The Briefcase

>>What’s up, kiddies?  Listen, the guy who runs this place totally borrowed this idea from somewhere else.  I did some digging and found a transcript of a job that sounds awfully similar.  Check it out here:

Just figured I should mention that this is travelled ground before you take on the job.  Cheers.
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

A male human Johnson hires the team. The meeting place is a bar named the Alibi. Once the team is gathered, he speaks to them with a slight German accent.

“Welcome. I cannot reveal much about the run to you until you accept my terms. The pay for this run is 35,000¥ all travel expenses paid. Are you interested?”

The team will likely be interested, so he continues afterward.

“Excellent. The objective is in Germany. Your target is an AA corporation called Berlin Biotech and Medical Research. I want you to infiltrate the compound, and steal Lot 209 as well as the contents of the safe in their main research lab. I want you to place this briefcase (places briefcase on table) in the safe in the place of the contents. The compound is on the outskirts of what’s left of Berlin, so there is still some semblance of government present. The corp is the law, so use whatever force you deem is necessary, as there will be no reinforcements. A SubOrbital will be waiting for you at SeaTac Airport to take you to Berlin International. Take whatever you believe you will need, and be at SeaTac in 2 hours for departure.”

The Johnson will try to answer all the questions he can. He will not divulge the contents of the briefcase, and warns the runners not to open the case either. He will say that Lot 209 is biologic, and must be kept cold, so bring something to pack it in.

The SubOrbital will carry most equipment, but not vehicles. It can carry a couple drones disassembled in its cargo hold. The flight across the Atlantic is uneventful. The runners will be asked to “brace for impact/landing”. The runway looks like a war zone, but the SO touches down safely. The pilot will hand the runners a slip of paper with the meet place for the runners. It’s in Germany, at a local pub called The Bavarian Keg.

All the rental cars are destroyed or stolen so the runners will have to flag a taxi.

Every one speaks German (obviously) and everything is paid for in Euro dollars or Marks. Even though the Euro is at par with the nuyen, they will insist on double if not paid in local currency.

The cabbie won’t take them outside of city limits, but he has a complete disregard for traffic signals, and pedestrians. The team will need to walk or steal a car to get to the complex. The grounds are 2 kilometres diameter, surrounded by a 10 foot electrified fence, with concertina wire at the top. There is one gate in or out, with a guardhouse and tire killers at the entrance. The compound is complex inside, and the research labs are in a sub-basement found only by a hidden elevator. Near the elevator they will find 3 dead guards and one dead runner. The team might clue in that there is another run being done at the same time, possibly for the same objective. Once they find the elevator, and they go into the sub-basement they will find a huge freezer room with hundreds of tiny shelves. A firefight is in progress with a wounded runner and 3 security guards. Two runners and two guards already lay dead. The guards will open fire on the runners the moment the guards see them.

The rest of the lab consists of cages, most of them empty, but some have critters hiding in the corners. There is a double cage in the middle. One has a dwarf in it, and another has a goblin. The dwarf will plead to be let free, but if they open one cage the other opens, which frees the goblin as well. The safe is on the wall, and has an old dial type combination. Inside is a briefcase that looks similar to the one the runners are carrying. If they pry it open it has a thick dossier titled “HMHVV Research”. The last living runner holds a biologic specimen canister in his rapidly weakening hand and he drops it, cracking the canister. If the runners check it out he has Lot 208, and they will find Lot 209 intact in it’s cabinet. Guards will come in large numbers once they emerge from the sub-basement. The runners may simply have a running fire fight on their hands to get away from the compound. Occasionally roll to see of a stray bullet hits the cooler/container that contains Lot 209. If the cooler is hit, roll again against a target number of 10 to see if the specimen is hit. If the specimen is hit, the team will have to make a roll at delivery time to see if they contract HMHVV. Distance from the cooler determines the target number. The Bavarian Keg is busy but the Johnson is plainly visible. He will trade the cooler for credsticks if the cooler is undamaged. If the cooler is damaged, the runners must prove to the Johnson that the cargo is undamaged. He will don an air filtration mask the moment the cooler opens. If he sees the canister is intact, the filtration mask will disappear and he will be very happy. If the canister is damaged, he will demand you return it to the cooler and abandon the cargo. He reveals that the canister is an airborne version of HMHVV and that they may all be infected, and try not to infect others with the disease, otherwise he will not disclose what was in the vials. The SO waits at Berlin Airport to return the runners to Seattle.


Map Legend – First floor

Main Floor Layout

Main Floor Layout

1 – The lift to the lower level. Ca6 protected, and C05 observed.

2 – Storage room. Stores janitorial supplies, no security.

3 – Bathroom. No security. 50% chance of running into a guard or two in the bathroom.

4 – Small offices. KP3 protects the door. Offices have limited computer access, and a hitcher switch can found inside the desk. 50% chance a clerk will be present in the office.

5 – Security services. PS5 protected, which identifies the palm print of any of the security staff. All hallway cameras are routed to this station. Inside are 7 guards, 2 mages, 2 security riggers and a security decker.

