorted units. The meet occurs in unit 14, which has a large “For Rent” sign in the window. The team finds the front door unlocked and the space mostly deserted. Unmarked boxes line this space, which are barely visible in the dim lighting. At the far end of the unit, light can be seen shining out from under a door.

Simply walking in will put them at the business end of numerous SMGs. If they think to knock, a voice on the far side of the door orders the team to leave their weapons outside.

Mr. Johnson has cameras all over the unit to see if the runners snoop through the boxes or fail to check their guns. As usual, a hacker can try to perform an Electronic Warfare test to discover the Hidden network.

Beyond the doors is a large office, whose serenity belies those inside. A man in a grey suit and horn-rimmed glasses sits behind a simple wooden desk. The butterscotch colored walls are dotted with the occasional painting and two potted palms adorn the corners behind the desk. Between the palms are a row of burly goons (all human or ork), wielding SMGs. While the Johnson has a smile on his face, his entourage all wears heavy scowls.

“Welcome. Please, sit.”

Any team members that failed to check weapons will be heavily scrutinized by the bodyguards.

When the team is settled, the Johnson begins talking with a light Irish accent. “I have need of your services, as others in my organization seem to be blind to what is before them. Depending on how your efforts pan out, I may have more work for you shortly after this job has run its course, should you be interested.

“What I require is for you to find out who is skimming money off of our profit margins. My family has friends in the drug trade and they have unwisely allowed outsiders to operate within their turf. In exchange for a hefty land tax, a band of Columbians have set up shop in our Novacoke production cycle. The Columbians manufacture and sell the Novacoke and we take the profits. Not a bad system, really. But someone in the process has been skimming and I want you to find out who. There are four people in this cycle. I fully expect it to be one of those Columbian bastards, but I need to know for sure. We’ve already lost 30,000¥ and the losses need to end. Interested?”

Mr. Johnson works for the Ciarnello Mafia family. He is worried about Cartel members operating within the Bigio family’s turf. Since Mr. Johnson is more of an accountant than a street level thug, he has been watching the profit margin slowly dropping over the past year.

If the team says they are interested thus far, Mr. Johnson continues. “Very well. The first man in the chain is a man named Jesus Perez. He runs the Novacoke factory and runs a tight ship, from what I understand. He’s also a tightass and takes his security seriously. Unless you want to see the ugly side of the Cartel, I suggest you play by his rules unless you find out that it is him that ripping us off.
The second man is another Columbian, named Pedro Gonzalez. He is our distributor, getting the goods to the people, if you understand me. He has a wide array of dealers and he’s often running errands, so it may take some doing to track him down.
Next is a gentleman named Jimmy McLintock. Jimmy is our laundry man. He cleans up the money for us and makes sure the cash can’t be traced. He’s been a good man for us for years. If he’s gone sour on us, he’ll be in bad place…
Finally, our delivery guy, Nino Krupe. Good guy, always punctual and family of some higher ups in the organization. You’d better be damned sure it’s him if you think Nino is skimming from us. There’ll be hell to pay if Nino goes down.”

Mr. Johnson hands over a dossier about all four men, including photos, addresses and the J’s contact information for when the job is done.

“When you find out who’s been skimming us, bring their ass back here alive and we may have further business to discuss. I’m offering you 3,000¥ each for this service. Is everything satisfactory?”

Mr. Johnson can be negotiated up to a maximum of 5000¥ each for the job, increasing the offer by 250¥ per net success.

If the team is happy, they can begin their job.

The address provided for Jesus is an old abandoned warehouse on the southern outskirts of the downtown core. Despite its appearance on the outside, it is a very busy place on the inside. The entire building has been converted over to a drug lab, where they manufacture assorted street drugs. A small corner has been sectioned off for a “lounge” area, where Jesus’ trusted users can come by and shoot up stuff that’s fresh “off the lines”.

Jesus’ Drug Lab:

Jesus' Drug Lab

Jesus' Drug Lab


While several Cartel members are responsible for the manufacture of the drugs, an equal number patrol the area with SMGs (Uzis). Jesus’ office is upstairs in the warehouse loft, which is guarded by four large thugs.

Jesus has been told the runners are coming, so when the runners knock, they are greeted and quickly whisked inside. No one there is particularly happy to see envoys from the Mafia inside their operation and the runners are led up to Jesus’ office. He is laid back and blunt with the runners. If asked about the missing money he laughs and says, “What would I need with a measly 30 grand? My Bliss and Cram sales make ten times that much in a year…”

While he should sound very convincing, Jesus really is the one skimming the money, through indirect means.

He will answer as honestly as he can with several questions, but be dismissive when it comes to the money being skimmed.

