Return of the Alamos

All members of the team are contacted by a fixer to arrange a meet outside the IIN (Independent Information Network) Trideo Station. The meet is at 7PM.

Once they are at the meet location they are greeted by an overly energetic orc named Charlie. He heads up the programming department at IIN. He tells them that their rating have been on the decline and they need a great story to bring them back up. Luckily, they may have located the source of that article.

“A prominent UCAS senator was in a private meeting in Seattle this afternoon, and nobody knows what the meeting was about, not even the rest of the Senate. He is spending the night at a hotel, The Ritz, in the heart of the metroplex. Our friends at the hotel tell us he’s in Penthouse 3. I don’t want you to become involved in anyway with the senator, just get some video footage of any illegal involvements. With any luck, you’ll find something that’ll drop NewsNet to second in the ratings.”

Charlie may lend the team a trideo camera to capture the footage if they have nothing of their own to do it with. Payment will be determined with the quality of the footage.

When (if) runners get to the Senator’s room, they find him engaging in a sexual act with a joygirl. When they finish their “business”, and the joygirl’s been paid, she leaves. The target will jot something down on a notepad pick up a business card and tuck it away into his jacket pocket, which hangs on a hook near the foot of the bed. A sufficient zoom will reveal the logo on the card belongs to the Alamos. He locks the notepad away in a nightstand and goes to sleep. Footage of the contents of the notepad and a close up of the card will net the runners extra, but the notepad footage requires the runners to get into the room.

Once the runners return to the IIN station with the footage, Charlie will view the footage and will ask the runners to return to the station after the article airs, so they will know how well the footage was received.

When the runners arrive at the station, they will be paid as much as 25,000¥ for the footage, but Charlie will stop them before they leave, and tells them that someone else would like to hire them after seeing the footage.

In another room sits a man in an expensive business suit, flanked by two thugs in suits. He motions for the runners to sit down. It is quite possible that the runners may recognize the Johnson. He is the Secretary of Defense for the UCAS. Secretary Davis will address the runners after silently appraising them for a short while.

“Though you have broken several privacy laws with your surveillance mission, Senator Nicolls has been placed under arrest. After an intense interrogation, he told us of his affiliation with the Alamos 20,000 terrorist group. As you probably know, this was the group responsible for the destruction of Chicago, and that has made them enemies of the UCAS. After we went through his belongings, we found a memo detailing the next actions of the Alamos. This is the reason we are speaking now. This is the deal, and it is non-negotiable. If you accept our proposal, you will receive:

– a legal SIN (if they don’t already possess one), if they want one.

– diplomatic immunity within the UCAS for the next two weeks, including immunity of prosecution by the Lone Star

– ambassadory status within the Ute Nation and a travel pass through Salish-Shidhe territory

– forget our encounter ever occurred

Refusal is not an option. Refusal will result in imprisonment or deportation whichever is appropriate.”

Wait for runners to accept (I’m assuming that they will, given their choices) before continuing.

“The Alamos are planning the destruction of the Treaty City of Denver. They have located an old nuclear warhead buried somewhere in the former state of Nevada. The exact location of the facility is still unknown, which is why we are hiring you. What we do know is that the warhead is not yet fully functional and that the Alamos are manufacturing the parts they require to return it to operational status. We want you to stop production of these components, find the warhead and bury it. All the warheads from that era only detonate when activated and they were kept in underground facilities, with launch silos. Destroy the facility when you find the nuke. The ambassadory status I am giving you for Ute will allow you to explore Nevada without retribution from the local government. One of the components they are constructing is being assembled here in Seattle in a Cross Technologies lab. I’m not sure if the corp is involved or whether the facility is being used without their knowledge. Be that as it may, break into the compound and destroy the component, and extract some info on the locations of the other component and the facility where the nuke is being kept. I am heading back to DeeCee soon, but I will observe Nevada by satellite for any activity. Be fast in your efforts or Denver will suffer. Good luck.”

Secretary Davis will stand to leave and will have little time for further questions before being ushered away by the secret service.


Cross Facility:

Security Measures – Automated Security Devices (GM’s discretion), a small number of CAT guards, Maglocks and cameras

Matrix Security:


Trigger Steps
– 4 = Probe-7
– 8 = Killer-8
– 11 = Blaster-6
– 15 = Blaster-9
– 18 = Sparky-7
– 22 = Tar Pit-8

A scientist in the computer lab will surrender quickly, and will reveal the next site’s location, where they are designing a new detonator so they can detonate the warhead from a distance…a long distance. They can extract this info from the scientist or have a decker remove it from the system. The site is an old converted house in the city of Las Vegas, inside the Ute Nation.

The trip through Salish territory and into the Ute province should be made fairly interesting with problems such as border guards, go-gangs, and “toll collectors”.

Once in Vegas, if they ask for directions to the address of the compound, the locals tell them that that is a bad side of town, and that they don’t want to go there. If they persist, they will tell the runners how to find the place (keep in mind any prejudices the Natives may feel toward the runner’s ethnicity when the locals are considering providing the info.


Alamos Facility:

Security Measures – Crazed guards, Maglocks, Possibly some Automated Defenses, Cameras, Motion Detectors

Matrix Security:


Trigger Steps
– 2 = Probe-6
– 4 = Crippler-7
– 6 = Scambler-9
– 9 = Tar Baby-8
– 11 = Killer-7
– 13 = Blaster-9
– 15 = Tar Pit-9
– 17 = Sparky-6
– 21 = Black IC-8

After raiding the Alamos facility, they will find on the system (or in the hands of a technician, if no decker is present) the location of the nuke silo. Unfortunately, it is not in Ute lands, but in Pueblo territory. Make the players’ lives difficult when illegally crossing the border and getting into the middle of the desert, where the silo is located.


Nuclear Silo:

Security Measures – Alamos Guards, Motion Detectors, Cameras, Maglocks, Several 20th century security devices as well (actual rusted tumbler locks, etc)

No Matrix security (all cameras controlled by switches and buttons, and not through Matrix maintenance)

The leader of this group of the Alamos is a man called Grey Falcon. This Native American is fanatical about his cause. He is a Raven Shaman and has numerous watchers around the silo, so the group will likely be spotted once they enter the facility. If the runners make it into the central silo where the warhead is kept, he will quickly flee, likely leaving a few spirits to fight the team. He flees out a long tunnel and seals the door behind him. If the runners are able to stop the Alamos troops, get to the door and bypass the lock, they will find a long tunnel, which leads to a long ladder. The ladder ascends all the way up to a point of light above. If they continue up, they find themselves at a hatch that had been buried in sand by a helipad. A helicopter leaves and sprays the hatch with HMG fire on its departure.

The nuke must be dismantled or the silo destroyed. Once this is completed, the runners will be arrested at the Pueblo border, but their Johnson will bail them out and thank then for a good job. He arranges transport for the team, back to Seattle and he keeps all his promises (for once).

>>A simple recon job for IIN, huh?  Doesn’t sound too bad.

>>You have to be careful with these media jobs.  Some are cake-walks and others land you waist deep in drek.  Be sure you know which yours is before getting on board

>>And how would you know which is the hand you’re being dealt, exactly?

>>Having friends in the right places often works

>>Exactly.  I have friends in good places and they’re telling me to stay away from this one.  Best of luck to ya.

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