6 – Cafeteria. KP2 protected. Several clerks and a couple security guards are seated at the various tables and are eating mediocre food. C05 observed.

7 – Senior executive conference room. Cb4 protected, C05 observed. Half a dozen scientists and executives are in a meeting. Many have Level c clearance, including two whose keycard is Level b clearance.

8 – Clerk and Low-level Scientist residence. KP5 protected. Each one is full of bunks and various items of a personal nature. A few scientists and clerks are sleeping, and few are awake, though half of the beds are empty. A thorough search will reveal a few items of interest, such as a Level c keycard, a bundle of 500 marks, real food, porn mags and jewellery.

9 – Quad. C05 observed. The area is a small grassy spot under artificial sunlight. A large octagonal shaped fountain sits in the middle of the area, surrounded by tables and trees. Clerks and scientists sit at the tables, playing cards, watching the trid or reading a book (imagine that!). 3 guards patrol the grounds, making idle chatter with the scientists.

10 – Drone Depository. PS5 protected, opened only by security personnel and C05 observed. All drones are retained here until deployment. Tools for repairs are also kept here. 6 drones are currently ready and another four on standby. There are 3/2 Dobermans and 2/3 Roto-Drones.

11 – Research Lab. Cc4 protected and C05 observed. 3 scientists are in here, working diligently on their projects. They are working with bacteria of some form. If runners make contact with the sample they must make a toxin resistance test against 5S Stun damage for the next three combat turns. Players are exempt if wearing chemical protection.

12 – Chemical Storage. KP6 protected. Various chemical solutions are available in this room; most would pertain to working with biologic life.

13 – Senior executive office. Cb7 protected and C05 observed. The room is inexplicably plain, given that it appears to be an executive office. The main purpose of this room is to hide the entrance to the elevator, which is concealed as a closet in the back corner. A Level a keycard is fastened to the underside of the desk

14 – Executive office. Cb6 protected and C05 observed. The room is finely furnished and there is no one in the room. There is extensive computer access available from the desktop terminal, but still no easy access to security. A decker will be hostile to anyone entering the security grid from an office terminal.

15 – Biology lab. KP6 protected and c05 observed. This is where low-level scientists screen test subjects for their tests. In the lab, animals range from rats, to dogs to meta-humans. All are unconscious and locked behind cages. Any attempt to open the cages triggers a silent alarm. 5 scientists are present in the lab, conducting tests.

16 – Autopsy Lab. Cc5 protected and C05 observed. The room is divided into an observation room, and a morgue. 4 executives observe from the observation room, while 4 scientists work on a huge body in the morgue. The body is that of a Dzoo-Noo-Qua. They study its arms and chest, but its head has been almost completely severed.


Most halls are monitored by C05. There is also a 67% chance that at least one guard is waiting around the next corner, patrolling the halls.

1-2 – Two guards. Roll 1d6. 1-3 facing toward runners, 4-6 facing away.

3-4 – One guard. Bored and not paying attention.

5-6 – Nothing there.


Map Legend – Basement

Basement Floorplan

Basement Floorplan

1 – The lift to the upper level. Ca6 protected, and C05 observed.

2 – Biotech Facility. Ca6 protected and C05 observed. The Biotech Facility is divided into a couple of sections. The first is a standard medical facility for injury and standard illness. The second section is a quarantine section for those that are exposed to any of the ongoing projects. 7 doctors are present, 4 in the main section and 3 in the quarantine. 2 scientists lay in quarantine beds, and a mix of scientists and guards lay in the injury treatment area.

3 – Biologic Storage Facility. Ca8 protected (not that it matters) and C05 observed. The room is lined with hundreds of small storage cells, each of which contains three test tubes of culture. The last surviving member of the other running team lies dying on the floor. Three test tubes sit on the floor, all cracked from being dropped or broken. This is not an airborne virus, so there is no worry of contamination (don’t tell the runners this). The door has been removed from the wall by security so they could use the steel door as a shield when they fought the runners. They will still be holding the door in the hall when the runners descend in the elevator to the lower level.

4 – Test facility. Ca8 protects the door and C05 observed. Cages line the walls except for directly across from the doorway, where a safe is sunken into the wall. It’s a classic dial-type combination lock. Most of the cages are empty, but some of them house mutant creatures of various type. They all used to be human, but they are something all new now. There is one double cage in the middle of the room, between the door and the safe, where the dwarf and goblin are kept. The dwarf will continually plea with the runners to set him free. Allow the runners to do whatever they wish. Opening the cage will not only free the goblin, but trip a silent alarm as well.

>>Any job that asks you to swipe something from a research lab is not my thing.  I have no issues with data…data doesn’t directly kill you when mishandled.

>>Why is this place even still standing?  I thought the anarchists burned down places like this?

>>Even Anarchists need health care.  These guys patch them up in exchange for being allowed to exist.

>>Makes you wonder though… are Berliners a testing ground for these guys?  Come in for a checkup, leave with a new virus…

>>Gee thanks… now I feel secure.  Maybe I should do this job and find out what they’re doing to us.

~ by 1nsomniac on December 12, 2008.

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