The address for Pedro (which will likely garner some glances from the players) is his mother’s house. Pedro still lives with his mother, Rosa. He has the basement apartment and has stashed away large quantities of Novacoke anywhere he figures his mother won’t look (it looks like his mother hasn’t been down there in a while, as the place smells of filth and mold). Rosa is a kindly Hispanic mother, who will welcome the runners into her home (unless they are carrying heavy ordinance, or it is really late at night) and offers them food and drink.

If the runners ask about Pedro, she swears that he’s a good boy, working for an honest employer as a courier. She has no idea where he is at that particular moment, but she figures that he’s with “that slut” that he spends all his money on. If the runners insist on talking to Pedro soon, she offers them his commlink number, so they can get a hold of him.

The team hacker can use the commlink number to track his location, or simply call Pedro to arrange a meet. At the present moment, he is at a nearby mall with his girlfriend, Kiva.

When the team meets with Pedro, they find him to be a young Hispanic man, who seems to spend most of his income on frivolous stuff for Kiva. The rest is adorned on him, as jewelry and rings. He knows nothing of the missing money, saying that he only keeps the money that Jimmy says he can have.

Kiva is an Asian beauty that is used to getting her way and she is using Pedro badly. Kiva is the source of the skimming, as she knows where Pedro keeps the money obtained from the dealers and pockets some on a regular basis, handing it over to Jesus, who she is cheating on Pedro with. She comes off as a total bitch, dismissing anyone who doesn’t look like they’ll give her something, though she may flirt with attractive male runners, or ones that are well dressed. If the runners decide to interrogate Kiva, she folds quickly and tells them that she has been stealing money and giving it to Jesus.

Jimmy runs a tight ship. He knows exactly what his job is and he knows exactly how to get it done efficiently. He is loyal Mafia through and through. He is genuinely concerned when the runners show up at his operation and ask him about missing cash. He tells the runners that he gives Pedro his cut, launders the same amount of money and leaves it in an appropriate drop for Nino. He is forthcoming and wants nothing to tarnish his rep with the organization.

There is no address for Nino. Just a license plate and the name of a few places he frequents. He is literally a courier (with a legitimate courier company) and delivers every day. He informs the Mafia about his daily route and then is notified where to pick up and drop his parcels for the Family. If a hacker is good enough to hack GridGuide, he can track the vehicle, or if they check out a few of the hangouts, they will eventually find him at a gym called Ultimate Fitness.

Nino knows nothing about skimming the money. He says that all the packages he moves are wrapped up like parcels, so they don’t draw attention during his route and he never opens them. If the team asks, he will provide the address of his last delivery. The runners could then go to the location and get an amount delivered. They can compare to Jimmy’s total and realize that Nino is innocent.

Jesus Part 2:
Once the runners establish that Jesus is the thief, they will need to find a way to bring Jesus in alive. He won’t go quietly. He has a minimum of four bodyguards with him at all times (even at home). Jesus will also arm himself and shoot at the runners, so hopefully the runners have non-lethal rounds for taking down their mark.

The Johnson is true to his word and pays the team for the work they’ve done. He gives them a few days and will call them back. During that downtime, Jesus is interrogated until he reveals that he was trying to get on the good side of the local Triads, in order to pull off a coup.

When the team returns, Mr. Johnson is somber and tells the team that Jesus was dealing with the Triads and that a message must be sent so the Chinese don’t think the Mafia will take to being pushed around. He says that he will pay the runners 10,000¥ each to go to a designated address and kill everyone inside. When everyone is dead, leave a chip with a note for the Triad. He doesn’t reveal the address until the runners have signed on.

The address the runners are given is a converted warehouse that the Triads are using as a chop shop. There is a lot of cover in the place and is crawling with Triad. Runners should be hurt if they decide to go into the building. The shop’s foreman is slightly Awakened (Magic 3) and will use spirits and spells to deter the runners as best as he can. The Johnson will pay up, if the runners do the job.

Triad Chop Shop:

Triad Chop Shop

Triad Chop Shop

Notoriety should be assigned if the runners steal from or betray their employer and possibly if they execute all the Triad.

>>Some Mafia bookkeeper wants runners to double check his accounting?  Why not do it himself?

>>Different Mafia families don’t always play nice.  This errant cash is from another family and Mr. J doesn’t want to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar…even if he’s only taking inventory.
>>Family Man

>>Why the Mafia trusts those crazy Cartel bastards is beyond me.  They’ll change allegiance in a heartbeat.

>>Be careful what you say, senorita.  You might offend some friends.  Does your father know what you do for a living, yet?
>>Crazy Cortez

>>Shut up, Cortez.  I don’t care if my father knows and you had better keep quiet.  I have enough on you to bury you, so watch yourself.

>>Hey!  This is a public node, people.  Keep your personal quarrels out of my turf.
“‘The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

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